Launch Digest: Adaptogens, Nootropics, and Oat Milk Couture -- Oh My

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This week’s unexpected theme? DTC food, snack, beverage, and adaptogenic concoction news. My inbox was inundated with launches  related to (or directly pertaining to) things you can eat, sip, make yourself, read about making yourself, and even wear (to signify your association with a DTC food + beverage brand). Read on to be the most informed snacker in the game...

For Alchemizing Your Kitchen: The Moon Juice Manual, $25

Credit: Moon Juice

It’s no secret that I’m a Moon Juice / Amanda Chantal Bacon super-fan. (I’ve certainly mentioned my adoration in past Launch Digests.) Yes, I already own and regularly reference the Moon Juice Cookbook -- and yes, I pre-ordered the sequel earlier this month, which just officially published this week. The Moon Juice Manual is described as “a practical and yummy field guide to cooking and healing with adaptogens.”  

With this second book, it seems that Chantal Bacon is raising the bar for a new kind of comfort food -- one that embodies the literal idea of “feel good” cooking, infusing any treat you can imagine with adaptogens in a manner that’s approachable, fun, and transformative. I think everything the woman does is brilliant, and I’m drooling over the hints at recipes that have already been teased via Instagram -- like ice cream drizzled with Shilajit-spiked chocolate, or cookies laced with mucuna and mushrooms. Sign yourself up (I’m already in). 

*Super-fan side note: while the original Cookbook is no longer available on the Moon Juice site, you can procure a pre-owned copy via the magic of a google search term

The Super-Sustenance Continues: Golde Restocks Its Best-Selling Super-Ades, from $15

Credit: Golde

After selling out less than one hour after launch, Golde has restocked its best-selling Super-Ades -- and they’re on sale for a very limited time (if you’re reading this, it’s hopefully NOT too late). From October 22 - 25, get $10 off all Super-Ade kits, and check out the brand new multi-pack options. Sip on Skin Hydration, Debloat, and Destress -- all via delicious powders that mix real superfoods and active ingredients easily in water. 

To Raise Baby Wellness Gurus: SEED Publishes A Children’s Book, $19.95

Credit: Seed

In other literary news, our favorite DTC microbiome brand Seed launched A Kids Book About Your Microbiome -- which is exactly what its title implies. Created to teach children about the trillions of microbes that keep them healthy, the book is a perfect introduction to just how impactful the microbiome is on human health. (And you, an adult, might also glean some valuable knowledge from our review of Seed’s Daily Synbiotic, if this launch has piqued your curiosity.) While Seed gave out an initial 1,000 copies of the book for free, it’s still available for purchase here.

Yet Another Adaptogenic Snack: Smpl Promises To Do It Differently, from $30

I’ll be honest: when this brand landed in my inbox a few weeks ago ahead of its official launch, I was a major skeptic. Do we really need another functional, adaptogenic, super-snack DTC brand? If this digest is any indication, don’t we have enough saturation in the DTC wellness food + beverage space? While the metaphorical kitchen is certainly overcrowded with cooks, Smpl’s four new snack bars -- which each promise to boost energy, immunity, focus, and calm -- offer a different approach. Like their name indicates, these bars are simple. With minimal ingredients, sugar, and only 100 calories per bar, Smpl gives you just what you need -- like mood-balancing adaptogens and brain-boosting nootropics -- and nothing you don’t. 

I was lucky enough to try some pre-launch samples of Smpl. While they’re not winning any awards for their delicious flavor (which makes sense, considering the low sugar content and clean ingredient situation), they do the trick for a mid-morning or 3PM-slump pick-me-up. Want a taste of each flavor? Shop the Smpl variety pack here.

OMSOM And Instant Pot Team Up To Make Your Kitchen (And Your Dinner Guests) Incredibly Happy, $29

Credit: Omsom

DTC darling OMSOM partnered with Instant Pot earlier this week to launch a Limited-Edition Sampler featuring the brand’s best-selling flavors along with six exclusive recipes made for the Instant Pot and Air Fryer. Both Omsom and Instant Pot share founder stories rooted in immigrant communities, and with this collaboration, “teamed up to bring proud, loud, Asian dishes to your home -- with one push of a button.”

Featuring OMSOM’s Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, Korean Spicy Bulgogi, and Chinese Mala Salad, the set contains six starters in total and three recipe cards to make all of your dinner dreams come true. Shop it now, before it’s gone.

Oat Milk, But Make It Fashion: Oatly Drops A One-Of-A-Kind Vintage Collection, from $250

Credit: Oatly

This headline would only make sense for Oatly, the Oat Milk company that has built its brand on playful, earnest, and experimental ad strategies. With its ReRuns launch, Oatly tapped a group of rising female artists to put their own oat-loving spin on a collection of vintage denim jackets. While these jackets aren’t cheap -- they each retail at $250 -- all proceeds benefit The Lower Eastside Girls Club (LESGC), a non-profit that connects young women and gender-expansive youth in NYC to healthy futures through programming and mentoring. 

The jacket drops started at the beginning of this week, and there are just a few left -- grab yours if you’re a true fan before they’re gone for good.

I’ll be back next week with a new set of launches in the DTC universe -- check in to see if we’ll venture beyond Ashwagandha and Oat Milk. Email me directly -- -- with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit

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