Woe or Whoah? The Wednesday Style Guide

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Released in late November 2022, Wednesday on Netflix—a revival of the iconic Addams Family franchise—captivated over 182 million households within days of its release. Delightfully dark and campy, this modern boarding school story combines a coming-of-age narrative with a paranormal mystery (and some dry humor to boot). And the announcement’s in: it’s just been renewed for a second season.

Nevermore Academy introduced us to werewolves, sirens, gorgons, and other creepy-crawlies. Most impeccably, we experience the black-and-white worldview of a one Wednesday Addams, who pulls no punches as she untangles a series of mysterious murders amidst a bigoted small town and misplaced affections—and looks good doing it.

The wardrobe of the show is rife with trends. Some characters align with a trend called whimsigothic, a trend popularized by TikTok in 2022 channeling a dark twist on cottagecore. Think Stevie Nicks and Phoebe Buffay—velvets, lace brocade, dark floral, batwings. Wednesday channels an adjacent vibe, more blunt than soft, in a way more befitting of dark academia. As for Enid: dopamine dressing to a tee.

In the wake of Jenna Ortega’s stunning interpretation of our twisted main character, many are seeking a similarly haunted style. Read on for the best ways to channel the looks from some favorite direct-to-consumer brands.


As mentioned, Wednesday’s look is blunt, gothic, and highly symmetrical. She’s impressively neat and put-together, allowing nobody to peel back her layers or crack her exterior shell. Although she warms up to other characters throughout the series, she rarely seems relaxed. Everything’s black and white, of course, including her specially-permitted uniform school blazer.

She’ll need a sturdy yet polished pair of structural Vagabond black loafers ($180), ideal for heading from class out into the woods to go monster-hunting. VICTORIA Black Leather ($134) for the weekend. Everything from her blazer to her lunchbox must embody her aesthetic, so she’d love this Modern Picnic black backpack ($210), ideal for storing…grave-digging supplies. She did force herself into a lacy black dress for the school dance (and um, that dance floor scene) so here’s an Anthropologie dress (rented) or Sofia the Label pick ($430) that fit the vintage LBD vibe.



Line + Dot



Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s mother, has a style that’s more sweeping and sensual. While she doesn’t dress for men in the traditional sense, her all-consuming love for her husband definitely dominates her wardrobe choices. Body-hugging, floor-sweeping gowns accentuate her dark hair and romantic features, although she sticks to a similar color scheme as her daughter. The overall effect is regal and striking.

For her, we’ll pick a striking Katie May gown with billowing black sleeves ($595). She might accessorize with this Lace by Jenny Wu 3d-printed necklace ($294) for some visual interest. While she’d never go short on the dress, this Elliat fringe number ($313) would be good company if she did. Can’t put a price on va va voom.



Camilyn Beth

Fame and Partners


Finally, some color! Enid is the vibrant counterpoint to Wednesday. She’s unaffected by her roommate’s frigid, abrupt demeanor. She’s immediately bubbly and welcoming.

Girlfriend also runs a thriving social media empire, so she channels the ethos of influencer outfits. To put it another way, Valentine’s Day is totally her favorite holiday.
Needless to say, she needs a Vero Moda pink teddy coat ($70). She’d swoon over a butterfly-patterned maxi dress from Fanm Mon ($399). And a bright pink printed turtleneck (rented)? Say no more. She’d go a bit feral for anything fur-lined (must be faux) so this showstopper Show Me Your Mumu cardigan ($148) would be right up her alley.


Happy Sheep

Jayley Collection



Bianca’s less straightforward in terms of dress and style. Set up as an initial antagonist—the gorgeous, alluring siren who unapologetically commands Nevermore Academy—her beauty is complicated by her imperfect control over her siren persuasion. A.K.A. she’s never really sure if someone drifts towards her for who she is or the supernatural undercurrent to her presence. Although she dresses to entice, she remains aware that her siren qualities mean any attraction will never feel wholly authentic.

On nights she does allow herself to let loose, like the infamous school dance, she’ll still be a sight to behold—and she dresses in accordance with the water, in blues, greens, and metallics that pay homage to the source of her power. For a mermaid dress? Saylor’s the name of the game, like this glittery turquoise Merilyn Dress for $143. Or this electric blue darling ($103) from Ghospell. Because of her piercing eye color, Bianca often rocks a vibrant metallic eye, so this palette ($48) from indigenous-founded Prados Beauty would be a one-stop shop for any occasion.



Prados Beauty



Despite having no dialogue or face, Thing is an expressive member of the crew—and often assists with their antics. As such, Thing requires upkeep, and enjoys bonding activities like massages and manicures. Shop the below for the ultimate in hand-pampering.

Oh, and it’s difficult to think of an item that embodies Thing’s essence more than this intriguing candle collaboration between domestic sweetheart Martha Stewart and punk water brand Liquid Death: maternal yet macabre. Thing would also love a mini nail polish flight ($44), a nourishing hand cream ($24), and a witchy ring ($68).


Dazzle Dry


Spitfire Girl

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