All Day’s 3-Spice Bundle Unlocks As Much Flavor As Your Entire Spice Cabinet

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I’ve written often about my minimalistic tendencies (in my closet, on my countertop), so it will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I don’t exactly keep a robust spice cabinet. In fact, I kept only salt and pepper in my first apartment’s cabinets because even the thought of a jam-packed studio kitchen overwhelmed me. I’ve loosened my grip a bit since then (and moved to a place with much more storage), but I’ve remained resolute in my sentiment: I don’t want or need a lineup of mostly full spice bottles bought for niche recipes sitting and expiring on my shelves. 

All Day, a spice blend trio designed for home chefs, offers a solution I can get behind. The brand’s 3 core products – Fuego, Poppin, and Boom – make up a “seasoning collection to rule them all.” These three little jars claim to be all you need to bring “bold, complex flavor to every meal.” Encouraged by punchy branding, small packaging, and self-proclaimed ease of use, I grabbed All Day’s Spice Force bundle ($18.99) and hit the kitchen.

All Day’s three signature flavors

Crafted For Every Kitchen 

All Day is the latest launch by Starday Foods, a next-gen food conglomerate on a mission to to infuse efficiency and empathy into food and beverage product development. Starday dives into the spice world on the heels of a successful Nutella-alternative launch in Gooey. Lena Kwak, one of Starday’s co-founders, worked as a culinary strategist and innovator at a 3-star Michelin restaurant before concepting All Day (for all you foodies out there: Kwak is the former head of R&D at French Laundry, so you know she’s the real deal). 

While designed by chefs, All Day is meant for every kitchen. Each spice mix is vegan, clean-sourced, and organic. And, while the flavors shine on their own, stacking flavors is encouraged. (In fact, All Day encourages playfulness in the kitchen in general – “heavy-handed usage” is the brand’s preferred incorporation into your kitchen concoctions.) Fuego, Poppin, and Boom were designed to be used on just about anything: veggies, meats, sauces, pastas, eggs – you name it, All Day elevates it. 

One small set adds tremendous flavor to any kitchen

Let’s Get Cooking

All Day’s blends are insanely easy to use. There’s purposely no real specifics or science required on the user’s end (that’s for the chefs behind the magic to handle) – dump as little or much as your heart desires on pretty much anything you’re cooking, and you’re likely to have a tasty outcome: 

Fuego adds a bit of heat to meats, seafood, and veggies


All Day’s sweet-meets-spicy seasoning is made from ingredients like apples, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, and chili peppers. Its recommended uses include meat marinades, BBQ proteins, tacos, and veggies. I don’t eat meat, which ruled out the first two options, but I will say I made some kick*ss cauliflower tacos that left even my omnivorous friends scraping their plates. Layers of miso, ginger, and garlic depth are topped by the perfect kick of Thai chili heat. Several friends even asked for my cauliflower recipe – and they were thrilled to find that a small, $6.99 jar of Fuego literally was the recipe. That’s it.

I don’t eat meat, which ruled out the first two options, but I will say I made some kick*ss cauliflower tacos that left even my omnivorous friends scraping their plates. Layers of miso, ginger, and garlic depth are topped by the perfect kick of Thai chili heat.
Poppin, a favorite for brighter, zingier dishes


Encouraged by Fuego’s success, I opted for All Day’s bright and citrus-y Poppin mix next. Made with garlic, salt, parsley, crystallized lemon, and black pepper, Poppin offers a zingy, herbaceous freshness to veggies, salad dressings, and dips. Its description sounded like the perfect lunchtime addition – I’ve been crafting some extremely over-the-top salads thanks to my new AI-powered Gardyn system which I harvest weekly. I didn’t think my salads could get any better (they already boast arugula, butterhead and breen lettuce, swiss chard, dill, cilantro, and a boatload of veggies), but I was wrong. This zippy little jar offers a perfectly balanced, lemon-y garlic kick – so much so that even writing about it makes my mouth water. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your vegetable intake, this one’s for you. 


And lastly, an ode to Boom’s savory, umami goodness. This blend of mushrooms, garlic, onion, tomato, chili peppers, and red miso infuses an intense, earthy depth to soups, sauces, and other cozy dishes that could benefit from a little pizzazz. I took Boom for a spin while hosting the Soup Sunday tradition my close friends and I launched a few months ago – and to say this was our best bowl to date is a huge understatement. With Boom, we improvised on a past coconut-mushroom soup we enjoyed, and found ourselves so pleased with our concoction that we spent an embarrassing amount of time questioning if we should open our very own soup restaurant. The subtle combination of umami and chili sent us all into a tizzy, and we can’t wait to reconvene next week to incorporate Boom into something new.  

While I have yet to layer my mixes, I have a few concepts percolating that I can’t wait to try out. A popcorn party and flatbread night are next on my list – and I feel confident inviting guests to each knowing my trusted Spice Force will be offering a helping hand.

It’s Plate-Scrapingly Good

Consult All Day’s reviews and encounter plenty of superfans whose love for this product matches mine – it really is that good. All Day offers a foolproof product that’s hard to come by in the kitchen (Mrs. Dash could never). So, clean out those cabinets and toss the excess products you’ve been promising to use for months: these few products will take you on whatever kitchen journey you’re imagining. Play, experiment, gather, and repeat – a world of fun begins at each jar’s opening. 

Five More Reasons To Love All Day: 

1. Chef-created and approved: While made for every kitchen, All Day brought in the experts to craft each mix. 

2. Real ingredients you can taste: Each blend is made from real foods and is vegan, clean-sourced, and all-natural.

3. Deeper flavors found here: Don’t just take my word for it – read All Day’s reviews and discover we’re all in agreement. The brand introduces a depth of flavor Mrs. Dash never could have imagined. 

4. There’s no wrong way to All Day: Heavy-handed usage is encouraged! Mix, match, and layer as you please. 

5. The full lineup: With All Day’s three blends, your home has a complete spice set. Clean out those cabinets and enjoy spices, simplified.

Ready to re-imagine your spice rack? Order All Day’s Spice Force bundle here. 

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