10 Female-Founded Brands We’re Loving this WHM

Founder Sonya Vega poses with her mezcal magic. Credit: Doña Vega

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Since 1995, March has officially been known in the United States as Women’s History Month. It’s a time to remember the contributions women have made over time to the United States – and we love taking this month to honor the strides women-founders have made in the DTC space. Here are just a few of the female-founded brands we’re celebrating this month (and every month, of course). Happy shopping, ladies and allies!

Jennifer Ross & Cristina Ros Blankfein pose with some fresh flavors. Credit: Swoon


Originally designed as a new take on the lemonades and iced teas you grew up with, Swoon leverages the powerful, natural sweetness of monk fruit to bring your favorite flavors to life – in a healthier manner, of course. Founders Jen and Cristina have curated lemonades, iced teas, matcha lemonades, as well as a simple syrup, to end the era of sugar-free equating to “flavor free.” At only 5 calories for the lemonade, Swoon’s founders say “there’s zero sugar, and zero reasons not to!”  

Founder Emily Griffith says “Buck yeah.” Credit: @lovelilbucks

Lil Bucks

Lil Bucks founder Emily Griffith was in Australia enjoying an açai bowl topped with buckwheat seeds when she had the bright idea to bring the crunchy treat back to the US. My favorite Lil Bucks offering is the Everything BUCKS Seasoning ($7.99) – it’s a game-changer for avocado toast. In her words (which literally made me laugh out loud), the founding story is “as millennial as it sounds.” However millennial it may be, I’m loving living the crunchy buck life.  

Cheers to these powerful women, wonderful moms, and innovative founders. Credit: De Soi

De Soi

Well beyond dry January, I’ve been loving the N/A movement – and De Soi is one of my favorite alternatives. Founded by Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan, the brand offers totally non-alcoholic aperitifs with unique, botanical flavors and adaptogens to help you relax. I highly recommend bringing these to an expectant momma’s house or a fancy friend’s dinner party – they’re sure to impress and keep the party going all night long.

Founder Sonya Vega poses with her mezcal magic. Credit: Doña Vega

Doña Vega

Inspired by her Mexican family and friends’ love of mezcal, Sonya Vega originally started to make mezcal as a personal project. On the quest to make the perfect, not-too-smoky spirit, she traveled through the Oaxaca region of Mexico to best understand the drink’s lengthy history and how to best make it. At the end of her quest, she created Espadín ($49.99) and Tobalá ($129.99), which are lighter, less-smoky mezcals to suit all palettes. Better yet, they can ship straight to your door.

Founder Margaret Wishingrad grants us not just 3, but 7 flavor wishes! Credit: Three Wishes

Three Wishes

I’m a sucker for a founder story born out of necessity. That’s precisely what the Three Wishes story is. Started by Margaret Wishingrad (get it, wishes?) after learning the sugary makeup of most cereals, Three Wishes is a new kind of cereal. It is nutrient-dense – but definitely doesn’t taste like it! With flavors ranging from strawberry to cocoa to frosted, there’s sure to be something for everyone in the family’s palette.

Emily Vaca dove right into the world of DTC. Credit: Minnidip


Minnidip is the modern inflatable pool – and no, these aren’t just for the kids! Adults of all ages are grabbing a pool from Minnidip to enjoy days in the sun. Founded and designed by Emily Vaca of La Vaca Designhouse, the collections include pools, splash pads, and cloud ch(airs). You’ll definitely want to grab an inflatable (or six) before your next bachelorette party or summer pool soiree.

Monica Ashauer and Grace Lee pose with just some of their creations. Credit: Birdy Grey

Birdy Grey

As two ex-corporate powerhouses, Monica Ashauer and Grace Lee know a thing or two about business – and it’s apparent when you encounter their brand, Birdy Grey. If you don’t know about Birdy Grey, allow me to introduce you to the new, less-ugly, less-eye-poppingly-expensive way to shop for bridesmaid dresses. At $99 for many styles, the brand’s founders created an accessible way for bridesmaids to look good, and perhaps more importantly, feel good while standing by their BFF’s side on their big day. Now that’s worth celebrating!

Sara Sugarman has changed the game of online home décor shopping with Lulu and Georgia. Credit: Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia

Having been raised in a family that made its living on home decor, Lulu and Georgia’s founder Sara Sugarman describes starting her own decor company as a “natural evolution.” Named after her grandfather, Lou, and her father, George, Lulu and Georgia provides an easy and beautiful way to decorate your home. With classic neutrals made of high-quality materials, you’ll be inspired to “bring beauty to your home.”

CUUP co-founder Abby Morgan has made it her mission to give us support, comfort, and style – all in one bra! Credit: The Proof Wellness


As a long-time member of the IBTC (if you know, you know), I’ve always hated bra shopping. It felt like stores never carried my size and let’s be real here: it’s just weird having a stranger measuring your boobs. CUUP has invented a new way to bra shop, complete with personalized, virtual fittings done in the comfort of your home. I did it and came out with products that worked really well for me, like The Plunge Mesh Bra ($68). With 53 sizes to support bodies of all shapes and sizes, we salute the brand’s “support” of all women.

The resumes of co-founders Julie, Janet, and Sara are incredibly impressive. Beyond their credentials, the team is simply passionate about effective and purpose-driven products. Credit: Futurewise


Ever heard of slugging? Same, until recently. It’s a long-standing practice of applying a layer of something over the skin to prevent water loss. For the beauty-obsessed reader out there, Futurewise’s Slugging System ($66) means healthier, juicier skin for you. Co-founders Julie Schott, Janet Park, and Sara DeCou realized the lack of slugging products in the U.S. market and decided to do something about it. Between the 3 co-founders, the team boasts a Forbes 30 under 30 award, the creation of several successful brands prior to Futurewise, and deep investment banking knowledge. Could there be a more triple-threat trio?

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