Donni: Elevated Essentials You’ll Want And Wear For Life

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Throughout the year, I enjoy finding hero wardrobe staples that become woven into my identity by each season’s end. This sounds dramatic, I know, but my fellow minimalists understand: I don’t need that many pieces – just the right ones – and I’ll wear them, time and again…and again. The criteria for my picks is simple: quality-made (I don’t mind investing a little extra on the front end for this), basic-yet-me (yes, simple, but a little personality goes a long way), and timeless (nothing too of-the-moment for longevity’s sake). 

This season and, I hope, for many seasons to come, I’ve found effortlessly chic, comfy-yet-quality basics I’ve worn time and again in Donni. Rooted in comfort, Donni’s elevated essentials offer an intention often unseen in today’s fast fashion industry. 

Donni’s vintage fleece in camel
Credit: @donni

It Started With A Scarf… 

Donni began as a creative escape after the passing of founder Alyssa Wasko’s father. The brand, named ‘Donni’ for Wasko’s father Donald, originated as an accessory line: oversized, multifunctional scarves adorned with charms. Donni took off,  and while Wasko’s line has extended well beyond scarves (into outerwear, everyday wear, and even jewelry), the brand remains rooted in comfort. 

You’ve likely seen Donni’s elevated basics – either on your feed, or on the body of your favorite influencer. Simple, tasteful, yet distinct, Donni pieces range from thermal ($248), eco-fleece ($178), and sherpa ($318) button downs to ribbed shorts ($132), silky pants ($164), and butter cardigans ($174). The brand’s mission is to make women feel “entirely comfortable in their own skin” no matter where they are. Its basics marry form and texture to create an intentionally comfy, properly put-together look – with ease. 

A pile of Donni’s eco-fleece roll pants – yum!
Credit: @donni

Drop In – And Get Cozy

If you’ve ever coveted a sold-out Donni piece, you’re familiar with the brand’s drop model: every month, Donni drops 1-2 collections featuring key fabrics in new silhouettes or colorways. While each features new pieces, drops new and old carry a common throughline: textured, mostly-neutral, versatile loungewear with flattering silhouettes. Mix and match them, dress them up, dress them down – wash them, rinse them, and style them anew. 

Each drop is preceded by teasers and styling tips for days to build anticipation, a formula that drives the brand’s loyal following mad (in a good way – @donni's comment section is a frenzy of “Omg,” “Obsessed,” and “Need”s). A focus on community is clearly important to Donni – the brand has built a strong, authentic, and engaged following over the years. ‘Donni 101’ is a core part of the brand’s community: shoppers can see how the brand’s pieces fit different body types and are styled through a series of videos the brand curates. 

Good Feels, In Every Sense

In the age of fast fashion and instant Instagram gratification, Donni is mindfully made. Local is the name of the game for the brand, which ensures that fabrics are locally milled or sourced, pieces are constructed locally, then shipped from a local LA warehouse. Donni always partners with fair-wage companies and works with women-owned businesses whenever possible. Taking things a step further, Donni donates a portion of sales to a new charity each season; this season the brand is donating to The Hit Living Foundation, which focuses on animal welfare. Past projects include American Cancer Society, Mental Health America, Ride for Reading, and American Red Cross. 

I’ll take a polar fleece shirt jacket (seen here in blueberry) in every color, please

Credit: @donni

A Worthy Wardrobe

I was able to snag Donni’s polar fleece shirt jacket in blueberry as part of the brand’s fall 2021 drop. To say this piece has become a wardrobe staple would be a gross understatement. At $264, this shirt jacket is a bit of an investment, but if you measure its cost per wear, it feels like an absolute steal. Friends, family, and strangers alike have come out of the woodwork over this piece, an occurrence I imagine happens for many Donni pieces (eco-cardi fleece and vintage fleece polo sweatshirt, I’m looking at you). 

While Donni isn’t reinventing the wheel, its pieces feel particularly novel. Clothing that feels effortlessly comfortable from the inside and appears effortlessly chic on the outside shouldn’t go unnoticed – and with Donni, it won’t. My only concern is the dawn of warmer weather days, when I’m forced to find a new everyday piece. Luckily, Donni’s first launch of 2022 is a good one: say hello to Nylon, launching February 25. If history is any indication, it’s sure to be a well-worn hit. 

Five More Reasons To Love Donni: 

1. Quality-made: Donni pieces are comfortable, durable, and made to last. Easy to wash and wear, their quality is evident. 

2. With integrity: Donni partners with fair-wage and women-owned businesses to operate with integrity. Supporting the local community is imperative to the brand.

3. Easy to wear: Donni’s basics are meant to be worn together or easily styled with other wardrobe basics like your favorite pair of jeans. Honestly, it’s hard to make these pieces not look good.

4. Finding the right fit: Donni 101 showcases different styles on different bodies, making online shopping a simple and positive experience. 

5. Refreshed on the reg: Donni’s drop model means new styles each month! Follow @donni on Instagram for previews before each launch. 

Shop Donni’s latest drop here – you’re sure to find a piece (or two, or three) you love. 

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