Best Of Home: Brands To Liven Up Your Space

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TQE’s first annual ‘Best Of’ campaign celebrates the head-turning, drool-worthy, seriously-can’t-live-without brands we obsessed over this past year. We sample a *lot* of products – this week, meet the ones that have stood out.

We’re often willing to splurge in the home category, as it’s important to feel comfortable and supported in our habitats. Across moves, cities, and plenty of spaces, the TQE Editors have had the privilege of vetting many of our dream brands in furniture, linens, appliances, kitchenware, and more for our personal sanctuaries. Here are the brands we’d recommend to you.


This Outdoor Couch From Outer

As beautiful as your indoor furniture. Credit: @liveouter.

The Outer Sofa is an exquisitely thought-out product at the pinnacle of sustainable design and longevity. Its best-in-class memory foam cushioning has stain-resistant and fade-resistant fabric (complete with waterproof barrier!). Better yet, its OuterShell™ cover literally rolls out across the cushion and can convert into a carrier, making it extra convenient to protect your investment from rain and everyday dirt. Each detail is attractive, intelligent, and worth the investment, crafting a category-defining piece of furniture you can use for years. Read our full review then shop the Wicker Outdoor Sofa ($3,550).

The Dining Set from Neighbor

Gather comfortably.
Credit: @neighboroutdoor

Aiming to bring the polished aesthetic of your living room to your yard, Neighbor has a patent-pending modular design that’s made it a hit in its sofa and seating categories. We happen to especially love its durable Dining Set ($3,000). Its teak wood is sustainably harvested, meeting the highest standards of responsible forest management, and its minimalist construction ensures that it’s easy to assemble and cherish for years to come.

Smart Gardens By Gardyn

Grow your own greens.
Credit: @littleglassquilts via @gardyntech

Having your own little garden is helpful for a myriad of reasons – the least being when you desperately need basil but don’t want to run to the store. Gardyn’s AI-powered garden ($849) allows you to grow enough to feed 4-6 people, and has earned a spot on Time’s 100 Best Inventions List. Plus, the vertical garden is elegant, attractive, and mess-free, so it can go in any room in your home.


The Bed From Floyd

Like sleeping on clouds.
Credit: @sam_myers_interiors

TQE Editor Jordan’s glowing review of The Bed is, to date, my favorite piece ever published on The Quality Edit. Since then, I have been a Floyd fangirl.

The platform bed frame (from $595) is all over Instagram, and its modular functionality means you can add and subtract pieces as needed should you decide to upgrade your Queen to a King or shift around room furniture. It’s so important that furniture you invest in be able to grow with you, and the Floyd model makes that so possible – while looking fantastic in any type of space.

Linen Bedding From SIJO

Curl up in SIJO.

My French Linen bedding set ($235) from SIJO has been one of my favorite products I’ve ever tested. I’ve tried other linen bedding, but SIJO gets softer with every wash and stands up to the test of time with durability – comfortable beyond belief.

SIJO sources its flax linen in small batches from Normandy, which allows it to be ultra-selective about which fibers make the cut; then, they stone-wash the fabric, giving it an extra gentle feel.

Performance Bedding From Slumber Cloud

Astronaut-approved sleep necessities.

I recently tested the Performance Mattress Pad ($209) from Slumber Cloud, eager to know what the brand’s NASA-developed Tycell technology actually entailed. Once I slept on it, I understood the way other editors raved: the scientific approach targets temperature regulation during sleep, slowly absorbing your body’s heat then releasing it during your sleep cycle as your body temperature drops. It’s proactive rather than reactive, which makes a staggering difference in sleep quality. Pair it with this Performance Sheet Set ($229).

Decadent Vegan Fur Blankets From UnHide

The coziest.
Credit: @caitregan_

UnHide made a name for itself with its lush vegan, recycled blankets made from microplastics. The texture is buttery, velvety, and feels positively indulgent. Whenever I watch something on my couch, I’m curled up in an unHide wearable blanket ($95), and have the Marshmallow ($45) and the Squish ($65) on my wishlist.

The Cotton Napper From Bearaby

How weighted blankets are supposed to feel.

With recent sleep woes, I’ve dug out my old weighted blanket, bought from a big box store when DPT (deep pressure therapy) first became widespread. Bearaby, a woven version that supports the scientific tenets of this therapy, is much better because it gets its heft from organic cotton rather than the glass beads most brands use. Its chunky knit is more attractive, while its weight is still soothing.

Unique 3D Printed Custom Lighting From Gantri

A very bright idea.
Credit: @gantri.

Ordering from Gantri requires some patience but is so worth it. Each lamp is custom 3D-printed on a made-to-order basis with earth-friendly non-toxic plant polymers. Its innovative designs add both aesthetics and quality of light (our favorite!) With museum-grade lighting, an intuitive setup process, and stylish but user-friendly dimmability, Gantri redefines the role and look of our household lamps. Try the Cantilever Table Light ($98) for yourself.


Modern Table Settings From Year & Day

Set a table you love.
Credit: @yearandday.

Year & Day gives your tablescape a significant makeover. Aiming to address the lacking middle ground between plain ceramics you buy for a bare-bones apartment and the luxe china you pass down between generations, Year & Day’s accessible ceramic sets meet your dining needs for both everyday and occasions. Instagrammable colors and finishes add a touch of California sensibility, while their ethical sourcing and high-temp glaze methods ensure construction you can feel good about. Read our rave review and build your set (with the brand’s highly customizable quiz) here.

The Perfect Pot – And Everything Else – From Our Place

Kitchenware your guests will notice.

The Perfect Pot ($165) from Our Place suits everyone – no exaggeration. Made with a nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating (and providing the *perfect* heat distribution with its aluminum body), the Perfect Pot is multifunctional and versatile in a way that’s ideal for both seasoned chefs and adults on their own for the first time. If you make any kitchen purchase, this is a go-to that will allow you plenty of use.

An Organized Spice Rack From Evermill

Spice it up.
Credit: Evermill

Why stop at a pan that does it all? Overhaul your entire kitchen organization by ridding yourself of an ugly, cluttered spice drawer. Evermill offers a sleek range of organic spices you’ll be proud to display on your countertop. Each of its eighteen spices also comes with descriptions, recommended recipe pairings, and info about the country of origin, with silicone protection under the cover to preserve freshness (along with its dark coloring to protect against the sunlight.) We found that the Evermill Spice Rack contributed to more high-quality seasoning adventure in the kitchen, while its appearance added to the polish of our spaces.

This Brava Kitchen Oven Is What Dreams Are Made Of

The future is here.
Credit: @bravahome.

If these all sound appealing but you’re not quite a fan of the kitchen, let us introduce you to our most beloved secret: the Brava countertop smart oven (from $1,295). Even our editor-in-chief, Scott, who holds self-admitted disdain for kitchen gadgets, fell in love with this handy, futuristic appliance. Its efficient combination of visual and infrared light allows you to cook food faster and more precisely than any other oven, meaning you essentially eradicate many of the human errors that might undermine your ability to make a satisfying meal. Yes, you can cook protein, veggies, and starches at the same time.

Our Best Of coverage has only just begun! Stay tuned for our favorites in food, fashion, and more this week.

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