Best Of Collabs: Our Matches Made In Heaven

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TQE’s first annual ‘Best Of’ campaign celebrates the head-turning, drool-worthy, seriously-can’t-live-without brands we obsessed over this past year. We sample a *lot* of products – this week, meet the ones that have stood out.

Call me a glutton, but I firmly believe that you can’t have too much of a good thing. The only thing that gets a TQE editor more excited than a new launch is… a new launch, but from two favorites that have come together to create something new. The possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of our favorite DTC collaborations from the past year. Which one was your favorite?

The nominees are…

Bread Beauty Supply x Yam

Hair goals.
Credit: @kiwiniphotos

With its intoxicating packaging and effective formulas, Bread Beauty Supply has turned kinky-curly hair care into a fun, on-the-go endeavor rather than a days-long arm workout. Slowly taking over the shelves of cool girls everywhere, the beloved beauty brand recently took one step further towards world closet domination when it paired with NYC handmade jewelry brand, Yam. Their braid-beads are irresistibly adorable, and are a perfect addition to any outfit, fancy or low-key.

Brightland x Oishii

A match made in heaven.
Credit: Jill Burrow for Brightland

Inspired by the outstandingly delicious strawberry crops in the Japanese Alps, Oishii uses vertical farming to recreate similar climate conditions in its New York and Los Angeles farms. The brand’s trademark Omakase Berry thrives year-round, and is as clean, ripe, and delicious as its Japanese predecessor. Last year, Oishii partnered with TQE darling Brightland, the oil and vinegar company focused on transparent and sustainable production practices. Together they spawned LUSH ($25), a delectable strawberry vinegar that sold out five days after its first launch. Luckily for us, the pair has re-launched many times over, blessing all of our pantries one bottle at a time.

Canopy x … Everyone

You’ve never used a humidifier like this.
Credit: @get.canopy

By highlighting the beauty benefits of clean, moist air, Canopy has made a staple of its compact humidifier ($125). Plus, the brand has this whole collab thing down. Making the most of the humidifier’s aroma-diffuser function (and the newly-released diffuser), Canopy has partnered with a myriad of DTC brands to make limited edition essential oil bundles: The Sill, Prose, Open Spaces, The Skinny Confidential, HYKU, and Lalo. From plants, to hair products, home goods, and beyond, Canopy has been keeping us on our toes, antsy to see which area of the DTC universe it’ll be exploring next.

Netflix x UnHide

Netflix and chill has a new meaning.
Credit: @unhide

UnHide makes soft, machine-washable, faux fur blankets that have been taking households by storm with their unbeatable coziness. In a stroke of genius, the brand teamed up with the streaming giant to create an official uniform for the famed ‘Netflix & Chill.’ The result is a spin on each of UnHide’s classic products: Marshmallow ($195), Lil’ Marsh ($95), Binger ($85), and Shleepy ($95). Made for a true marathon, these pieces will wrap you in a hug, from floor to couch to bed––and on snack runs in between.

OFFHOURS x west elm

It’s cozy time.
Credit: Cait Opperman for OFFHOURS

west elm has long been a go-to for modern design and home decor, and was due for a little DTC rendezvous. The brand chose an apt partner in OFFHOURS, the newer design company putting thought and style into practical loungewear. Together, they’ve released the OFFHOURS coveted Homecoat ($295) in a selection of special colorways—Renaissance, Varsity, and Michaelangelo—with a next-level comfy quilt ($200) to match.

Madewell x Backdrop

An unlikely match.
Credit: @madewell

Much like west elm, Madewell is a household name that has delved into the world of DTC collabs as a way of updating and re-imagining its company mission. The brand recently teamed up with climate-conscious paint brand Backdrop to release STUDIO HOURS: a paint color ($69) and  limited clothing capsule, inspired by the durable workwear artists often rely on when diligently cultivating their practice.

Open Spaces X Tortuga

Your favorite storage solution just got cuter.
Credit: @tortugaliving

Trendy home goods brands Tortuga and Open Spaces have joined forces to release a set of eye-catching Bookends ($78) in an array of gorgeous colors. Made with the same powder-coated steel as Open Spaces’ signature Entryway Rack ($184), the bookends are a flawless fusion of the two brands’ aesthetics, as well as their shared emphasis on space-saving and functionality.

See any hot new couples out in the wild? Email TMZ—I mean, me, at In the meantime, check out our other Best Of categories and get shopping.

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