Evermill’s Spice Rack Encouraged Me To Boss Up In The Kitchen

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Ever leave the grocery store with hella bags only to realize that you forgot to buy one of the spice bottles you needed in a recipe? It’s one of my greatest pet peeves, and it happens more often than I’d like to admit. 

Enter: Evermill. Evermill’s handsomely designed Countertop Spice Rack comes with 18 (12, if you get a smaller version) organic spices from all over the world. Before Evermill, my only experience with spice racks were those generic ones friends and family would give as weddings or house-warming gifts. 

I always thought they looked super tacky, plus I wondered how long those spices had been sitting under fluorescent department store lighting. But, Evermill is anything but generic. I couldn’t wait to try its Countertop Spice Rack in Gunmetal with the complete selection of 18 spices and level up my cooking game.

Unboxing Felt Like Opening A Fresh MacBook Pro

Evermill’s packaging is so sleek that I thought I was opening a MacBook Pro when my rack arrived. Its design is beyond mindful and includes: a cardstock template that you can use for drilling holes if you prefer to mount your spice rack onto the wall, small paper bags with hardware needed, and the spice containers neatly arranged inside the package with protective plastic.

The spices come in neat little paper pouches with a description, country of origin and recommended recipe pairings for each. The first step of the process is to pour spices from their pouches into their respective containers. Even though it feels like an extra step, I felt more connected and knowledgeable about the organic, ethically-sourced spices that I was receiving. Plus, transferring the spices into the spice jars felt like a mini aromatherapy session. 

The spice jars have an added layer of silicone underneath the cover, and their dark color is designed to protect spices from sun damage, preserving spice freshness for even longer. Another thing I love about the spice jars: the wide mouth. What a game-changer to have a wide-mouth opening that actually happily accommodates a tablespoon. With the small spice bottles, it always frustrated me to have to do some tablespoon to teaspoon conversions in the middle of cooking.

Once the jars are filled with spices, you can place them on the assembly-free Countertop Rack, which has leaf-shaped divots to make sure the spice labels on each jar are always centered. If you want a cleaner look that saves space in your kitchen, you can also mount the Countertop Rack before placing your spice jars.

Bossing Up In The Kitchen

I’m not vegan, but I’m a vegan sympathizer. On busy days, it can be really time-consuming to cook meat. Tofu, fish and veggies are easier to cook, but they require a ton of spices to make each healthy bite flavorful. Armed with my new Evermill spices, I started by spicing up recipes I already had before venturing out into new culinary horizons.

For my first endeavor, I defrosted some frozen tilapia and steamed some green beans and broccoli, then added Sumac, a deep purple spice made from ground berries to add tartness, and The Captain’s Blend, which pairs perfectly with seafood, to a dredging mixture with flour. I also sprinkled The Captain’s Blend on steamed broccoli and blanched green beans. The flavor of Sumac caught me off guard in a good way; it was a delicious, healthy meal at the end of a long day.

Next, I made something new: Vegan Mac and Cheese with cauliflower and chickpeas. I seasoned my “cheese” sauce with the Italian Blend, some Paprika and Brown Mustard Seeds. I topped the Vegan Mac with panko breadcrumbs and baked in the oven for about 15 minutes. When it came out, I topped this melty, gooey, carb-loaded goodness with Red Pepper Flakes. SO. GOOD. Evermill’s spices really took this dish to the next level for me.

Evermill’s spices are also great for spicing up snacks that you already have, or takeout that didn’t quite hit the mark. While heating up some bland Pad Thai from a Chinese restaurant (yeah, that wasn’t my best choice, tbh), I wondered what it would taste like if I added a little bit of Allspice, some Turmeric and Red Pepper Flakes. I didn’t quite save the dish, but definitely made it more interesting and enjoyable to eat. I also started adding Harissa to my hummus for midday snacks, and honestly, I’m never going back.

Minimal Aesthetics, Plenty Of Options

To be honest, the one thing I was the most worried about when adding Evermill to my kitchen was the variety. I cook with tons of Asian spices like curry powder and Szechuan peppercorns. Once you switch to the sleekest spice rack, your dingy old spice bottles off to the side start looking kind of sad. I do wish that Evermill made some blank containers that I can fill with spices that I use regularly, like my number one most used ingredient: garlic powder.

That being said, I can’t wait to try some new recipes using Coriander Seed and Turmeric, two ingredients that are cornerstones in Asian cooking. Every single part of the Evermill experience is perfectly curated for your cooking needs. This incredibly-designed spice rack will motivate you to up your game in the kitchen, and commit to cooking more delicious and nourishing recipes. 

5 More Reasons To Love Evermill:

  • It’s ridiculously easy to get refills. You can order spice refills online or use their Text-to-Refill system to get spices in 2 hours or less in certain NY, SF and LA zip codes.
  • You can mount The Counter Top Spice Rack on your wall. Save space and create a whole new vibe for your kitchen by mounting your spice rack on the wall.
  • They also have a Drawer Spice Rack if you prefer more discrete spice storage. Clean out your chaotic catch-all drawer and replace it with this well-designed storage solution.
  • Cut down on single-use cooking waste with reusable spice jars. Reusable spice jars and paper packaging for refills will make both you and Mother Earth happy.
  • Fresher and higher-quality spices than what you can get in stores. Evermill sources their spices from organic farms all over the world, plus cutting out the middleman means you get the freshest spices.

Step up your spice game with Evermill.

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