The Quality Edit columns feature everything from weekly launch digests to interviews with founders and a monthly roundup of the best snacks and sips on the market. Yum!

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Launch Digest: Science-Backed Innovation For Womankind & Too Many Collaborations To Count

The Quality Makers: Clayton Chambers of Sprezza

The Quality Makers: Dessy Hairis of Bydee

Launch Digest: Moisturized, Bronzed, Lip-Lined, Caffeinated, And Trying On A Brand New Wardrobe

The Quality Makers: Sandro Roco of Sanzo

The Quality Makers: Lin Chen of Pink Moon

The Quality Makers: Michelle Hu of Étoile

Launch Digest: Hailey Bieber In Your Freezer, Face-Grade Bodycare, And Sales For Your Summer Wardrobe

Cool Mom Chic: The Idea of You Style Guide

Snack Bar, Vol. 12: AANHPI-Owned Food & Beverage Brands

Quality Makers: Mother’s Day Edition

No Jokes, Just Fashion: A Hacks Style Guide

Quality Makers: Olivia Amitrano of Organic Olivia

Launch Digest: Bronzer Is Back, Bananas To Soften Your Skin, And Beverages Galore

Game, Set, Match: The Challengers Style Guide

Launch Digest: Moon Juice Gets Naked, Graza Gets Sudsy, And Bobbie Wants To Biohack Your Baby

The Quality Makers: Jenefer Palmer of OSEA

The Sweep: Our Fave Deals This Week

Launch Digest: Earth Month, Mother’s Day, And Precious Stones

Quality Makers: Martha Soffer of Surya Spa

Quality Makers: Brooke Baevsky of Chef Bae

Launch Digest: Everything’s Coming Up Cherry Blossoms, Picnics, And (Finally, A Perfect) Mineral Sunscreen

Snack Bar, Vol. 11: Spilling the Tea

Yes, Your Grace: The Gentlemen Style Guide

High-Society Betrayal: Capote vs. The Swans Style Guide

Launch Digest: Jane Goodall And Adaptogenic Ramen Walk Into Your Kitchen

The Quality Makers: Jennifer Fisher of Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Launch Digest: Get In, We’re Going To The French Riviera

The Quality Makers: Carol Han Pyle of Nette

Launch Digest: Clear Some Space In Your Kitchen, And Throw Out Your Old Concealer

Snack Bar, Vol 10: Girl Power & Sundaes

Launch Digest: Brightland Goes To Sicily And You Can Dress For The Job You Want (Being Pamela Anderson)

The Sweep: Our Fave Deals This Week

The Quality Makers: Sarah Szeto of Sunday Edition

Launch Digest: Chill Pills, Cellular-Based Beauty, And Easter Treats From The Italian Table

The Quality Makers: Jennie Yoon of Kinn Studio

The Quality Makers: Fiona Co Chan of Youthforia

Launch Digest: Time Travel With OSEA, Vote With Monica Lewinsky, And Transform Your Wardrobe Just In Time For Spring

The Quality Makers: Jena Covello of Agent Nateur

The Sweep: Our Fave Deals This Week

The Quality Makers: Adrienne Lufkin of Struesli

The Quality Makers: Sam Rudolph of Babyation

Launch Digest: Boxed Launches For Your Inner Child, Beauty For Reproductive Justice, And Enough Hot Girl Foods To Last Us A Lifetime

Launch Digest: Cooking With Algae, Sampling At Sephora, And LED Therapy That Won’t Break The Bank

The Quality Makers: Caroline Buck of Petaluma

The Quality Makers: Angela Tafoya of NOOMOON

Launch Digest: Ghianduja Stracciatella, Mini Dew For Mega Benefits, And Chic Things To Take Off On February 14

Launch Digest: Denim, Designer Beauty, And Pistachio Perfume

Quality Makers: Celebrated TV Journalist & Midlife Advocate Tamsen Fadal

Launch Digest: Olfactory Escapism, Skincare System Upgrades, And Still, Ballet Flats

Launch Digest: The Year Of The Dragon, The Month Of Love, And Luxe Basics To Shop All Week Long

Quality Makers — HigherDOSE Founders Katie Kaps + Lauren Berlingeri

Launch Digest: Your Softest Hands Yet, Clean Beauty Galore, And More Beverages To Last You To February

The Sweep: Our Fave Deals This Week

Launch Digest: January’s Anything But Dry, From Rain-Scented Soap To A Bevy Of Beverages

Botanical Lace, Matcha Shots, And Sneaky Sales You Don’t Want To Miss

Launch Digest: Mushrooms In Your Pesto, Lotion, And Matcha – And Several Antidotes To Winter Dryness

The Quality Makers: Sarah Moret of Curie

The Quality Makers: Brittane Rowe of Hella Awkward

The Quality Makers: Susan Tynan of Framebridge

Launch Digest: Nut Butter News, Countless Collabs, And The Holiday Dress You’re Frantically Searching For

Snack Bar, Vol. 9: Pasta Pandemonium

The Quality Makers: Kirsten Kjaer Weis of Kjaer Weis

Launch Digest: Berries On The Rocks, Caviar At Your Door, And Brunch While You Shop

The Quality Makers: Ara Katz Of Seed

The Quality Makers: Angela O'Brien of Cleobella

Launch Digest: Mushroom Maple Matcha, Fishwife Fragrance, And Plenty Of Peppermint. ’Tis The Season.

The Sweep: Our Fave Deals This Week

Launch Digest: In-Home Massage, Refrigeration Innovation, And The Caviar Of Chocolate

Launch Digest: Kids’ Couture, Tinned Fish For Christmas, And Moon Juice For Counting Sheep

The Quality Makers: Brianda Gonzalez of The New Bar

Launch Digest: Heaven-Sent Holiday Collections, Lamps For Winter Blues, Crunchy Condiments, And…Cacao Kombucha