For Peace Of Body And Mind: The Best Wellness Products

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TQE’s first annual ‘Best Of’ campaign celebrates the head-turning, drool-worthy, seriously-can’t-live-without brands we obsessed over this past year. We sample a *lot* of products – this week, meet the ones that have stood out. 

In a culture that is constantly health-optimizing, new brands and launches oriented around “wellness” are a dime a dozen. But here at TQE, we’ve got a discerning eye for launches that truly feel not just fresh, but valuable to our lives and senses of well-being. Read on for the brands that impressed us – and kept us healthy – all year long.

For Your Alternative Medicine Cabinet


Traditional Chinese medicine meets modern research.
Credit: @elixhealing

Led by a dream team of doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, and acupuncturists, Elix combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern research to holistically heal women’s cycles. Using a custom blend of medicinal herbs, Elix’s Cycle Balance ($38.40/month) supports menstrual symptoms (like cramps, mood swings, irregular cycles, bloating, fatigue, and anything else you might be experiencing) by treating underlying imbalances. Take the brand’s in-depth custom assessment, which uses principles of Chinese medical diagnosis to identify and treat the root cause, and try your tailored blend today. Your cycle (and whole-body health) will never be the same.


The first essential fatty acid discovered in over 90 years.

Fatty15 wowed us with its 2021 launch after discovering the first essential fatty acid in over 90 years (and selling out of its C15:0 supplement within 3 months of launch). Now, it’s a staple in all of our medicine cabinets. C15:0 is scientifically proven to fortify our cells against age by strengthening cell membranes, boosting mitochondria, and promoting mind and body health. 


A daily ritual.
Credit: @ritual

At this point, does Ritual even need an introduction? The brand shines through the oversaturated DTC supplement landscape by prioritizing transparency, quality, and science-backed multivitamins – with everything your body needs, and nothing it doesn’t. From its newest plant-based and sugar-free protein supplement ($40) to the multivitamins ($35) that first took over every millennial’s health routine, Ritual’s got our daily health covered. 


For gastrointestinal and whole-body health. 

Like Ritual, Seed is probably already on your radar (and maybe even in your medicine cabinet) – and for good reason. Seed’s Daily Synbiotic ($49.99/month) is simply the best, formulated with 24 different strains of clinically-verified and naturally occurring probiotics selected for strain-specific benefits. Upgrade your probiotic game with Seed, and say hello to a lifetime of digestive bliss. 

Tonics, Tinctures, And Powders: Oh My

Wooden Spoon Herbs

Organic tinctures, teas, and tonics.
Credit: @woodenspoonherbs

I’m embarrassingly late to the game on Wooden Spoon Herbs. In just the last few months, I’ve been wowed by the efficacy of its tinctures – my favorites are Rose Colored Glasses ($36) and Anxiety Ally ($36), both of which noticeably ease my stress and lift my spirits. I’m also completely addicted to the brand’s best-selling Herbal Coffee, which can only be described as a decadent, too-good-to-be-so-good-for-you tonic that you’ll crave 10x more than your latte habit. 


Functional mushrooms from Canada.
Credit: @rainbomushrooms

While we’ve been inundated with a new wave of brands claiming to produce the next super-shroom or adaptogenic accessory that we “absolutely need” in the last year, Rainbo is one of the originals, making medicinal mushroom tinctures and functional foods designed to spread the healing power of fungi. Browse the mycelial mix that’s right for you – and if you’re new to the whole fungi thing, start with Forest Juice ($31), the brand’s delicious maple syrup infused with Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail. 


Superfood self-care.
Credit: @golde

Superfood, health, and beauty brand Golde has wowed us since its launch years ago (and astronomical growth in the last two years). Founded in 2017 by partners Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori, Golde sells feel-good products (we love Pure Matcha and Coconut Collagen Boost) and a mission to match: inclusive, approachable, and easy wellness.

Wellness From The Outside In


Malibu-made essentials.
Credit: OSEA

While OSEA would also fit in our Beauty best-of, I consider the brand’s sustainable and clean products an essential part of my holistic wellness routine. Whether I’m using the Undaria Algae Oil (from $12) for a healing, moisturizing self-massage or the Atmosphere Protection Cream ($48) for preventative skin health, OSEA’s product line keeps me feeling my best, from the way my skin looks and feels to the mental health benefits of some extra-kind self-care. 


Stylish, wearable weights.
Credit: @bala

Getting a pair of Bala Bangles was arguably one of the most difficult shopping endeavors of 2021 – these weights are so popular they were sold out almost everywhere for months. But once our editors tested these out, all of the hype made complete sense. Bala’s wearable weights ($50) are chic, sleek, and soft, and add effective resistance to everything you do (literally, everything – from a leisurely walk around the block to an extra amped-up workout sesh). 


Flipping the script on sexual wellness.

We feature maude in endless gift guides on TQE for good reason: there’s no better way to express care, for yourself or for others, than with anything from this beautiful modern intimacy brand. Equally geared towards sexual health and good-old-fashioned self-care, maude’s inclusive and high-quality product line, from multi-purpose oils and candles (from $18) to vibrators ($49), condoms ($12), and lubricants (from $10), has everything you need for a sex (and self) positive lifestyle. 

Dress The Part: Beyond Yoga and Girlfriend Collective

Activewear for every activity.
Credit: Girlfriend Collective

While taking care of yourself from the inside is what matters most, I’d be remiss not to acknowledge the importance of some truly epic activewear. While many worthy candidates have emerged in the last year, two brands take the prize. Beyond Yoga, with its wildly soft spacedye fabric and chic crop tanks, swiftly dominated my workout (and everyday) wardrobe. Aside from its commitment to sustainability and cult following, Girlfriend Collective swept all of our feeds this last year because the brand is genuinely making amazing activewear, designed for every body (and every activity). I’m obsessed with the Sport Skort ($62), and you’re sure to find something you’ll love – and live in, 24/7.

How are you staying well? Let us know @thequalityedit, then come back tomorrow for Best Of Beauty. We’ll see you then!

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