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Welcome to Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. You can expect to find everything from the hottest collabs to entirely novel products (margarita rosé anyone?) here.

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Launch Digest: Celery Gelato, Erewhon’s Smoothie Factory, & Tennis Diamonds To Blind Your Opponent

Launch Digest: Sweet & Salty Collabs, Salon-Grade Curls, And A Boyfriend Blush (No Boyfriend Required)

Launch Digest: Jello 2.0, Bottomless Tinned Fish, And Infinite Permutations Of Brand Partnerships

Launch Digest: Summer Situationships Abound And Your Pantry Gets A Makeover

Skincare Smoothies, Actual Skincare, And A Sexy Brownie For Dessert

Launch Digest: Grill, Tan, Shopping

Launch Digest: Science-Backed Innovation For Womankind & Too Many Collaborations To Count

Launch Digest: Moisturized, Bronzed, Lip-Lined, Caffeinated, And Trying On A Brand New Wardrobe

Launch Digest: Hailey Bieber In Your Freezer, Face-Grade Bodycare, And Sales For Your Summer Wardrobe

Launch Digest: Bronzer Is Back, Bananas To Soften Your Skin, And Beverages Galore

Launch Digest: Moon Juice Gets Naked, Graza Gets Sudsy, And Bobbie Wants To Biohack Your Baby

Launch Digest: Earth Month, Mother’s Day, And Precious Stones

Launch Digest: Everything’s Coming Up Cherry Blossoms, Picnics, And (Finally, A Perfect) Mineral Sunscreen

Launch Digest: Jane Goodall And Adaptogenic Ramen Walk Into Your Kitchen

Launch Digest: Get In, We’re Going To The French Riviera

Launch Digest: Clear Some Space In Your Kitchen, And Throw Out Your Old Concealer

Launch Digest: Brightland Goes To Sicily And You Can Dress For The Job You Want (Being Pamela Anderson)

Launch Digest: Chill Pills, Cellular-Based Beauty, And Easter Treats From The Italian Table

Launch Digest: Time Travel With OSEA, Vote With Monica Lewinsky, And Transform Your Wardrobe Just In Time For Spring

Launch Digest: Boxed Launches For Your Inner Child, Beauty For Reproductive Justice, And Enough Hot Girl Foods To Last Us A Lifetime

Launch Digest: Cooking With Algae, Sampling At Sephora, And LED Therapy That Won’t Break The Bank

Launch Digest: Ghianduja Stracciatella, Mini Dew For Mega Benefits, And Chic Things To Take Off On February 14

Launch Digest: Denim, Designer Beauty, And Pistachio Perfume

Launch Digest: Olfactory Escapism, Skincare System Upgrades, And Still, Ballet Flats

Launch Digest: The Year Of The Dragon, The Month Of Love, And Luxe Basics To Shop All Week Long

Launch Digest: Your Softest Hands Yet, Clean Beauty Galore, And More Beverages To Last You To February

Launch Digest: January’s Anything But Dry, From Rain-Scented Soap To A Bevy Of Beverages

Botanical Lace, Matcha Shots, And Sneaky Sales You Don’t Want To Miss

Launch Digest: Mushrooms In Your Pesto, Lotion, And Matcha – And Several Antidotes To Winter Dryness

Launch Digest: Nut Butter News, Countless Collabs, And The Holiday Dress You’re Frantically Searching For

Launch Digest: Berries On The Rocks, Caviar At Your Door, And Brunch While You Shop

Launch Digest: Mushroom Maple Matcha, Fishwife Fragrance, And Plenty Of Peppermint. ’Tis The Season.

Launch Digest: In-Home Massage, Refrigeration Innovation, And The Caviar Of Chocolate

Launch Digest: Kids’ Couture, Tinned Fish For Christmas, And Moon Juice For Counting Sheep

Launch Digest: Heaven-Sent Holiday Collections, Lamps For Winter Blues, Crunchy Condiments, And…Cacao Kombucha

Launch Digest: Collabs For Sipping, Sprinkling, Snacking, Baking, And…Weathering An Icelandic Storm

Launch Digest: Our Place Makes Slow Cooking Sexy, Sofia Coppola Does Charm Jewelry, And MERIT Gives Away Proenza

Launch Digest: Reformation For Mountaineering, Candles For Positive Brain Waves, And Couture For Your Kids

Launch Digest: Selena Gomez Sets Your Dinner Table, Legal Mushroom Gummies, And Finally – A PMS Cure

Launch Digest: Rugs From A Toddler’s Easel, Olive Oil Canned Martinis, And Wiz Khalifa’s Foray Into Wellness. Yes, Really.

