Bada Bing: Sopranos Street Style From All Your Fave Characters

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Forgive me father for I have sinned: I only just started watching The Sopranos, like, a month ago. Before you get mad, know that I’ve already gotten my fair share of eye rolls and honestly, at this point, whadayagunnado?  I’ve been ZOOMing through because a) it’s a work of art and b) well, there’s not much else to do these days. 

It’s always weird watching a show late. I started Game of Thrones after the series finale, and at that point, everyone was so frustrated by the ending that they refused to engage with me about it. Plus, all of the memes that I didn’t understand for years had suddenly disappeared—I had missed any chance of online reminiscing with the masses. I was worried the same was going to happen with The Sopranos until one night all of us at The Quality Edit simultaneously signed off Slack with “ok gtg—Sopranos time.” It was a dream come true—there were friends out there willing to talk to me about a show that ended in...2007. 

What I still longed for was the online Sopranos community that I missed out on with GoT; a place to turn to when I needed a little Mafioso fix. Boy did I find one in @sopranosstyle. It’s no secret that the costume design on The Sopranos is MAGNIFICENT. Costume designer Juliet Polca took  great care ensuring the characters’ outfits were not stereotypical, but instead nuanced and filled with personality. She nailed it. From Christopher’s tracksuits to Carmella’s pantsuits—we want it all. Assuming you do too, here are the best Sopranos looks that you can steal today. 


It’d be downright disrespectful if we didn’t start with The Boss. Tony is a master of staying stylish without compromising on comfort—the guy takes life or death business meetings in his robe, for god’s sake.


We love this best-selling Bonobos shirt. Made of 100% cotton, the brand is always coming out with new patterns for their Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt, so you’re destined to find one you like. Our personal favorite is “Yellow Palm Party,” which pretty closely resembles the bamboo shirt Tony wore on the Season 1 finale.


Mock necks are a wardrobe staple of mine, so seeing Tony rock this beige ᄒ sleeve shirt with a Coca-Cola in hand made my day. When considering where to find a similar piece today, I immediately thought of COS. In the same way that Tony’s shirt has mesh stripe detailing on an otherwise understated, classic piece, COS is the best at adding small notes of play to chic and muted pieces. Made with cotton jersey, it’s a contemporary nod to vintage sportswear, making it the perfect counterpart to Tony’s velour tracksuits.


Carmela definitely has stiff competition when it comes to First Lady fashion—Michelle Obama and Jackie O are absolutely iconic -- but then is freaking Carm. How she manages to look so put together every morning is beyond us, but here are some looks that might just get us there.


I, for one, screamed when I saw this top on Carmela. Chic, with slight elements of glam and a great ribbed texture. This Musier halter top is almost a carbon copy, with its pastel color and pearl strap detailing. If this doesn’t make you feel like a Boss, I don’t know what will.


One of my favorite scenes of all time is when Carmela psychoanalyzes the hell out of Father Phil after their scandalous sleepover. That night, she wears an elegant robe that we’ve been scouring the Internet for. Highly recommended by both Goop and The New York Times, we stumbled upon Lunya’s robe and knew we found what we were looking for. Made of cotton and modal, the robe gives you plenty of shape, while the attached belt and interior tie give you enough protection to keep things innocent.

Billie the Label

This brand nails “effortless yet elevated staples” as well as Carmela nails “mob wife yet devoted Catholic.” Billie the Label’s slim-fit suit in “Sky” is not only a carbon copy of Carmela’s blue suit, but it also comes with decorative front pockets and shoulder pads for a perfect fit with a modern twist.


When you think Sopranos style, you think Adrianna. Our jaws quite literally drop every time she comes on screen—she’s a fashion icon to the nth degree and we’d do anything to have her entire closet (especially those size 10 Jimmy Choo’s Pauly confiscated). 

Holiday the Label

Adrianna isn’t afraid of animal prints, and neither are we. Holiday the Label has been hit with a wave of fame these days after Gigi Hadid bared her pregnant stomach on an IG Live wearing their green checkered pajamas. We’re big fans of their bold patterns and flattering fits, so this snakeskin pant does not disappoint.

Rat and Boa 

Ok not to brag, but this may be the best find yet. This Rat and Boa dress screams Adrianna, with its semi-sheer silk, cowl neckline, and open back. To be honest with you all (I always am), I’d never heard of Rat and Boa before this, but I definitely like what I see...

Alo Yoga

Can you imagine wearing that much jewelry to a tennis lesson? This bra from Alo Yoga is fittingly called “Wild Thing Bra” and is as close to Adrianna’s as you’re going to get. We’re big fans of Alo’s mission to inspire mindful movement, and their soft, breathable yoga clothing definitely lives up to the hype.


It’s hard to look at Adrianna without hearing her say “Christafa” in a thick Jersey accent, so naturally—let’s move on to Mr. Moltisanti. In our opinion, Christopher paved the way for the men’s streetwear of today. His bucket hats, tracksuits, and Matrix-style sunglasses remind me of every guy I’ve ever seen in NYC.


We love Boast’s warm-up tracksuit. According to their website, the suit is “inspired by Rebels and Icons who dominated the courts and culture in the 1970s.” Sure, they’re a couple of decades too early (Sopranos is set in the 90s and early 2000s), but the rebel part works.


Dr. Melfi may not seem like the show’s most stylish character at first glance, but we love her understated suits and pointed toe heels. Give the woman some credit—she manages to maintain professionalism with Tony Soprano and looks good doing it.

Warby Parker

After we finished Season 1,  I Google searched “Dr. Melfi glasses” hoping that her frameless look would just fall into my lap. When that didn’t work, I did what any good millennial does and headed to Warby Parker. These Brookner glasses are pretty darn close to Dr. Melfi’s, and yes, I did add them to cart.



Meadow’s closet is a 90’s teen dream. With her layered shirts and flared denim, she’s basically a walking Brandy Melville. Her wardrobe does start to mature as she ages, but always maintains a very 90s, borderline grunge aesthetic. UNIF is my one-stop shop for clothing when I’m feeling a little emo, so if you’re channeling Meadow in style and in spirit, check ‘em out.


You can’t write about The Sopranos without writing about these four.


Tombolo's office dress code is apparently “mustachioed sleazeball chic,” which feels incredibly fitting when talking about these four (except maybe Hesh… no shade though, we love them all). All of their shirts are unisex and feature original artwork on them; plus, the brand is including a matching mask with each purchase to keep you safe and swaggy. 

Now that you have The Sopranos dress code cheat sheet in hand, we highly suggest whipping up a piping hot bowl of pasta fazool, turning on your best Jersey accent, and binging the whole season in your tracksuit. Enjoy.

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