Best Of The Best: Our Favorite DTC Products

TQE’s first annual ‘Best Of’ campaign celebrates the brands we’ve obsessed over this past year. We sample a *lot* of products – below, meet the ones that have stood out. 

Best Of Wellness

We’ve got a discerning eye for launches that truly feel not just fresh, but valuable to our lives and senses of well-being. 

Elix combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern research to holistically heal women’s cycles.

Fatty15 discovered the first essential fatty acid in over 90 years (and sold out of its C15:0 supplement within 3 months of launch).

Ritual prioritizes transparency, quality, and science in its multivitamins, which contain everything your body needs – and nothing it doesn’t.

Seed is formulated with 24 different strains of clinically-verified and naturally occurring probiotics selected for strain-specific benefits. 

Wooden Spoon Herbs boasts efficacious tinctures, which ease stress and lift spirits.

Rainbo makes medicinal mushroom tinctures and functional foods designed to spread the healing power of fungi. 

Golde sells feel-good products and a mission to match: inclusive, approachable, and easy wellness.

OSEA makes sustainable and clean products – an essential part of any holistic wellness routine.

Bala’s wearable weights are chic, sleek, and soft, and add effective resistance to everything you do.

maude’s inclusive and high-quality product line has everything you need for a sex (and self) positive lifestyle. 

Beyond Yoga offers wildly soft spacedye fabric and chic crop tanks to dominate any workout wardrobe.

Girlfriend Collective makes amazing activewear, designed for every body (and every activity).

Best Of Parenting

The market for baby goods is saturated to say the least, so we’re breaking down our actually must-have products for every household.

Coterie has created the holy grail of diapers.

Lalo has made a splash with its adorable and functional high chair, as well as other feeding products.

Yumi’s pre-packaged baby foods are rooted deeply in science to grow with baby.

Slumberkins sells our favorite emotional support stuffed animals.

Bobbie has completely redefined the baby formula industry.

Audwell’s Oslo Tower gets your kids involved.

Ritual’s Essential Prenatal Vitamin contains optimal amounts of 12 key nutrients.

Artipoppe baby carriers are equal parts stylish, comfortable, and easy to use.

Wiwiurka is great for developing motor skills as early as 12 months old.

Nestig’s cribs are safe, functional, and aesthetic. 

Best Of Beauty

The Academy Awards may be regarded as the highest honors in filmmaking, but we all know the showstoppers are the beauty brands that create red carpet looks in Hollywood – and at home.

Bread Beauty Supply makes highly functional hair products that smell like sweet cereal milk.

Crown Affair’s clean, effective formulations and beautiful tools bestow healthy, hydrated hair.

Fig.1 Beauty was developed by science experts and is extremely easy to use.

Ilia champions transparency and delivers vibrant color in skincare-powered makeup.

Jones Road Beauty offers high-grade formulations for a great glow with marginal makeup.

LoveSeen opened our eyes to cruelty-free, natural looking eyelashes.

LULA’s pared-back approach is a staple in any season.

MERIT Beauty transformed how quickly – and beautifully – we can get ready in the morning.

OSEA harnesses the power of seaweed for its skincare and body care products.

OUI The People is breaking through the male-dominated shaving market.  

Saie is one of the most community-driven and fan-focused skincare brands.

Snif is making scent purchasing personal, rather than an arbitrary fantasy.

Vegamour is the only brand with vegan hair wellness formulas that consistently gets rave reviews.

Best Of Home

Across moves, cities, and plenty of spaces, we’ve had the privilege of vetting furniture, linens, appliances, kitchenware, and more for our personal sanctuaries.

Outer’s sofa is an exquisitely thought out product at the pinnacle of sustainable design and longevity.

Neighbor has a patent-pending modular design that’s made it a hit in its sofa and seating categories.

Gardyn’s AI-powered garden allows you to grow enough to feed 4-6 people.

Floyd’s modular functionality means you can add and subtract pieces as needed.

SIJO bedding stands up to the test of time with durability and comfort beyond belief.

Slumber Cloud’s scientific approach targets temperature regulation during sleep. 

UnHide makes lush vegan, recycled blankets made from microplastics.

Bearaby weighted blankets boast a chunky knit and soothing weight. 

Gantri lamps are custom 3D-printed with earth-friendly non-toxic plant polymers.

Year & Day gives your tablescape a significant makeover.

Our Place creates beautiful cookware that’s both multifunctional and versatile. 

Evermill offers a sleek range of organic spices you’ll be proud to display on your countertop.

Brava’s countertop smart oven uses a combination of visual and infrared light to cook food faster and more precisely than any other oven.

