Kroma Wellness: Redefining The Cleanse With A Nourishing And Recharging Approach (That Tastes Delicious!)

Kroma Wellness is not a detox. I’d venture to say the brand has revamped the cleanse, the far too popular diet trend that leaves you thinner (briefly) yet riddled with brain fog and feelings of starvation -- but even that feels false. Kroma Wellness is just that – a wellness company – and its 5-day reset is an opportunity to get back on track by nourishing your body without deprivation. 

Founder Lisa Odenweller, a mission-driven entrepreneur with a passion for food and wellness, has been vocal about the need. "We can all benefit from a reset from time-to-time. I've always approached 'cleansing' more as a reset, an opportunity to not only get back on track but to create new habits and behaviors that set you up for long-term success. Not just a quick fix weight loss moment but a true change in lifestyle.”

As I’ve spent years tracking macros (much of the time under the watchful eye of a nutrition coach), engaging in fasts and not so food-friendly cleanses, and surviving (not thriving) through menopause, I was more than ready to try Kroma for myself.

Limited Edition: The Deluxe 5-Day Lifestyle
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Kicking Off Kroma 

Nothing can prepare you for the spectacular Kroma box that arrives at your doorstep. The $365 5-Day Lifestyle Reset contains color-coded, numerical sachets of “highly functional and flavorful instant superfoods and beverages” that not only outline all that you eat and drink daily but are inscribed with encouraging messages. “The greatest journey is the one within,” one reads. “Your daily actions add up to the life of your dreams,” praises another. This built-in benefactor is exactly what I needed heading into the unknown.

Eat, Drink… And Remain Merry

Each color-coded day provides ten items to eat and drink; there is also access to a jar of the aptly named “OMG Cookie Butter” for a treat any time, any day. While there are menu rotations, a day in the life includes:

Breakfast: Beauty Matcha with collagen, Super Porridge, Hydration Elixir and Superfood Smoothie

Lunch: Broth, Supergreens Elixir

Afternoon: Cookie Butter Energy Snack (as needed), Afternoon Latte

Evening: Broth, Calming + Repair Magnesium

Kroma’s $475 deluxe edition, which I received, contains several exclusive Kroma essentials to indulge in or use through the reset: an oversized spoon, an ‘Elemental’ tumbler, three “Change Your Life” Chai sachets, a frother to perfect lattes, Perfect Fasting tea (with soothing ginger and turmeric), and Coconut creamer with MCT Oil to boost your foods.

Not one to let food preferences keep Kroma at bay, the brand has just launched a vegan version of its cleanse too.

Kroma’s daily essentials
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The Recipe To Success

While Kroma Wellness is new, Lisa Odenweller’s role as an agent of change in the food and wellness arena began fourteen years ago. It’s the lessons learned from pioneering juice cleanses (and subsequently cafes) at her former company Beaming, coupled with three years of development and research for Kroma, that make this reset brand an authentic powerhouse. Her global travels, lifelong curiosity about food as medicine and a spectacular relationship with a co-packer (with whom she works to fine tune every ingredient) have all led to this labor of love. But Lisa did not rely solely on her intuitive work in the kitchen, she turned to 130 beta testers -- many of whom are famous foodies, wellness fanatics and cookbook authors -- for feedback. Many not only gave kudos, but financing as well.

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The Power of Positive Thinking
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Day One:

Any apprehension I had ended at breakfast, thanks to a Super Porridge packed with plant protein, nuts, seeds and superfoods teeming with antioxidants. With healthy fats and fiber aplenty, it’s uber satisfying -- but it’s the taste of cinnamon and coconut that will have you scraping the bowl. Smoothies, Lattes, Hydration Elixirs (to make water way more interesting while also boosting electrolytes) and Bone Broths throughout the day kept me energized and satiated. The pièce de résistance? Calming + Repair Magnesium, containing three natural types of magnesium, l’theanine and prebiotics, added to a glass of water to wind down in the evening. The sweet flavor is slight but impactful. It’s laden with pomegranate, the healthy fruit with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties abound. Sweet dreams.

Day Two:

I revel in the delicious Super Porridge, Lattes, Bone Broth and Elixirs throughout the day, never once feeling hungry or fatigued. What is missing from the Kroma Wellness reset -- the cane sugar, fillers, dairy, gluten, GMOs and lectins that cause inflammation and cravings -- has been replaced with superfoods, adaptogens and antioxidants. More than reaping simple nourishment, I am boosting brain and memory function and lowering my risk of heart disease. What don’t I miss? The afternoon headache, often brought on by the 3pm slump. I am surprised it has only taken two days to feel this good.

