Launch Digest: Pistachio Milk Is The New Oatly, Jamón Is The New Tinned Fish, And Rhinestones Can Improve Your Health (Really)

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Welcome to another edition of Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. This week, we’re looking at a groundbreaking new nut milk (yes, I am using the term groundbreaking to describe a beverage), travel-ready versions of everyone’s favorite chili sauce, and rhinestones that can ease stress and improve digestion. Let’s get to debriefing.

Move Over, Oatly: Táche Launches Two New Completely Addicting Flavors, $48 per 6-pack

Credit: Táche

If you’ve read more than one of my Launch Digests, you understand my extensive knowledge of and love for the DTC alternative beverage arena. Plant milks comprise a large portion of this category. So when I learned that Táche, the brand responsible for popularizing pistachio milk, was debuting two new flavors – Vanilla and Unsweetened Vanilla – I made some room in my fridge.

I judge my plant milks by a few metrics: ingredients, taste, and most importantly, foam-factor (this is a scientific term I’ve invented). Táche, in dramatic fashion, has ascended to the highly-coveted top spot of my plant milk pyramid, beating out my favorite cashew and even oat milks. The ingredients are perfect – just pistachios, a dash of natural vanilla flavor, and no added vegetable oils. It’s got a wildly impressive foam factor. And the flavor! A subtle touch of vanilla with a rich, earthy pistachio…need I say more? As an added bonus, pistachios require 75% less water than almond trees, so Táche might just be the milk of a more sustainable future. Written while sipping on my new favorite Táche milk latté. 

Fly By Jing Solves Your Spice Separation Anxiety, $25

Credit: Fly By Jing

This week, the makers of everyone’s favorite chili sauce, Fly By Jing, launched the Shorty Spice Set ($25), a super-portable (and very baguette purse-friendly) trio of the brand’s bestsellers. Featuring the Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, and Mala Spice Mix in 2oz. mini jars, the new Set is ideal for shaking up a sad desk salad, firing up a $1 slice, and bringing with you wherever you go. It’s also the perfect size to give FBJ a try if you’ve never tasted the brand’s addictive flavors – and makes the ideal gift for a foodie friend who doesn’t yet know what they’re missing out on. Go ahead, buy a few: one for your purse, one for your carry-on, and a third for backup (in case of bland food emergencies).

Hot Girls Love Tinned Fish – And Mercado Famous Hopes They Also Love Jamón, from $9.50

Credit: Mercado Famous

Tinned fish has certainly had a moment this past year. While the fanfare is not entirely over – and tinned fish will endure beyond the branding mania du jour – the DTC world is anticipating the wave of our next food and beverage obsession.

Mercado Famous takes tinned fish and says: what about Spanish meats? Founded by Aaron Luo and Carmen Chen Wu, who were both raised in Spain by Chinese parents, Mercado Famous intends to introduce American consumers to the cultural and culinary joys of Spanish charcuterie. The brand just launched last week with Jamón, Chorizo, Charcuterie Bundles, and more, and the branding alone has me sold on the charcuterie lifestyle. 

Say Hello To Soft (Services) Summer Skin, $28

Credit: Soft Services

Soft Services, the body skincare brand known for effective, performance-oriented ingredients in a sleek (and refreshingly gender-neutral) package just launched its new Speed Soak Air-Gel Rehydrating Lotion ($28). It’s a first-of-its-kind rehydrating gel, engineered to nourish parched skin with impact, speed, and endurance, while protecting the skin barrier against water loss. It’s no wonder the brand is describing it as “a sports drink for your skin” – a hot commodity as temperatures rise. It’s made for everyone: fragrance-free, oil-free, and your new holy grail for dry, thirsty skin. 

New To Me: WTHN’s Acupuncture-Chic Ear Seeds, $45

Credit: WTHN

WTHN, the modern acupuncture and herbal medicine company making Traditional Chinese Medicine more accessible, is my latest obsession. If, like me, you’re not located in New York and can’t stop by the brand’s beautiful studios for an acupuncture or cupping session, fear not: the brand’s herbal offerings and kits bring the healing benefits of Chinese medicine to your home. 

I’m in love with the Ear Seed Kits, which are based in TCM’s thousand-year tradition of using ear seeds as a therapeutic modality in conjunction with acupuncture. Stimulating these ear acupoints can help to treat everything from digestive issues to stress. WTHN’s Gold Stud Ear Seed Kit ($45) is my favorite – for powerful healing tools that double as equally powerful accessories. 

I’ll be back next week with a new set of launches in the DTC universe. Email me directly - – with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit

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