Have You Met The Internet’s Favorite Bedding?

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Anyone that knows me knows I love to sleep. And, I spend a lot of time in my bed. I consider napping a pastime and my bedroom a sanctuary of sorts. I’m also a Cancer, the homebody of the zodiac, and love having a space that feels like a cozy, cuddly haven. So, when I moved across the country this past fall, I knew creating the perfect bed setup would be the first step to creating my refuge in a new city. 

My base starts with a Leesa mattress. It’s my personal tried-and-true, with three layers of different foams that provide cloud-like softness and medium-firm support. But, we’re not here to talk about my favorite mattress – we’re here to talk about what’s on top of it: Brooklinen’s best-selling sheets. 

The Internet’s Favorite Sheets

As a self-proclaimed sleep snob, I know the power of good bed sheets. Great bedding doesn’t just feel amazing to the touch, but it can help you fall asleep comfortably and stay asleep too. It can also be expensive. Like, really really expensive. And while I’m willing to splurge on the promise of a great night’s sleep, I wasn’t ready to spend an arm and a leg on my sleep situation.

Brooklinen is the goldilocks of bedding brands: simple bedding essentials that are thoughtful, high-quality, and priced fairly. Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo Richard and Vicki Fulop launched Brooklinen on Kickstarter back in 2014 and quickly became an internet favorite – for good reason. Brooklinen’s mission of bringing amazing, affordable sheets to the masses has resonated, and continues to resonate, with a lot of people. To date, Brooklinen has over 100,000 five-star reviews from happy customers. Brooklinen was kind enough to send me their Luxe Sateen (from $58.50) and Washed Linen (from $89) sheets. Let’s get into the brand’s 100,001 five-star review… 

Bedtime With Brooklinen 

The 480 thread count Luxe Sateen Sheets are a Brooklinen best-seller, and after sleeping on them I can see why. They’re made out of 100% long-staple cotton with a sateen weave. To get into some technicalities, a long-staple cotton fiber is physically longer than its short-staple counterparts. This makes the fibers stronger and more durable. Sateen is the method by which the cotton is woven. The fibers are woven tightly, so the sheets feel slightly heavier and much softer than your average cotton sheet. On top of that, the weave gives the sheets a sleek, lustrous finish which brings just the slightest bit of shine to your bed spread. 

THIS is where I would like to wake up in the morning.
Credit: Brooklinen

My first night snuggled up in my Luxe Hardcore Bundle (which includes 1 duvet cover, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 4 pillowcases for $240) was nothing short of bliss. Like the name claims, this set of sheets just feel luxurious. As I wrapped up, tossing and turning trying to find the perfect sleeping position, I couldn’t help but revel in the silky-smoothness of the sheets around me. The sateen bedding looks and feels so lightweight, but it’s surprisingly warm, perfect for winter nights. Note for all those who sleep hot: you may find these to be a bit too warm, but luckily Brooklinen has plenty of other fabric options. 

Linen For The Win

While I love sleeping on the Luxe Sateen Sheets, in my opinion Brooklinen’s real sleeper hit is the Washed Linen. I had been eyeing linen sheets for a while – I love their casual, lived-in look – but I was hesitant to take the plunge as I’ve never slept on them before. I’ve worn plenty of linen clothing, which I often find to be itchy and stiff. But, I’ll admit I was wrong to judge before trying because these sheets are on a different level. 

The effortlessly cool look of Washed Linen.
Credit: Brooklinen

Brooklinen’s Linen Core Sheet Set (from $199) is everything you want in bedding: lightweight, cooling, breathable, and the kind of soft that just gets better with time. Somehow the sheets keep you warm, while making sure you don’t get too warm and overheat, making these perfect for those who sleep hot. All of Brooklinen’s linens are stonewashed for that worn-in look and feel so many of us love. Practically speaking, the process makes the sheets just feel softer to the touch. 

The barely-there, airy fabric has an amazing drape to it. It’s cool to the touch and somehow always has that freshly-shaved-legs-on-freshly-washed sheets feeling, even if you haven’t done either of those things in a while. I personally find flat sheets pretty irrelevant and usually leave them out when it comes time to make my bed. But, this linen iteration has a permanent spot in my rotation now. I guess I’m just making up for all that lost time when I didn’t know to use linen sheets. 

The only con: linen sheets shed. This is a totally normal part of linen’s life cycle, but it can be annoying to clean up. But, according to my Google deep dives on how to deal with this, the shedding should slow down while the fabric becomes softer over time. 

Time To Go To Bed 

Bedtime goals.
Credit: @bernardthebt

It’s getting late and I’m writing this to you cuddled in the lightweight, airy dream that is Brooklinen’s Washed Linen sheets. Before I go, here are some parting thoughts. The Luxe Sateen is the everyman of bedding. It’s buttery-soft, breathable, and likely to appeal to just about everyone (sans super hot sleepers). The sheets are great all year round, serving you well during all temperatures and in all climates. And, they just keep getting better with time. Linen is great for those who sleep hot, as it provides lots of breathability and helps keep you cool through the night. It does a good job of retaining heat, but if you want to be wrapped in a plush, fluffy type of warmth, these may not be the right fit for you. 

Luckily, Brooklinen has plenty of other fabric options to choose from if neither of these sound like your cup of tea. While I haven’t tried them myself, the Heathered Cashmere, Brushed Flannel, and Classic Percale sheets all come highly-recommended by Brooklinen’s loyal fanbase. And, knowing Brooklinen, they’re going to be good.

Five more reasons to love Brooklinen: 

1. Safe for skin: Brooklinen’s products are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they’ve been tested to ensure they’re free of toxins and safe for your skin. 

2. Bundle & save: Access pricing is one of Brooklinen’s promises, and they deliver, especially when you buy a bundle. Bedding bundles (which include multiple different sheets and pillowcases, depending on which bundle you choose) are discounted up to 25%.

3. Timeless > trendy:  Trends come and go, which is why I love Brooklinen’s quality sheets and timeless designs. I know these simple pieces will last me years, and multiple trend cycles, because they truly go with everything.

4. The whole package: Brooklinen has way more than just bedding. If you love the feel of their materials, try sleeping in their loungewear or adding some of their plush towels to your bathroom.  If you want more Brooklinen in your bedroom check out their decor, candles, and furniture. 

5. Interior design inspiration: If you need some help on how to style your new pieces, Brooklinen Spaces offers plenty of design inspo. Even if it’s not really your style, it’s a great starting point for getting some fresh design ideas. 

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