More than reaping simple nourishment, I am boosting brain and memory function and lowering my risk of heart disease. What don’t I miss? The afternoon headache, often brought on by the 3pm slump. I am surprised it has only taken two days to feel this good.

Day Three:

Mid-cleanse is usually my breaking point; I miss chewing, often lack energy and my skin appears sallow from zero nutrients. But not with Kroma Wellness. I enthusiastically plan out my many meals -- I am seriously addicted to the bone broths at this point -- and savor my OMG Cookie Butter when I want something extra. OMG Cookie Butter feels indulgent, but that’s the beauty of making superfoods delicious. It contains it all – the antioxidants, healthy omega fats, plant protein and a perfect blend of nuts – to gratify you. It won’t be easy to live without my daily dose (two spoonfuls, as recommended) when the reset is over.

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OMG indeed.
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Day Four:

My nutritional MVPs jump start my day again, but I feel different this morning. My clothes are roomier, gone is the morning GI urgency that often accompanies coffee, which, let’s face it, was primarily a delivery device for creamer and caffeine, as it’s been replaced by Tea that is both delicious and soothes digestion and moods. While just days ago I went to bed thinking of my morning brew, I now dream of Super Porridge and Perfect Fast Tea. I start to mourn the end, as tomorrow is my last day of enjoying the structured superfood smorgasbord.

Day Five:

Once again well rested, I feel a sense of peace and balance on this last day. As the reset is coming to a close, I linger over my last Super Porridge -- adding in berries this time, as Kroma encourages this flexibility with the right foods -- and  Chai Latte.  Mood swings have subsided, but concern sets in. What will I do without the structure and delicious superfoods I have grown accustomed to loving? I savor my final evening broth thinking about how the reset is dedicated to your body, but it greatly affects your mind. When you step back and get grounded -- I believe it’s from not having to worry about what you are eating for five days, but also what you are eating for the five days -- you get a fresh perspective and can start anew.

When you step back and get grounded -- I believe it’s from not having to worry about what you are eating for five days, but also what you are eating for the five days -- you get a fresh perspective and can start anew.

Post Reset:

I immediately miss Kroma. I am free to eat what I wish yet, unlike previous cleanses, I’m not starving or eager to run out for the coffees (or snacks) I did not indulge in throughout the week. By 4pm, I am logged onto purchasing “Daily Essentials” -- Super Porridge, OMG Cookie Butter, Bone Broth, Veggie Broth with Miso -- I don’t want to live without. Kroma Wellness anticipated this, as they offer nearly all of the reset food for ala carte purchasing.

You can take my word for it, or the legions of others -- from Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Seinfeld to our own TQE founder Lauren Kleinman, all of whom were beta testers. There is no other reset with a stronger commitment to nourishment over starvation. There’s no better feeling than being less bloated, freeing yourself from the noose of the 3pm slump and finally sourcing energy from natural foods rather than preservatives and caffeine. 

While I plan to enjoy the Daily Essentials year-round, I take heed of Lisa’s advice for returning to the reset. “Because the program is customizable and focuses on nourishment over starvation, it is designed such that you could do it as often as you want.  I recommend at least quarterly although I think once a month is a great way to keep on track and reset your metabolism.” I can’t wait.

5 More Reasons To Love Kroma:

  • Kroma Wellness is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle shift. The brand is in it for the long-game, providing the nutrient dense superfoods you need to stay on course.
  • With non-perishable sachets and jars, busy schedules (or travel, when that becomes a thing again!) won’t keep you from enjoying Kroma products.
  • Supernutrients that are challenging to work into our diets, including MCT oil, ashwaganda, turmeric, and L-theanine, are included in all sachets.
  • There’s flexibility within the Kroma reset, from the dairy-free selection for your lattes to using discretion about adding whole foods, fish, and chicken to your meals.
  • After the five-day reset, cravings for junk foods are replaced with an appetite for nutritious foods that fulfill you.

Experience this dynamic reset for yourself! Don’t let another week go by without trying Kroma. Use THEQUALITYEDIT10 for 10% off your next purchase.

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