Gardyn Review: Why The Gardyn 3.0 Is The Ultimate Indoor Garden For Your Home

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Embellishing your home with living plants is really powerful. They can do everything from boost your mood to reduce your stress levels – and they’re gorgeous, too! I’ve written a lot about how important it is to feel comfy in your space (and how hard it can be to accumulate quality-made belongings for it), and I’ve found that a key unlock is surrounding yourself with at least a couple of living, breathing things.

After I proved to myself that I could keep both a rubber plant and a snake plant alive for the better part of a year (I’ll hold for applause), I began lightly browsing indoor gardens because I wanted to reap some fruits from my labor. When I was a kid, my dad grew herbs in our backyard, and I loved running outside to grab some basil for pesto or rosemary for potatoes when we’d cook together. As a twenty-something living in an apartment, I figured something that suited my needs had to exist – and that’s when I found Gardyn

It’s a really cool and beautiful solution for indoor gardening – and I have to do much less work than expected. Plus, it’s basically an art installation in my home. Here’s why I love it… 

We like

  • Produces a large output
  • Supports a wide variety of herbs, veggies, fruits and flowers
  • Self-watering and lighting
  • AI powered reminders

We don't like

  • Setup is a chore
  • Cleaning is cumbersome

Gardyn Home Kit 3.0: Overview

You may have seen Gardyn’s Hydroponic Indoor Garden System on your social media feed, and if you have, you’ve likely gasped. It’s one of those products that just has wow factor: it’s comprised of three grow towers with high-tech lights and built-in cameras (that monitor plant health), a water tank that allows for self-watering, and an amazing selection of grow pods that allow you to grow everything from flowers to herbs and fruits and veggies in just a few short weeks. Everything is supported by an app that sends reminders and helpful guides so you can harvest your healthiest bounty. 

How gorgeous is she? Credit: Gardyn

I actually have the 2.0 version of the Gardyn, which I snagged in late 2021, but the brand has a newer 3.0 version with lots of little improvements designed to make your life even easier. Gardyn has clued me into some of these advancements – which I’ll outline below – but the general grow-you-own-food-easily concept stands.

How Does The Gardyn 3.0 Differ From Previous Versions?

Gardyn identified a few pain points from the 2.0 experience that they’ve smoothed over with the 3.0. They include:

  • Assembly: This newer version is easy to assemble. It requires no screws or tools – everything just snaps into place! 
  • New lid design: Gardyn has redesigned the rubberwood lid to be stronger and easier to maintain. It’s even safer now to keep all the electrical parts of the Gardyn safe from water.
  • Simpler cleaning: The Gardyn 3.0 has an updated watering system compared to its predecessor that makes taking it apart and putting it together easier.
  • Recyclable packaging: The new Gardyn comes in just one 100% recyclable package.
  • Improved AI: The Gardyn 3.0 features more advanced algorithms that Gardyn claims will boost your plants’ germination and optimize growth.  
Look at this bounty! Credit: Gardyn

The Techy Part

Gardyn employs Hybriponic technology, which basically means it allows you to grow plants without soil. Gardyn’s technology is actually designed from the ground up for indoor use, unlike many competitors which adapt their outdoor technology for inside.

The basic gist is that the Gardyn has a 5 gallon water tank that you’re responsible for filling. It also has a pump that guides water up the irrigation tubes to water each yPod (there are slots for 30 plants) based on a set schedule. It also has integrated (very bright) LED lights that provide full sun or degrees of indirect sunlight based on your system’s schedule. On top of that, the Gardyn has built-in cameras that monitor plant growth and optimize the water and light schedule based on your garden. 

While the tank’s technology certainly makes gardening easier than old school gardening, you’re still responsible to an extent – it’s on you to refill the water tank (weekly), refresh the water tank (monthly), and tend to your plants (as needed – guided by Kelby, your AI helper). 

Setting Up The Gardyn 3.0

As I mentioned, my setup was for a Gardyn 2.0 vs. 3.0, and some of my pain points have been addressed in the newer version of the Gardyn. With that being said, this device is pretty hefty – and it will take some setting up. Unboxing all of the pieces takes 10-15 minutes, and then it took me about an hour afterwards to get everything put together (I’ll also flag that I did it on my own and am admittedly bad at assembly). A friend stopped by a couple of days later and had to adjust my columns, which I hadn’t snapped in place facing the correct direction. 

