Cancer Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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Rejoice: Cancer season is here. I’m partial to this sensitive Water sign, and not just because my best friend and mother are both Cancers. If you’re lucky enough to have a Cancer in your life, you know just how deserving they are of pampering and gifting for their birthday month. While Cancers can often have a protective shell (like their representative animal, the crab), it only takes a little time and care to reveal their gentle, nurturing center.

As the sign that most easily steps into a caregiving role, Cancers give so much of themselves to take care of others -- often to a detriment. Give them the love they so freely give to others for their birthday with the help of our expertly curated gift guide.

Brightland: DIGESTIF Candle

Credit: Brightland

Cancers tend to be major homemakers -- meaning they love to cook, light a cozy candle, and generally nest. As such, gift them Brightland’s DIGESTIF candle, designed specifically for the kitchen. For burning while cooking and to diffuse any post-meal aromas, DIGESTIF sits at the intersection of sophisticated and homey. With notes of vetiver, neroli, and black pepper, DIGESTIF is made from Brightland Olive Oil -- the perfect gift for a Cancer who enjoys the finer foodie things in life.

Staff: The Hanger

Credit: Staff

Again, Cancers love to make their homes feel like luxurious, pristine havens (this will be a recurring theme of our Cancer gift guide). Gift your favorite crab a colorful set of acrylic hangers (with golden hooks) from one of our favorite new DTC brands, Staff, to elevate their closet organization game, and to remind them of just how valuable they are to you.

Honey Mama’s: Variety Assortment

Credit: @honeymamas

The Cancer in your life deserves a little indulgence -- and isn’t one to turn down a nourishing and delicious chocolate treat. Might we suggest Honey Mama’s 9-pack of decadent, organic, and non-GMO chocolate bars? These things are seriously addictive, and with only five nutrient-rich ingredients, the Cancer you love -- who’s likely to also be mindful of health, wellness, and self-care -- will be grateful for such a quality indulgence they might not ordinarily purchase for themself. (Confirmed by firsthand experience: I bring Honey Mama’s in bulk to my mom, who’s a Cancer through-and-through, every time I visit. And yes, I’m the favorite child because of it!)

Nucifera: The Balm

Often taking care of everyone around them, Cancers deserve some extra TLC for their birthday month. The Cancer you love is likely to prefer a simple, natural, and soothing beauty ritual. Check all the boxes with Nucifera’s The Balm, a wonderfully multi-purpose moisturizing skin salve made with simple, whole ingredients and earthy essential oils that will teleport your Cancer to a spa getaway, even if they’re still pampering-from-home.

SIJO: French Linen Bundle

Cancers love (and deserve) to be wrapped in luxury and comfort. Good quality rest and relaxation are the best gifts you can share with this caregiving sign. While you can’t necessarily buy a restorative reset, you can get pretty close with 100% French Flax linen sheets from a TQE favorite, SIJO.

maude: tub kit

Credit: maude

Yes, we’re continuing with the theme of pampering for your homebody! Get this water sign right where they’ll feel most nurtured for their birth month: in a nice, long bubble bath. maude’s tub kit, which features the brand’s best-selling soak bath salts in a grounding cedar and amber scent along with their coconut milk bath, is sure to nourish and soothe the Cancer you love.

Our Place: Fully Prepped Bundle

Raise the bar for a Cancer you’d like to truly spoil: gift them the new Fully Prepped Bundle from Our Place. The cult-favorite brand has just released a Knife Trio, featuring an Everyday Chef’s Knife, Serrated Slicing Knife, and Precise Paring Knife. With this bundle, your Cancer will get the Trio, along with a gorgeous cutting board -- ideal for both dicing and serving. You’ll satisfy their love for domesticity and impeccable aesthetic taste, all in one stunning package.

Noémie: Gold Zodiac Necklace

Credit: @hello_noemie

For a Cancer you really adore, you’ll need to splurge on the ultimate investment piece: an 18k gold zodiac necklace from our new favorite DTC fine jewelry brand, Noémie. Not only is this a stunning piece that looks beautiful layered or on its own, but it’s also made with conflict-free diamonds -- perfect for a Cancer who values timeless style and ethical, high-quality objects.

Get to shopping -- and check back here next month for our complete guide to gifting a Leo.

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