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TQE’s first annual ‘Best Of’ campaign celebrates the head-turning, drool-worthy, seriously-can’t-live-without brands we obsessed over this past year. We sample a *lot* of products – this week, meet the ones that have stood out. 

Welcome to the first edition of “Best Of!” This feature is for all the parents out there. The market for baby goods is saturated to say the least, so we’re breaking down our actually must-have products for every household. From diapers to cribs, toys to formula, we’re dishing on the brands that constantly have us crawling back for more.


Diapers, reimagined.

Put simply, Coterie has created the holy grail of diapers. Equally soft, comfortable, and functional, there is quite literally no comparison to a Coterie product. These diapers ($94.50) have eliminated diaper rash, helped both my kids sleep longer (aka they never leak), and are chemical free. We also love the brand’s wipes (from $26), which are thick enough to clean even the messiest of diapers, but are equally great for cleaning up dirty hands and faces.


Modern baby products for every home.

A relative newcomer to the baby market, Lalo has made a splash with its adorable and functional high chair, as well as other feeding products like tiny spoons ($10), cups ($12.50), bowls ($12.50), and plates ($17.50). We also love the Play Kit ($270), the perfect place for arts & crafts or the cutest toddler dinner party. The chairs and accessories come in a variety of sweet but subdued colors, like grapefruit pink or calming sage.


From first foods to finger foods.

Yumi is a lifesaver for busy parents who prioritize organic, healthy, and diverse ingredients but don’t have the time – or will – to make purees at home. From purees to finger foods, these pre-packaged baby foods grow with baby and are rooted deeply in science, so you can feel confident every step of the way.


Emotional learning starts young.

Every kid needs an emotional support stuffed animal, and Slumberkins are the best of the best. Aimed at helping families raise caring, confident, and resilient children, this brand is critical to childhood development. We especially love the Confidence Crew, which teaches children how to regulate their emotions, play nicely with others, and feel good about themselves.


Baby formula you can trust.

If you’ve ever read a formula food label in the United States, you know there is room for improvement in this department (most baby formulas are full of sugary chemicals). As the first clean, organic baby formula (from $104) to be approved by the USFDA, Bobbie has completely redefined the industry. Each ingredient is intentional, and the unique makeup resembles the nutritional profile of breastmilk, meaning you can feed your baby quality milk from day one without the pressure to breastfeed.


Kids products you’re proud to display.
Credit: Audwell

Most parents would agree that getting toddlers to do things means finding ways to get them involved (aka capitalize on their need for control!). Audwell’s Oslo Tower ($325) does just that by boosting your toddler to counter height to help cook in the kitchen, or sink height for easier hand washing. Plus, unlike other toddler towers on the market, it’s gorgeous and naturally fits into any household.


A ritual through every walk of life.
Credit: @ritual

I’ve been taking Ritual vitamins for quite some time, and I relied on the Essential Prenatal ($35) to get me through two pregnancies. With optimal amounts of 12 key nutrients (including methylated folate, choline, and omega-3s) for before and after pregnancy, these prenatals have everything you need…and nothing you don’t. And as an added bonus, the lemon-y flavor helps keep nausea at bay.


Artipoppe’s shockingly comfortable carrier.

Baby carriers are the true workhorse of the family. We’ve logged countless hours in the 

Artipoppe Zeitgeist ($355), and for good reason. This carrier is equal parts stylish, comfortable, and easy to use – plus it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. I love that you can truly wear it for hours, whether running errands, getting stuff done around the house, or on a family hike.


Develop motor skill with Wiwiurka.
Credit: Wiwiurka 

I constantly joke that our house is better than a preschool, and that’s thanks in large part to our amazing Wiwiurka Jungle Gym ($975). This three-piece set can be used in countless ways and is great for developing motor skills as early as 12 months old. My older toddler used it daily as she learned to climb, and most recently has been using it for pretend play as a slide for her stuffed animals. All of Wiwiurka’s products are hand-crafted from sustainable products, so you can feel great about helping the environment along the way.


Nestig makes beautiful, safe cribs.

A product that is safe, helps baby sleep, and looks good? Count me in! Nestig’s line up of beautiful cribs ($599) delivers on all fronts. The brand’s intense focus on safety means that every crib meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards, plus the adjustable nature means they are a cozy and comfortable sleeping stage for newborns all the way to toddlerhood. Last but certainly not least, they’re made with gorgeous, locally harvested Brazilian wood with no-waste.

We have many more favorites left to share, starting with wellness! Check out our next Best Of feature dropping tomorrow. 

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