Launch Digest: Fly By Jing Fires Up Our Kitchens (Again), Parachute Redecorates, And Dad Grass Gets Mom High, Too

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Welcome to another edition of Launch Digest, where we bring you the latest and greatest product launches to hit the market across the DTC universe. From a hot pot that can cook up  your spiciest Valentine’s Day dinner yet to cannabis your mom will love, this week’s launches deliver range. Read on to shop them all. 

Fly By Jing Can’t Stop Launching Things And We Can’t Stop Buying Them, from $18

Credit: Fly By Jing

Fly By Jing is…a cultural darling. It wouldn’t be fair to say the brand has only swept the food and beverage world; the fanfare is wide-reaching and universal. This week, the brand had not one but THREE new launches, and they’re as spicy and tantalizing as ever.

First up: The Chili Pepper Oil ($18), a bright and flavorful chili oil to add heat, luster, and fragrance to every dish. To pair: The Tribute Oil ($25), made with the elusive Gonjiao Tribute Pepper, a hand-harvested variety of Sichuan Pepper – infused with fragrant and nutty semi-winter rapeseed oil. Need both? (We surely do.) Shop the Add Oil Duo ($39) and get to drizzling on everything you eat. Emphasis on everything.

And then, yesterday, FBJ hit us with yet another drop: the Hot Pot Starter Set ($135), complete with all the components of a fire hot pot night at home (the most romantic Valentine’s Day activity, no?). With a red electric hot pot, two sets of silver chopsticks, two slotted spoons, and two sachets of the brand’s wildly popular Fire Hot Pot Base, your dream hot pot experience is just a few steps away. 

Parachute Transforms Your Home Into A Breezy Coastal Retreat, from $449

Credit: Parachute

Parachute, one of our go-to brands for quality, beautiful bedding (and robes), just expanded its furniture line with the Bluff Collection, a line of classic nightstands and benches. Designed entirely in-house and crafted in Indonesia, the Bluff Collection is inspired by the natural beauty and earthy materials of California, featuring simple silhouettes that echo Parachute’s design aesthetic. I’m especially ogling the stacked oval nightstand ($899) and woven bench ($999). But don’t take my word for it – go ahead, get to browsing, and execute a redeco fit for a home somewhere on the Big Sur coast. 

Doona Stylizes Your Stroller (For A Limited Time Only), $650

Credit: Doona

This launch report comes directly from one of our parenting editors, Jenni, who calls Doona one of her favorite baby brands. Doona just launched a limited-edition line of gold products, upgrading its signature stroller and tricycle with gold accents throughout ($650). Some things, thankfully, never change: the new line still has the same innovative features and functionality that Doona is known for. Yes, the Car Seat and Stroller still transform in seconds, so your baby gear can reflect your impeccable style while still maintaining your parental sanity. 

New Brand Alert: Hazel Launches Femme Care For The Modern Woman

Credit: Tracie Davis

Frustrated with outdated and limited incontinence options for women – and motivated to open up conversations around how women’s bodies change as they approach their 50s, 60s, and beyond – Hazel set out to design a product that nailed what women actually needed (and wanted). The result? A line of disposable, seamless briefs with an innovative design and flexible subscription options (and a beautiful, sophisticated brand identity). Try a free kit for yourself today – and stay tuned for our upcoming brand review. 

Hairstory Launches A Multi-Purpose Oil That Promises To Nourish Your Neglected Winter Hair, $40

Credit: Hairstory

Hairstory, which earned a cult-following for its New Wash, a one-and-done hair wash designed to clean and condition hair – and completely revamp your hair texture and quality – just launched its Hair Oil today. Made with Argan, Evening Primrose, and Jojoba oils, the Hair Oil is formulated to transform dry or damaged hair into lustrous and supple locks. By smoothing out the cuticle and adding shine, the Oil can be used as both a treatment and styling product – and supposedly can even extend time between washes. Multi-purpose with minimal ingredients and sustainable glass packaging? Adding this one to cart before it sells out.

Dad Grass Says Women Can Have Cannabis, Too, from $48

Credit: Dad Grass

Dad Grass just launched its feminine counterpart with the debut of Mom Grass CBG Hemp Flower. CBG isn’t a typo: according to the brand, it’s the building block of cannabinoids like CBD and THC and, like CBD, it’s non-psychoactive. Supposedly, Mom Grass is energizing and grounding, whereas the original Dad Grass CBD is better suited for unwinding at the end of the day. Moms (and non-moms who would like to energize and ground): check it out, and let us know what you think.

I’ll be back next week with a new set of launches in the DTC universe. Email me directly -- -- with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @thequalityedit.

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