Are 3D-Printed Lights The Future Of Home Decor? I Tried Them For This Gantri Lights Review

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When I moved into a new apartment a few months ago with little-to-no possessions of my own, I was daunted by the task of acquiring items that were functional, beautiful, and worth the investment. After settling the most important pieces -- like a mattress and a coffee maker -- I turned my attention to another crucial component: The vibe.

Ultimately, there is nothing worse -- nothing more detrimental to the ambiance of a space -- than a harsh overhead light. Lamps wield the power to make or break a room. And yet, high-quality lamps and lights can be ridiculously expensive and nearly impossible to successfully shop for online.

Gantri is poised to change this all.

3D-Printed Lamps: The Stuff Of Sci-Fi, Or The Missing Piece In Your Dream Living Room?

When I first learned about Gantri’s business model and manufacturing practices about a year ago, I wanted to get my hands on a lamp immediately. 3D-printed lamps based on sleek and modern designs from independent studios, designers, and brands? Made with natural plant-based materials that are both durable and good for the environment? Say less…(but don’t worry, I’ll say more.)

@dylanasuarez displays her Maskor Table Light in Sand

Gantri originated out of a central question: Why are good designer lights so expensive? (And, secondarily, so stale?) Traditional manufacturing practices create costly and difficult barriers to entry that prevent independent designers from bringing new ideas to life -- meaning that designer lamps are both unnecessarily expensive to produce and purchase, and often boring.

Gantri’s model is disrupting this old way: as the first design manufacturer to use digital manufacturing to make DTC products, Gantri is able to cut down on production costs, eliminate waste, and make cutting-edge designer lighting drastically more attainable and eco-friendly.

Looking Fresh Off The (Digital) Press

Before I knew a thing about their sustainable and innovative business model, I was first drawn to Gantri by its designer catalog. Featuring new and fresh designs from independent designers and studios across the globe -- really, from California to Spain -- Gantri’s site is like a candy store for elevated decor.

Somehow, I managed to narrow my choices down to three lamps:

My Gantri lamps arrived with cards from each designer or studio

These lamps are stunning online; better yet, all are made with earth-friendly, non-toxic plant polymers, and were available in a soothing Sand colorway I hoped would look nice with my apartment’s neutral, bright palette. The real test, however, would be their in-person star quality.

The Cantilever Table Light in @samlandreth’s home

Something to keep in mind when ordering from Gantri: because these lamps are literally made (read: 3D-printed) to order, you’ll typically have to wait at least a month or two for your lights to arrive. If you’re looking for something sooner, you can browse Gantri’s site with the “quick ship” toggle to see what’s currently available and ready to deliver. They’re also not cheap -- the price is reflective of the lights’ sustainable materials and practices, as well as the high quality, meticulous design, and durability of these pieces. Still, if you’re looking for something wallet-friendly, Gantri’s probably not your best bet.

Well Worth The Wait

About two months after placing my order, I received three (surprisingly compact and light) boxes with my Gantri lamps. While both table lamps arrived completely ready to use, the floor light required assembly.

The Arpeggio Light is, as its name indicates, designed around a simple cord structure -- making the assembly a streamlined breeze

While I’m often frightened by any furniture or hardware assembly process, the Arpeggio Light assembly was intuitive and seamless -- it took only a matter of minutes. Even putting together the lamp emphasized just how functional and intelligent Gantri’s designs are. These are not your typical lamps.

My Arpeggio Light’s dimmer on full display, warm and beautiful at each setting!

Gantri lights are, simply put, gorgeous. They look like pieces of art in my home -- exceeding my expectations for how a lamp should (or can) function. Not only are the materials visibly high-quality and sophisticated, but each lamp also has a soft white color temperature and a smooth dimming switch. Gantri’s lighting has a CRI of 90+ -- a fancy way of letting you know that you’ll be getting museum-grade light quality. The vibes in my home? Absolute perfection.

The Maskor Table Light elevating my bedtime ritual

5 More Reasons To Love Gantri:

  • Aside from minimizing unnecessary waste, Gantri’s innovative 3D-printing process brings unique designs from independent designers and studios around the world to your home -- supporting new designers and upgrading your space at the same time.
  • Featured in Hypebeast, Dwell, Architectural Digest, Time, and Fast Company (just to name a few), Gantri’s lights aren’t just a Quality Edit darling -- they’re beloved by quite a few design experts.
  • Materials matter: Gantri’s Plant Polymers, which the brand uses to make each light, are the world’s first plant-derived polylactic acid (PLA) blends engineered specifically for premium lighting products. They’re non-toxic, sustainable, and meticulously formulated for quality and durability.
  • Gantri’s Instagram features the brand’s beautiful lights: in addition to being aesthetically soothing, it’s an endless source of design inspiration and proof that these lamps are works of art.
  • The brand’s blog, which explores everything from decor tips and color temperature to the brand’s sustainable practices, will make you an expert in all things lighting by the time your Gantri lamp arrives.

Look on the bright side: illuminate your home with a piece from Gantri today.

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