Launch Digest: Kroma’s New One Day Reset Is Perfect For Travel Days

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While I’ve been interested in health and wellness for the better part of my adult life, I’ve never been the ‘cleanse’ type. Or, perhaps because I’ve been interested in health and wellness, the deprivation of a days-long juice cleanse has never resonated with me. That’s why I was so surprised – and intrigued – to read about the 5-day Kroma Wellness Cleanse our editor Christine raved about late last year. “An opportunity to get back on track by nourishing your body without deprivation” is a concept I can get behind, so I was elated to try Kroma’s new 1-day Reset as a short, on-the-go reboot for spring. While I still can’t claim to be a ‘cleanse’ person, I can claim to be a Kroma person. 

Doing Things Differently

Kroma’s 1-day Reset ($95) has the same intention as the brand’s longer cleanses: to “re-establish healthy habits with functional nutrition.” Kroma re-establishes these habits with the help of a well-organized box that’s delivered to your door. Inside, 10 beautiful food and beverage sachets – created by Kroma’s advisory team of nutritionists, doctors, and wellness experts – are teeming with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Each sachet is compact, portable, and full of simple and pure ingredients (no fillers, lectins, sugar, or fillers). This 1-day Reset is perfect for a quick dive back into healthy habits, either at home or on-the-go.

Each sachet for this reset is all vegan and just requires water and/or alternative milk. The day’s breakdown looks like this: 


- Break your fast with a hot Vitality Latte, which contains reishi mushrooms and turmeric

- Add hot water or alternative milk to a delicious Super Porridge made with a medley of nuts, coconut, and seeds

- Get some electrolytes and supplements into your system courtesy of a Cranberry Hydration Elixir 

- Infuse superfoods and plant protein into your day with a delicious Blueberry Immunity Smoothie 


- Add hot water to your Veggie Broth and Plant Protein packet, which contains miso broth, plant protein, essential vitamins and minerals

- Fuel up with a boatload of vitamins and minerals in your post-lunch Supergreens Elixir

- Round out your afternoon with cacao, maca, and goji berries in an indulgent Spicy Passion Latte 


- Start your evening with another serving of Veggie Broth with Miso – and add vegetables and protein if you so choose

- Chill out with a probiotic- and magnesium-packed Calming and Repair Magnesium drink before bed

True to its intent, Kroma gives you flexibility: add berries to your porridge, spinach and/or berries to your smoothie, and veggies or protein to your dinner broth if you desire a little extra boost (I did). Plus, the VIP version of the 1-day Reset ($155) includes an indulgent cookie butter (enjoy up to two tablespoons at any point over the course of the day), a frother, and a tumbler to mix up your meals. 

At Home Or On-The-Go

This cleanse is surprisingly simple – while I spent my day at home, I could certainly imagine packing my sachets in a carryon bag and enjoying these meals on the road or a flight. A little hot water mixed into a Super Porridge and Veggie Broth, plus a cold Cranberry Hydration Elixir on a plane would certainly leave you feeling more refreshed than the indulgent snacks we often lug on travels and then later regret. And, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling shockingly refreshed. At no point does this cleanse leave you feeling hungry – each sachet almost predicts your next craving, and you’re constantly eating or sipping on something throughout the day. 

This reset revealed how often I let my cravings (rather than hunger) dictate my food choices. I was surprised to feel so nourished and satiated throughout my entire day. After heading to bed feeling lighter and far less bloated than I typically do, I slept straight through the night. And, the most amazing part was how great I felt at an early morning workout the next day. While I was nervous that I would maybe feel lethargic or slow, I actually felt bouncier and more dialed in than usual. 

Easily include Kroma into your everyday – even post cleanse.
Credit: @kromawellness

Wherever this spring and summer may take you – on planes, trains, or perhaps you’re staying put where you are, if you’re looking for a quick zap back into healthier habits, I recommend this reset wholeheartedly. A comfortable entrypoint into the wellness world, it will leave you feeling lighter, leaner, and – best of all – more aware of what you’re putting into your body. Plus, once you’re feeling zoned in, continue the good feels by incorporating elements of the cleanse into your everyday: Kroma offers a la carte offerings to include as healthy additions to  your diet any day you choose. A refreshed spring and summer feel more accessible than ever thanks to the Kroma.

Interested in trying a cleanse for yourself? Discover Kroma’s offerings here. 

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