Our Top Living Room Decor Ideas to Create a Pinterest-Worthy Space

Credit: Jolie Home

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The living room is a central space in your house. It represents a place to gather with those you care most about, where you can partake in your favorite pastimes, and where your design choices can be well-displayed.

Inspiration is a major part of getting in touch with your style when it comes to a room redesign. Look for guidance from online design communities and designer recommendations to inform your ideas.

With certain resources, you can create a home that looks like it came straight from a Pinterest board. Read on for a few brilliant living room ideas that will spark social media envy.

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Creating a Pinterest-Worthy Space

Your home can be a space where your identity shines. The place where you cook, work, and dream is a special base that should bring you joy. However, one thing it doesn’t have to do is follow the rules. It can be a place to express yourself to break free of rules and preconceptions of what constitutes a “home.”

If you are looking for some direction on how to create a cohesive and resilient space, try to fold in elements like balance, scale, and a thoughtful combination of textures. When you experiment with these elements, it can take your home décor to a new level.

Don’t be afraid to confidently stick to your tastes when decorating and structuring your living room. Pinterest is one of the top resources for assembling a décor vision—whether for your wardrobe, wedding, or living room. The digital design board collects all your favorite ideas in a single place.

Below are a collection of design tips to fill up your Pinterest board — and eventually a real home — full of inspiration.

Statement Wall Art

A strong piece of art within your home can instantly draw in any guest’s eyes (expect a large, abstract artwork to generate plenty of conversation). Also, artwork can be one of the most representative choices in your design scheme of your personal style.

See what appeals to your eye (and budget) by using Saatchi Art for paintings and Artfinder for sculptures.

Credit: Nourison Home

Texture Playing

Think of the last space you were in that felt both inviting and stylish. There’s a good chance this interior played with different materials and finishes. It may be a soft, roomy couch sitting on top of a textured rug, complemented by a streamlined coffee table. A diversity of surfaces and materials can help create a space that is both visually interesting and allows you to incorporate many different pieces.

Keep in mind that landing on an aesthetic that truly sweeps you off your feet will be a trial-and-error process.

Try Nourison’s pink-and-blue rug  “SHA25 blue pink,” which evokes abstract shadows in a rectangular shape. Loloi Rugs makes pillows as well, like this embroidered throw pillow that imparts a hand-made aesthetic to your living room.

Gorgeous Greenery

Plants have a unique ability to transform an entire room. The natural shades and vibrancy of green add a soothing quality to spaces. Moreover, there are well-known wellness properties to having plants indoors. They not only mimic the feeling of being surrounded by nature but also spread fresh oxygen everywhere.

If you’re looking to create a Pinterest-worthy space, play with proportions and the density of your eye-catching plants. You can create your own “indoor forest” by playing with heights and variations in the color of your plant family.

And if you don’t like your plants as a centerpiece of your living room, place your fresh ferns and picturesque Pothos in an eye-catching corner.

For plants of all sizes, look to Rooted and Bloomscape. For accenting flowering bouquets, try Hoppe Shoppe’s Oval Hammered Brass and Round Hammered Brass matching vases. 

Credit : YaYa & Co.

Make a Statement

Often, when you scroll through Pinterest the most striking designs include visually appealing statement furniture. These pieces not only accentuate other pieces in the room but also bring in a note of luxury to the entire design.

Try Lulu & Georgia’s overstuffed Banks Accent Chair in “goldenrod,” Joss & Main’s Barley Ottoman in “tonal blue,” and Yaya & Co.s organic cotton Echo Abstract Pouf.

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Add a Touch of Variety

Credit: Benjamin Moore

When you can think large and diverse with your décor, your living room additions will reflect this feeling of freedom. Visitors will walk inside and feel intrigued by your unique objets d’art, souvenirs, reading library, and maybe plant collections.

By including a mix of natural and synthetic, a harmonious look will be instantly clear to those you invite into your home. The design selections you make will give insight to people about where your passions lie and who you are as a person.

Paint your entryway with Jolie Ultra Matte Paint (in “noir”) then coat with its finishing wax (in clear), for an unexpected but sleek décor statement. For a softer entryway, try Benjamin Moore’s creamy ”blue nova” paint, followed by finishing wax. Also, add a touch of sleekness with Article’s Luras Walnut Wall Mirror (it includes a shelf for keys or small items) or Sven Charme’s leather sectional, in “Oxford blue” for a subdued use of a darker palette.

Credit: MADE

Direct the Lighting

The cherry on top of a Pinterest-perfect room is the lighting. Use the power of mood-setting lights and other reflective objects to metaphorically and literally highlight certain pieces in your living room. Beloved family photos, mirrors, and unique wallpaper can be enhanced by hanging pendants and angled lamps.

Lights have the wonderful ability to give a room a warm, soothing feeling, as well.

Let there be light with the flower-inspired Weaver Arc Overreach Floor Lamp from Made or Phillippe Starck’s modern Romeo Moon Suspension chandelier available on Flos.

Discover Timeless Treasures for Your Living Room

Keep in mind that “making a home” is not a one-and-done deal. Your living room’s design will be something to curate over time.  

In order to feel excited to come home each day, tune into your personality and personal preferences when designing. An easy way to do this is to add design pieces that you feel a connection with or stir positive emotions. 

Add details that remind you of the places you’ve been and people you’ve met. And like a good bottle of red wine, it should get better with time. Find more inspo and curated pieces for your home at The Quality Edit.

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