Best Of Food

Wave goodbye to shelf-stable bores and subscribe to the new wave of sustenance: these bright, clean, and tasty treats can now be delivered straight to your doorstep.

BEHAVE’s deliciously low-sugar, artificial-ingredient-free gummy snacks taste and make you feel great.

Brightland crafts its Signature Olive Oils from best-in-class, family-farmed olives.

Daily Harvest is rethinking our food system to consider what we eat and how we grow it.

DEUX wows with its vegan, gluten-free, vitamin-enhanced cookie dough.

Fishwife is introducing Americans to the convenience, nutritional benefits, and deliciousness of shelf-stable seafood.

Fly By Jing’s modern Asian pantry staples – like Sichuan Crisp and Zhong Sauce – are an internet favorite.

Last Crumb introduces the popular “drop” model to over-the-top cookies.

OffLimits tastes like the sugary-cereal of your childhood, but it’s actually good for you.

Oishii vertically farmed strawberries offer a “culinary experience in every bite.”

Partake offers packaged cookies and baking mixes that are gluten-free, vegan, and free of the top 9 allergens.

Toodaloo has infused adaptogens into its actually-good-for-you trail mixes. 

Best Of Fashion

We’re always on the lookout for brands that stand out with seamless experiences, innovative product offerings, and beautiful, high-quality pieces. 

Italic brings you high-quality pieces without the markup and name-brand price.

Larroudé offers footwear with vibrant colors, funky patterns, and playful silhouettes.

Donni is helping us to look good and feel good with its comfy, mindfully made, elevated basics. 

Re/Done sells pre-loved denim, upcycled to stay with the trends.

Madhappy makes deliciously soft sweats that immediately up your cool factor.

Blackstock and Weber makes the best f*cking loafers in the world.

Halfdays is a female-founded brand making sure you look good and ski better. 

Ciao Lucia’s pieces are  inspired by days spent strolling along the French Riviera while drinking an Aperol Spritz.

LDMA spent years developing its curated collection of underwear that’s made to withstand your active lifestyle.

Cariuma makes some of the most comfortable and sustainable sneakers on the market. 

Best Of Beverages

A bevy of sensational sippers, each standing out for the flavors – and aesthetics – they brought to their exciting product launches. 

AMASS offers beautiful branding and an herbaceous, green-tea-like flavor.

California Fernet boasts 21 roots, herbs and spices in its mix.

Curious Elixirs serves dynamite flavor combinations with no preservatives, refined sugars, or alcohol. 

Current Cassis offers a taste so sharp and juicy it takes you right to its Hudson Valley orchards.

Ghia’s chic, herbal aperitif has taken the influencer world by storm. 

Nomadica wine cans are enrobed in art specifically commissioned for the wine itself.

Trader Vic’s canned mai tais have an almost shocking depth of flavor.

Ruby is a fantastic new alternative to juice and/or soda, with a refreshing kick that's low in sugar.

Best Of Collabs

The only thing that gets a TQE editor more excited than a new launch is…a new launch, but from two favorites that have come together to create something new. 

Bread Beauty Supply x Yam’s braid beads are irresistibly adorable, and are a perfect addition to any outfit, fancy or low-key.

Brightland x Oishii produced LUSH, a delectable strawberry vinegar that sold out five days after its first launch.

Canopy x … Everyone – we’re talking The Sill, Prose, Open Spaces, The Skinny Confidential, HYKU, and Lalo.

Netflix x UnHide’s pieces will wrap you in a hug, from floor to couch to bed––and on snack runs in between. 

OFFHOURS x west elm gave us a coveted Homecoat with a next-level comfy quilt to match. 

Madewell x Backdrop released a paint color and  limited clothing capsule, inspired by the artists’ durable workwear.

Open Spaces x Tortuga’s bookends are a flawless fusion of the two brands’ aesthetics.

Readers’ Choice

And finally, we opened the floor to you. Here are your faves… 

Kroma Wellness resets with a variety of highly functional & flavorful instant superfoods and beverages. 

Lil Bucks offers crunchy snacks and toppings made from the sustainable fruit seed, buckwheat.

Branch Basics creates non-toxic cleaning products with the most sensitive in mind.

Gatherall’s backless, strapless adhesive bra actually supports you.

ARQ makes elevated essentials – like tanks, underwear, and bodysuits – for life. 

Hai’s smart showerhead turns your bathroom into a spa. 

Laundry Day delivers design-forward smoking accessories. 

Primally Pure handcrafts safe skincare products that offer recognizable results.

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