Our Place Perfect Pot review: Is it as great as the Always Pan?

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Home chefs and tablescapers: rejoice. Our Place, the company who quite literally cannot keep its IG-fave Always Pan in stock, has dropped its newest kitchen cook-all and, well, it’s perfect. The brand’s Perfect Pot wows in all the same what-can’t-it-do ways: it boils, it bakes, it crisps…steams, strains, serves, and stores. If you know anything about The Quality Edit, you’re aware that we’re big Our Place fans in this house -- and the Perfect Pot has earned a permanent resting place atop our stovetop. 

The Perfect Pot can cook just about anything in its 5.5 quart body
Credit: @ourplace

What Can’t She Do!

When I entered the pandemic era, I moved around a bit -- first to hang with my family in Memphis for a few months, then back to Santa Monica to set up shop in a new apartment. For the first time in my life, I realized the value of less-is more when it came to my home. Our Place’s signature priority is multi-use tools that get the job done. Meant to replace your fleet of bulky cookware, the Perfect Pot operates as a stockpot, dutch oven, saucepot, roasting rack, steamer, strainer, braiser, and spoon rest in one. Weighing in at just 4.5 pounds (a third of the weight of a typical dutch oven), the Perfect Pot has room to host 5.5 quarts of goodness. Do with it what you may, but some options include:

  • Boiling and/or straining pasta, rice, or lentils with the pot’s generous pour spout and modular lid that doubles as a strainer. (It also lets off steam or retains steam depending on your preference with said modular lid.)
  • Roasting and perfectly crisping your favorite protein with the nested roasting rack that doubles as a steamer. 
  • Steaming veggies, tamales -- the works -- using the aforementioned roasting/steaming rack. Simply fill the pot with water up to the rack and uncover softly steamed delights.
  • Baking bread, cinnamon buns, you name it: Did I mention the pot is oven-safe up to 425 degrees?
  • Casseroling with ease: the Perfect Pot is compatible with all cooktops and can be transferred to the oven, too. She’s light, she’s versatile, what can’t she do? 

Built For You And Yours

Like its “bestie” (that’s the Our Place Always Pan), the Perfect Pot is made with a nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating that’s free of toxic materials and extraordinarily easy to clean. Equally impressive, it’s accompanied by an aluminum body that allows for fast and even heat distribution. The Perfect Pot is both time and mess-optimized: it comes with a notched beechwood spoon designed to nest on the handles of the pot for cleaner post-cooking countertops. 

At $165, the Perfect Pot feels like a steal: its proprietary multifunctional system is meant to replace 8 pieces of cookware, ideal for any minimalist space. Much like the Always Pan, the Perfect Pot is also really freaking gorgeous: its four colorways -- Blue Salt, Steam, Spice, and Char -- add a dash of eye-candy to any stovetop. Invest in a color that perfectly compliments your Always Pan and you may just throw your dinner party guests into a jealous frenzy. 

An insanely aesthetic Always Pan-Perfect Pot color combo
Credit: @ashleyhosmer

The Our Place Way

While new, I can already tell my love affair with the Perfect Pot will be lasting. I’ve finally tested a few recipes I dog-eared forever ago, and the Perfect Pot wiped all of my apprehensions (too much effort, too much cookware, too much mess) away. The only thing breezier than cooking a lentil-walnut loaf and crispy oven roasted cauliflower in the Perfect Pot was the cleanup that followed. Should I be surprised? That’s the Our Place way, after all. 

The pot is a beautiful embodiment of the brand’s mission: to make connections across the kitchen table. With the Perfect Pot, less really is more: less clutter and stress gives way to more home-cooked meals and dinner table connection. Navigate your recipe book with excitement and ease, then build a tablescape with a worthy centerpiece: the Perfect Pot is the perfect place to start planning a meal at your place. 

Five More Reasons To Love The Perfect Pot: 

  1. A fan favorite: launched this month, the Perfect Pot has already scored rave reviews from Gear Patrol, Food & Wine, Forbes, and Fast Company
  2. An aesthetic dream: the pot closely resembles Our Place’s Always Pan, which has been highly lauded for its clean and beautiful aesthetic. Its current colorways (Blue Salt, Steam, Spice, and Char) add an elegance to any kitchen.
  3. A steal: at $165, the pot is moderately priced compared to other cast iron pots and pans -- especially given its multifunctionality. 
  4. A complete kitchen: Our Place lovers who own the brand’s Always Pan, Knives, Cutting Board, Plates, Glasses, and Bowls know it was just about the only thing missing from the brand’s offerings for a comfortable kitchen. 
  5. A do-good brand: on a mission to connect people through cooking, Our Place invests in ethical labor and responsible materials and partners with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to provide greater access to good food.

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