Launch Digest: The Scent, Shoes, And Soft Serve Of The Season

Launch Digest: From The Bedroom To Baby Mozart

New Twists On Old Classics – From Ayurvedic Beauty To Ginger Ale

Launch Digest: Smoked Fish, Sultry Eyes, And Spiced Pumpkin

Launch Digest: Full-Bodied Medicinal Mushrooms, Fully Boxed Natural Wines, And Sneakers That Can Teleport You To CPHFW

Launch Digest: Launches For The Seasonally Confused, From Watermelon Hydration To Fall Collection Mania

Launch Digest: Avocado Toast For Dessert, Redemption For Boxed Wine, And Prada Lip Balm To Pull Out Of Your Prada Bag

Launch Digest: Enough With Barbie, But Fine, She Might Like These Pink Shoes, Crochet Bikinis, And Orange Wine

Launch Digest: Spiced Spritzes, Courtside Couture, And Diamonds For The Dodgers

Launch Digest: Mushrooms For Seasoning And World Peace, Sun-Loving Skincare, And Your New Negroni Glass

Glossier Goes Back To Basics, Clogs Are Always Cool, and Tony Hawk Touches Haircare

Launch Digest: Long Locks, Scintillating Summer Sips, And Battery-Powered Gua Sha

Launch Digest: Goop Is Endorsing Wine, Reformation Is Coming For Your Wallet, And Many Other Sparkly Objects You Maybe Need

Launch Digest: A Real Life Easy-Bake Oven, Your Linen Capsule Wardrobe, And A Candle That’s Delicious Enough To Eat

Launch Digest: Legal Mushroom Chocolates, Vinegar Fit For A Wine List, And Tea You’ll Be Sipping All Summer Long

Launch Digest: Self-Fondling, Sexy Sunglasses, And Activities To Make Your Toddler A Girlboss

Launch Digest: Pamela Anderson And Martha Stewart Are Still Hot, Ruby Makes Lambrusco, And Olive Ateliers Joins The Internet

Summer Wardrobes And Travel Fantasies, An Interior Fragrance Makeover, And Porcelain Fit For Royalty

Launch Digest: Chocolate-Covered Cheese, And Other Innovative (But Less Insane) Launches

Launch Digest: Barbie’s New Beverage, Mother’s Day Mania, And Brands Going Bananas

Launch Digest: Baby Oil, Pizza Oil, And Arm Candy – All Made Distinctly Modern

Launch Digest: Coastal Cashmere, Launches That Time Travel, And A Cleanser That Took Four Years To Perfect

Launch Digest: Aesop Gets Philosophical, Ghia Gets A Facelift, And Earth Day Launches Are Just Getting Started

Launch Digest: Spring Is Here, And We’ve Got The SPF, Aloe, And Picnic Provisions To Prove It

Launch Digest: A Very 2023 Seder Table, 24 Karat Easter Bunnies, And Springtime Sales You Can’t Miss

Launch Digest: Serum From Zendaya’s Facialist, Socially-Acceptable Tuna On-The-Go, And Your Softest Skin Courtesy Of maude

Launch Digest: Banishing Winter With Bombshell Bikinis, Bright Bath Mats, And Fanciful Launches Galore

Launch Digest: Serotonin Skincare, Dr. Scholl’s Made Sexy, And A Farm To Fit In Your Pantry

Launch Digest: Linens, Luxury Sunglasses, And Rock-Toned Rainjackets. It’s Spring.

Launch Digest: Supreme Goes Soup Season, Omega-3s Get A Rebrand, And We’re Thinking About Summer…

Launch Digest: Anchovies, Lingerie, And All The Secure Attachment Money Can Buy

Launch Digest: Persimmon Vinegar, An Apron For Your Wine Bottle, And Sesame Seed World Domination