No Tears This Time: The Floyd Platform Bed and 5 Other Brands That Made Moving Weirdly Enjoyable

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Over the course of our five-year relationship, my boyfriend Sam and I have been through countless living situations –– his dorm, my dorm, his house, my parents’ house, and a quick stint in a windowless Brooklyn sublet. The countless objects we’ve collectively acquired throughout our late teens/early twenties have come and gone. Tacky college beer signs, $10 Craigslist couches, and curbside shag rugs have been recycled year after year as we’ve tried to figure out how to make homes out of walk-in closets. 

After I graduated from college, I joined Sam in Oakland for our first West Coast adventure. We found a cute little house with a dreamy backyard, and decided it was time to make our first official big kid purchase in good faith that it would be something that could move and grow with us for a long time. 

We both work 2-3 jobs at any given time — service, child care, retail, freelance. Classic. When you are constantly working for not that much money, purchases, particularly those beyond basic needs, can be thought of directly in terms of your work day: how many freelance articles will this item cost me? How many extra barback shifts do I have to take to be able to get a rug in my room? When thinking in these terms, choosing to buy a luxury item is incredibly high-stakes. 

Credit: @floyddetroit

So when I sent Sam a link to the Floyd Platform Bed, he shrugged and gave the “yeah, it’s nice” that he always tells me when I obsess over a piece of furniture (right now it’s this Cold Picnic rug). Like many others who have been captivated by Floyd’s Instagram presence, I was immediately smitten with the sleek simplicity of the piece. As we talked more about it, Sam became drawn to other aspects of the company’s mission. Floyd products, before all else, are adaptable. The modular design is created for quick set up and break down, as well as to accommodate people’s ever-changing tastes and needs. You can add or remove wood panels to adjust the size of the bed, according to your space, lifestyle, or max budget. And if you’re looking for an aesthetic change, you can add the Headboard to switch it up. Same goes for extra storage –- a quick fix for anyone with limited closet space. 

After nearly a year (I’ve forgotten how time works) of sheltering-in-place together, we decided that it’d be best for us to move to separate living spaces, just to get a second to breathe. That meant deciding which of our shared items would go to whose space. Many factors went into this decision: who had more stairs to walk up, who had more square footage in their room, and who, at the end of moving day, had enough energy to set things up? As the Floyd Bed is our most prized possession, it was difficult for either of us to part ways with it. Of all the things we schlepped  between our new spots, the Floyd Bed was by and far the simplest. Though we ultimately decided that it worked best in his room (sigh), I only had one single mid-move freakout (a personal record) –– and I have the Floyd Bed to thank for it. Setting it up was truly a breeze, dare I say it was even kind of fun. Effortlessly following along with the cute Vimeo instructions made me feel, momentarily, like I had all my sh*t together. 

Sam applying the protective cork pads to the bed supports
The Floyd Bed embodies a potential for growth and change –– something that, in this stage of life, is a must. 

After we finished, Sam and I stood back and reflected on our life together thus far. All the rickety Twin XL’s that brought us closer together. Maybe we’ll live together again, in a year or two, and it’ll be time to make our Floyd Bed into a King. Sam is looking forward to creating his own space, maybe even adding a headboard to “tie the room together” (he’s learning!!). Whatever we end up doing together, and wherever on the planet that may be, it is nice to know that we’ll have an item that we know can adjust with us. The Floyd Bed embodies a potential for growth and change –– something that, in this stage of life, is a must. 

Moving into a new space? Here are some other brands I’ve been looking at that make it easy to nest anywhere:

1. The Sill

Credit: @thesill

Despite my dreams of having one of those all-white, airy dream houses filled to the brim with lush greenery, I have never been able to keep a plant alive for more than a few months. If you’re trying to break into the gratifying world of plant parenthood, The Sill makes it an easy transition. My windowsills are already packed.  

2. Open Spaces

Credit: @getopenspaces

I have a very low tolerance for the boxes-everywhere phase of moving into a new space. Establishing a place to put my things is always one of the first things on my to-do list, and Open Spaces turns organizing into a chic, exciting endeavor. I love their entryway rack and the wire baskets in light blue. 

3. Blueland

Credit: @blueland

Having been thoroughly convinced by Tatiana’s glowing review, I decided to start my Sunday cleaning regimen off right and give Blueland a try. The Multi-surface cleaner has my space smelling super fresh!

4. Brooklinen

Credit: @brooklinen

After giving up my Floyd Bed to Sam, I had to one-up him in the bed department somehow. I finally gave in and got the Luxe Sateen Sheet Set from Brooklinen. The rumors are true––hands down, the softest sheets I’ve ever owned. 

5. Buffy

Credit: @buffy

As a chronically hot sleeper, I’ve been coveting the Buffy Breeze Comforter for a while now. My bedroom is a converted attic, so I’m hoping that the temperature regulation will be a much-needed relief from my sweaty rude awakenings. 

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