Launch Digest: Battle Of The (Celebrity) Brands

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Welcome to another edition of Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. This week, we’re looking at plenty of the usual suspects — beverages, celebrity-founded brands that definitely don’t need to exist, and beautiful new cookware — along with first-of-its-kind supercharged skincare, everyone’s favorite olive oil made more delicious for autumn, and an unlikely collaboration that gives new meaning to the concept of a happy meal. It’s a big week – let’s get right to it.

Always On My Mind: The Beverage Digest

Credit: Maie Wines and Perfy

Another week, another slew of new beverages. Last week, a new wine brand launched. Instead of going the canned route, Maie Wines delivers single-serve bottles of a bright Rosé, dry Sauvignon Blanc, and light-bodied Pinot Noir (from $35) straight to your door. I’m more of a - pick up a bottle from your local wine shop and enjoy the whole thing with plenty of good company - type of girl, but Maie is pitching itself as a vehicle for minimizing waste (everyone can drink what they want, and you don’t have to deal with unfinished bottles, or friends drinking a wine they don’t love). Let us know if you give Maie a try at your next dinner party or picnic.

Perfy also just launched its latest flavor, Dr. Perfy ($35.99), which makes it the first soda brand to use an NFT on its can design. Call me crazy, but I don’t necessarily NEED an NFT on my soda can. I’m not dying for Web3 to infiltrate my carbonated beverage. I’m more interested in these ingredients, which use blueberries, marion blackberries, and pear juices to recreate a nostalgic flavor with none of the chemicals. And yeah, it’s got Ashwagandha and L-Theanine – because you can’t really make an alternative beverage in 2022 without an adaptogen or nootropic involved, right?

Moon Juice Does Its Thing: Innovative Skincare That (G PACK)s A Punch, $58

Credit: Moon Juice

While Moon Juice made its name on adaptogenic powders and potions that supercharge your well-being from the inside out, founder Amanda Chantal Bacon has been tinkering away at transformational, potent skincare for the last few years. The brand has launched several cult-favorite acids and creams that target whole-body radiance (I’ve used the Acid Potion religiously for years), and it just introduced its latest – and potentially most innovative – item yet. G Pack, the first ever 50% Vitamin C and Glutathione antioxidant formula, combines 50% Vitamin C, 10% Glutathione, and 3% Ferulic Acid in a potent powder that dissolves in serums, creams, and water. This little vial of powder supports your skin’s natural collagen and elasticity, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, brightens dark spots, and protects against damage from environmental toxins – even blue light. Amanda Chantal Bacon has done it again. Your move, Gwyneth.

A (Very) Happy Meal: Everything Goes Your OUAI At Monty’s, $25

For our LA-based readers, plant-based burger spot Monty’s Good Burger has teamed up with haircare brand OUAI to debut the Get-It-Your-OUAI Meal, featuring your choice of Monty’s cult-favorite burgers, tenders, fries, and tots, along with the new Life’s OUAI S’more Fun Shake, all for $25. You’ll also get a surprise OUAI Toy with your uber-happy meal – spoiler alert, it’s a gorgeous hair clip – and you can pick up a limited edition, very soft crewneck sweatshirt (until it sells out, at least). Even better? (Yes, it gets even better than a vegan milkshake and a chic hair clip.) $1 of every shake purchased will go to LA Animal Services. Good food, great hair, awesome cause. That’s a very happy meal.

Brightland Brightens Up Your Autumnal Pantry Situation, $40

Credit: Victoria Morris

Brightland just dropped its most-requested oil: AURORA, a rosemary-infused olive oil brimming with woodsy notes of evergreen, sage, and pine, ideal for all of your fall roasting needs. I’m talking potatoes, chicken, soups, and yeah, even a white bean dip – add to cart, and let your culinary imagination run wild.

Loisa Introduces Gorgeous Kitchenware – Perfectly Timed To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, from $25

Credit: Loisa

Latinx-owned spice brand Loisa – the makers of our favorite flavor-packed pantry essentials – just introduced a new product line dedicated to celebrating Latin culture and encouraging culturally connected cooking experiences. Earlier this month, the brand launched a cookware collection, featuring a Tostonera ($40), Mortar & Pestle ($40), Skimmer ($20), and Masher ($25). Whether you’re crushing and mixing spices, mashing plantains, or frying tostones, Loisa’s beautiful kitchenware has got you covered. 

Kate Moss Launches Skincare Line, So You Can Now Look Exactly Like This Model Who Is Just Like You, Aside From Her Genetic Predisposition Towards Aesthetic Perfection And Access To Expensive Anti-Aging Solutions, from $20

Is there much more to say, beyond that headline? Kate Moss has launched Cosmoss, a six-piece collection of luxury items from tea to fragrance described on its (admittedly, beautiful) website as: “self-care created for life’s modern journeys to make them beautiful, mesmerising and magical.” What does this mean, exactly? If you buy the Golden Nectar CBD collagen oil for just over $100, maybe you’ll understand. I’m much more compelled by Moss’s profile with Vogue to promote Cossmoss than the brand itself, which is entirely unhinged and opens with a description of her home involving “untamed English roses along the stables,” “a silver 1970 Rolls-Royce Shadow II parked in the driveway,” and “two life-size skeletons arranged in a compromising position on the stone floor.”

Brad Pitt, Not One To Be Outdone By Gigi Hadid Or Kate Moss, Launches A Cashmere Label AND A Skincare Brand

Credit: Gabin Riviore and Le Domaine

Last week, we clocked Gigi Hadid’s new cashmere brand, Guest In Residence. (And yes, in the past week, I’ve spent too much time flirting with that add-to-cart button.) Since then, it’s come to my attention that Brad Pitt has also been dabbling in the cashmere game, with “God’s True Cashmere,” which he co-founded with friend Sat Hari (jewelry designer and holistic healer, a natural combination of professions). It’s been around since 2020, but is getting some new attention for its launch in Selfridges this month. The two have told press that the idea for the brand came to them in a dream. No notes.

Brad also just launched Le Domaine, his new genderless skincare line made with the Perrin family (whom he partners with on his Rosé). The products are crafted with materials grown on the land at Miraval, Pitt’s own property and vineyard that he bought with ex Angelina Jolie. Still following the long chain of Brad Pitt’s brands and land? The line itself is a convoluted pitch of wine-meets-science-meets-skincare, which reminds me of a celebrity-ified version of Vintner’s Daughter. Let’s just leave it to the experts and get the real deal, performance-driven situation from VD, no? 

The one good thing that has come from this launch? Pitt is now quoted as saying: “I love what Gwyneth's done [with Goop].”

I’ll be back next week with a new set of launches in the DTC universe. Email me directly – – with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit.

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