Now that I’ve had the device for years, I’m much more comfortable with it and understand each part – but the initial setup did feel pretty tedious and delicate, as I knew I was working with tubes, wires and other pieces that would be close to water.

Why I Love The App

All communication is handled via Kelby, Gardyn’s smart personal assistant, who lives within the app. You’ll get notifications when your water tank is running low, when it’s time to refresh your water tank, and when your plants need some handling (some need pruning, others require pinching, etc.). 

Another cool part of the app is that it allows you to keep an eye on your plants through the cameras positioned on the columns. It’s cool to take a peek when I’m gone for a few days traveling (the app also allows you to toggle to ‘Vacation Mode’ when you’re gone for longer spans). 

Plus, you can use it to shop for new yCubes and order new plants from your phone! 

About The Gardyn Membership

In addition to the cost of the device itself, you can also pay $39/month for a Gardyn membership, which grants you 10 yCubes (new plants you can order for free – besides the cost of the membership, of course) each month, access to member-exclusive plants, the ability to use Vacation Mode, and access to additional support. 

You don’t need the membership to successfully grow your garden, but it does make things easier. Everyone gets a free month, so you can test it out and then decide if it’s worth it to you to pay for it (I do). 

Trim your Gardyn to keep it in tip top shape. Credit: Gardyn

Tips To Maintain Your Gardyn

Expect to do some maintenance on your Gardyn. I’ve definitely been guilty of getting lazy on my Gardyn system, and my plants have suffered! But, a few weekly steps will keep your Gardyn both looking gorgeous and producing plenty of greens: 

  • Trim your roots regularly: this will keep your plants from competing for resources and allow for optimal growth
  • Water and feed your plants as needed: Kelby is super handy here, but I generally tend to feed and water my plants every week to ten days
  • Refresh your tank monthly: this takes a bit of work (disconnecting the tank, lifting up the columns, washing and refilling the tank), but it’s pretty quick once you make a routine of it
  • Harvest regularly: key to helping your plants grow, harvesting from a Gardyn can give you the same amount of produce as a 1,300 square foot outdoor vegetable garden, according to the brand. Sometimes I’ll do big harvests, and others I’ll trim as needed (a strategy that’s great for lunchtime garnishes!). 

Gardyn 3.0 FAQs

What is a yCube?

yCubes are the home that your seeds germinate and grow in that fit into your system. All Gardyn seeds are organic, locally-sourced and non-GMO, and you can choose from over 90 different varieties. I’ve grown everything from cucumbers to basil, thyme, dill, mini strawberries and jalapenos! 

They snap into the yPods (the brand’s specialized seed-holders, which give plants the perfect angle to receive water, oxygen and light), which pop into the columns on your device. Each column has ten slots, so you can grow up to 30 different plants at any given time. If that sounds like too much (as a ~party of one~ I sometimes find this to be the case), you can also cover some of your yPods so you don’t have to put a yCube into it and grow anything. 

How is Gardyn’s customer support? 

To be totally honest, I haven’t used it much. Gardyn has tons of helpful tutorials and videos online, so I’ve been able to solve any issues I’ve encountered on my own. 

However, from what I’ve read online, it’s really solid. People have mentioned that they’ve received instructions within minutes of asking a question – and there’s even a Facebook group of Gardyn enthusiasts that are willing to lend a helping hand. 

Is the Gardyn Worth It?

At $899 the Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 is definitely an investment. And if you’re willing to put in a little work, it’s totally worth the cost. I’d generally recommend it for couples or families vs. individuals, but I’ve found its maintenance to be pretty doable on my own. 

While I can’t say I’ve necessarily saved money on produce thanks to my Gardyn (I haven’t run the numbers using Gardyn’s handy calculator, but I don’t think I’ve saved thousands of dollars quite yet), I honestly consider my Gardyn to be a piece of art – and I’ve certainly paid more for smaller pieces. It brings a light and liveliness to my space that I’d have no clue how to otherwise replicate – every single person who steps into my apartment is drawn to it, and there’s nothing cooler than telling a guest about it, then serving up a salad with herbs and veggies I’ve grown from it! 

Sure, it takes some work and attention – but don’t most good things in life? If you’re interested and can afford it (both financially and spatially) it’s a huge yes from me. 

Get gardening here.

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