Launch Digest: Recess Introduces Magnesium L-Threonate Infused Sparkling Water With Recess Mood

Recess, the “antidote to modern times” (aka the cbd and adaptogen infused sparkling water brand) is introducing a new functional ingredient with Recess Mood: a first-of-its-kind sparkling beverage containing magnesium L-threonate. Over half of the US population is magnesium deficient, which can lead to feelings of tiredness, sadness, and stress, according to the brand. In combination with Recess’s adaptogen blend, magnesium L-threonate “creates more feel-good neurotransmitters (i.e. serotonin + dopamine) to improve the way you feel.” 

The brand launched Recess Mood with both sparkling water and powder offerings. Recess Mood Sparkling Water contains magnesium, ginseng, L-theanine, lemon balm, and active B6 for a calm mind and lifted mood. Its four flavors (Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Peach Ginger + Strawberry Rose) contain no added sugar and fewer than 20 calories. Recess Mood Powder contains magnesium, passion flower, L-theanine, electrolytes, and active B6 for relaxation and hydration and is available in Gradient Berry, Lemon Citrus, and Unflavored varieties. 

As a leader in the functional drink space, Recess has invested in creating a magnesium supplement that is more potent and effective than the magnesium citrate and magnesium carbonate other CPG brands use. And, of course it has -- while an early entrant into the CBD-infused space, Recess has cemented itself as something much greater than just another beverage brand pushing product. Recess is a feeling -- and Recess Mood is the next step in legitimately feeling a little cooler, calmer, and more collected each day. 

Chill out -- and take a Recess here.

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