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You've Heard of Your Gut Microbiome — Now Meet the Brand Perfecting Your Skin Microbiome

Good bacteria helps our outsides just as much as our insides; this is the cornerstone of groundbreaking "anti-beauty beauty brand" Editrix Wellness. Click here to read our review of the brand utilizing breakthrough microbiome research to help your skin flourish and thrive.

Couples Therapy, But Make it an App

For new couples, struggling couples, and healthy couples ready for a deeper dive, Paired will help you get closer with games, quizzes, and questions designed to improve communication and build deeper intimacy. Click here to read our review.

Quality Makers: Hispanic Heritage Month Edition

We're honored to have spoken to eight groundbreaking Latine founders to hear origin stories, heartfelt advice, and recs on what to shop this Hispanic Heritage Month.

Launch Digest: Selena Gomez Sets Your Dinner Table, Legal Mushroom Gummies, And Finally – A PMS Cure

We’re back with TQE’s Launch Digest, a weekly review of all the newest launches in the DTC world (and not just the ones we like). Read on to learn about the latest – and potentially greatest – from all the brands we love, and those we’re just now discovering.

Crap Eyewear is Putting the Fun in Functional Eyewear

Don’t let the name fool you. Crap Eyewear makes sunglasses that are anything but. These funky, high-quality sunnies won’t cost you a fortune.

Dress Code: Revamp Your Fall Uniform With These Essential Matching Sets

Simplify your fall wardrobe with these matching sets.

How I Replaced My Daily Multivitamin With (Actual) Real Food

Here’s something to chew on: Eating the rainbow in a single bite. GEM is making it super easy to get all of your daily nutrients from—get this—food itself. Here’s how it transformed how I take my vitamins.

14 Coffee Brands To Try On National Coffee Day (Or Any Day)

We’ve compiled a curated list of 14 electric coffee brands worth trying this National Coffee Day, or really, on any day.

TQE Presents Matchmaker: Your Personal Shopping Advice Column

Welcome to Matchmaker, where we help you find the perfect products for every want, need, and occasion. Ask away.

Give Your Kids The Best Night Of Sleep Ever With Little Sleepies’ Ultra Soft Pajamas

Everyone loves a good night’s sleep, and we finally found the best pair of ultra-soft kids pajamas that’s as good for snuggling as they are for sleeping. Plus, they grow with your child so they can wear them 3x longer than traditional pajamas.

I Already Loved Quince’s Bed Linens — Now I Can’t Get Enough of Their Curtains

It’s no surprise that the brand that does everything well also makes fantastic curtains, but the unbeatable price point was a (pleasant) surprise even to us. Click here to read our review.

Doona Says Their Car Seat and Stroller Make Parenting Easier, But Are They Really Worth The Hype?

As a third-time mom I didn’t need many new baby products, but I did need a new car seat. After seeing rave reviews and getting lots of parenting feedback, I went with Doona. Keep reading for my honest thoughts on my newest purchase.

The Quality Makers: Sravya Adusumilli of Mango People

Mango People is a new generation, multifunctional beauty brand that sells tasteful products formulated with botanical oils and adaptogenic herbs from Ayurveda, and infused with rich pigments that look and, most importantly feel, incredible on the skin. Sravya Adusumilli founded this company in hopes of championing her South Indian culture & rituals into a truly clean and sustainable beauty brand.

Ogee Cares About Natural Beauty – and the Health of Your Skin

Ogee is your one-stop-shop for high-quality and natural beauty. Offering everything from Complexion Sticks to Eye Balms, Ogee has created multi-use products that deliver results while keeping your skin health a priority.

Late Checkout: La Dolce Vita at Italy’s Hotel Il Pellicano

If you want to escape the Italian crowds, look no further than the Hotel Il Pellicano, a luxe hideaway on the Tuscan coast that’s brimming with chic details and impeccable service.

Is This Future of Flossing? Here's The Buzz On The World’s First Electric Flosser

There’s a new way to floss that requires less effort and could be more effective than regular old elbow grease. Open wide for our review of Flaus, the world’s first electric flosser.

From One Urban Parent (To-Be) to Another, Consider Your Stroller Search Over

Searching for the right stroller and infant car seat can be overwhelming, especially as urban parents. We recently tested out one of Nuna’s travel systems to see if it stands up the test of on-the-go life. Click here our full review.

Libra Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

While a Libra will pretend to like any gift they receive, this sign’s precise aesthetic taste and appreciation for the finer things in life can make them difficult to actually please. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered – trust me, I’m a Libra.