If Looks Could Kill: The Killing Eve Style Guide

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A spy and a killer play a game of cat and mouse – on paper, it doesn't exactly scream Italian Vogue. But Killing Eve is not your average detective thriller, and Eve and Villanelle are not your average leading ladies. As star-crossed lovers with knives behind their back, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer have kept us on our toes since the moment that pilot dropped with their wily schemes, acerbic one-liners, and yes, truly iconic lewks

There are plenty of odes to the show's costuming online already, but we felt we could share some insight into how to recreate the show's most memorable outfits for yourselves. An eclectic mix of everything from DTC to designer, this murderer's row of fashion moments has a little something for everyone, whether or not you're chasing your old flame across the back alleys of Europe. 

VILLANELLE: The Final Boss of Femme Fatales

Credit: Killing Eve and Confete

I know what you're thinking. "Wait… the Killing Eve style guide doesn't start with Eve?" And no, it does not, for the simple reason that Eve did not wear The Pink Dress. There is no single outfit across three seasons that comes even close to matching this unforgettable Villanelle moment for sheer impact. Jaws hit the ground so hard it's a wonder any of us recovered. 

This look brought tulle back into the fashion spotlight with shockwaves that are still rippling, with the original Molly Godard dress selling out within days of its premiere. Lucky for us, Confete makes the next best thing: the Chloe Pink Tulle High-Low Maxi Dress ($325), which captures the same audacious whimsy that makes Villanelle so irresistible. 

Credit: Killing Eve
Credit: Gentleherd and Raey

As an international assassin, Queen V has to blend into her surroundings (while still putting everyone else's clothes to shame, of course). No cosplay was more memorable than her Season 2 trip to Oxford, where she dazzled in a preppy ensemble that brought the runway straight to grad school. Purists will delight to hear that I tracked down her exact chinos from Raey ($277), but this cable knit sweater from Gentleherd ($125) makes for a damn convincing dupe too. So go ahead! Grab 'em both and swing by a college campus to threaten your detective lover's husband!

Credut: Killing Eve and Olivia Van Halle

When I'm at home, I'm usually in a T-shirt and sweats. When Villanelle's at home, she's in the Queenie Rora Robe by Olivia Van Halle ($1,125). This one's also an exact match, with silk and satin that are so stunningly soft you'll think you're in a Parisian pied-a-terre too. 

EVE: An Antihero for the Ages

Credit: Killing Eve and Cuyana

Ah, London. If there's one thing you can count on there, it's the rain. Which explains why Eve spends a solid 60% of her time on screen in her signature blue raincoat, ready to handle the elements if not the twists and turns of every case. Cuyana's Pleat Back Anorak ($298) is chic enough to be everyday wear too, with a roomy hood and waterproof cotton that transcends the average crinkly windbreaker. It's got me wanting to leave LA and follow the rain clouds.

Credit: Killing Eve and Proenza Shouler

Eve and Villanelle's mutual obsession plays out in stolen glances and vicious stabbings (hey, love hurts sometimes), but it also plays out in fashion – like when V gifted Eve this flashy black-and-white number to wear and think of her. While it's hard to recreate the exact pattern, Proenza Schouler has a midi dress with a similar halter neck and color blocking around the waist. And with a 70% off price of $327, it's a run-don't-walk situation.

Credit: Killing Eve and Karen Millen

Look, I gave her some flack for living in that blue raincoat, but Eve knows her color! And the lady can turn it out in some cocktail wear when she needs to, like in this strappy sapphire number that had her turning heads at Niko's school. To grab the real thing for yourself, visit Karen Millen, where this strap and bar dress is also on sale (20% off, $240.) And we all deserve a true blue stunner.

KONSTANTIN: From Russia With Love

Credit: Killing Eve
Credit: Moschino and River Island

The most terrifying Russian man this side of a figure skating coach, Konstantin's looks are also terrifyingly on point sometimes. While his chaotic black and white printed shirt is one-of-a-kind, it instantly gave me Moschino vibes, and sure enough the brand’s Ransom Note Print Shirt ($299.97) will layer just as nicely under a simple River Island black short-sleeve ($52). Leave it to a Siberian to understand the importance of layering up.

Credit: Killing Eve and Saturdays

Konstantin loves a big plaid almost as much as he loves cold-blooded revenge. I'm with him on the plaid front (not the other one, I promise), so I searched high and low to find something with a pattern the same scale. My favorite is Saturdays' Marco plaid flannel ($175), with a nice gradual ombre that brings this Soviet staple to mind. 

CAROLYN: Bow Down, B*tches

Credit: Killing Eve and Aggi

If Webster's Dictionary had an entry for "statement coat," there would be a big ol' picture of Carolyn Martens next to it. As the head of the Russian Desk at MI6, Carolyn commands every room she's in with icy calm, all while bundled up in cowl necks and floor-length prints. For a similarly dramatic black-and-white statement piece, try Aggi's Maxine monochrome coat ($1,223). It leans a little more Matrix, but with a flair that gets the Martens seal of approval.

DASHA: The Silver-Haired Serpent

Credit: Killing Eve and Straight To Hell

Dasha Duzran ushered Villanelle into the world of contract killing as a mentor, and as such she knows a thing or two about turning a look as well. Our favorite moment of hers is unquestionably her namesake gold bowling jacket, and the Boogie from Straight to Hell ($150) is just as cool, with reversible green and copper options. If you choose to embroider your name on it, be our guest. Might as well let them know who they're dealing with.

NIKO: Holding Down the Fort

Credit: Killing Eve and Everland

You know what they say: birds of a feather flock together. And jacket-loving Eve found herself a match in husband Niko, who has to be physically sewn into this green outer layer considering how much he wears that thing. Not going to lie though, I relate, since I've got the dead ringer heavyweight overshirt from Everlane too ($88) and it's become my old faithful. There's just something about heathered green…

ELENA: Cooler Heads Prevail

Credit: Killing Eve
Credit: The Shirt and Stone and Strand

Last but not least we've got our girl Elena, perhaps the most relatable character on the show for deciding "you know what, maybe I'd rather bail on this investigation that keeps endangering my life." If her preference for safety has led to less screen time, though, she still remains memorable for her sharp, colorful officewear. If you're looking to get your hands on that same shade of coral, try the Signature Shirt ($105) from The Shirt, with Stone and Strand's Tiny Dot Necklace ($165) for good measure. When you look this good, you've got to keep out of the crosshairs!

So there you have it: TQE's very own guide to how to bring some Killing Eve cool into your life, and into your closet. After the wall-to-wall fashion of it all that Seasons 1-3 brought us every week, we couldn't be happier to have ten more episodes of style to savor. And with Season 4 bringing the show to a close, we know Eve and company will go out with the most glamorous of swan songs.

So buckle up, and consider keeping Urgent Care on speed dial during that finale. Villanelle always saves her best for last.

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