50+ Female-Founded DTC Brands To Support This Women’s History Month

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Many of the DTC brands we love and champion are founded by women. Although the venture capital space has traditionally been predominantly male-run, we’re thrilled to see more fierce, funded female founders dominating the e-commerce landscape these days. After all, Y Combinator’s not just for the Y chromosome…

Below, some of our favorites.

19/99 Beauty

From founders Camille Katona and Stephanie Spence, 19/99 draws its name from being suitable for women from ages 19 to 99, narrowing the generational age gap with multi-use essentials that empower. The brand sells simplified eye pencils, mascara, gloss, and more.


This minimalist skincare line embraces bad habits. Eat your carbs, drink your wine, and get home at 4 A.M., as long as you use its Rise and Rest serums. Sabrina Sadeghian and Jade Beguelin cite the club scene as an inspiration, contributing to the brand’s easy, sexy identity.

Morgan McLachlan, the woman behind the AMASS magic. 
Credit: @amass.botanics


AMASS makes clean botanics for modern living. Founder (and distiller) Morgan McLauchlan grew up in the mountains of Vancouver, utilizing her passion for plants to create modern, social rituals in the form of spirits, both alcoholic and non. Since then, the brand’s expanded into candles, soaps, hand sanitizers and more.

Anecdote Candles

Anecdote Candles became popular for its quirky, storytelling labels – the “anecdotes” from which the brand gets its name. Drawing on the powerful recollective qualities of scents, Anecdote combines the art of candle making, the science of fragrance, and crowd-sourced memories to create candles you’re dying to show off.


Founded by two female entrepreneurs, Astrid Schanz-Garbassi and Miriam Cruz, Agni’s delicious offerings are packed with nutrients that specifically aim to help common issues women suffer from like hormone imbalance, sleep, digestion, fertility, and postpartum health. All of Agni’s items are assembled with the brand’s Medical Advisory Board, a collection of experts across the Ayurveda, Holistic Nutrition, and Integrative Medicine fields. 


Founder Rachel Blank struggled to manage her care when diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and founded Allara as an all-in-one virtual care team helping women better manage this condition.


After entrepreneur Monica Molenaar had her ovaries removed and went into menopause overnight, she struggled to find guidance. After fashion magazine editor Anne Fulenwider lost her mom suddenly to a heart attack, she realized that women weren’t getting effective healthcare. Together they partnered on Alloy for online menopausal relief and treatment.

Anna Jean Kos

Oahu-based designer Anna Jean Kos is all about slow fashion. Having grown up in New Zealand, she’s attuned to sustainability and custom wear. Her linen sets are dreamy, and her bikinis are ultra-flattering; plus, the made-for-you, hand-sewn nature of her designs ensures they’re inclusive of all sizes and body types. 


Lifelong wellness entrepreneur Shizu Okusa harnesses 5,000+ years of science and tradition through Ayurveda, TCM and Japanese Kampo Medicine to create these mushroom supplement blends that address an array of health and mental problems. Think focus, hangovers, chill out time, and more. 


Founded by Jen Rubio and Steph Korey in 2015, this highly recognizable luggage brand is a go-to for travel. A built-in charger, limited lifetime warranty, 360-degree rotating wheels, and thoughtfully designed interior organization make the Away suitcase a delight.


Founder Kathrin Hamm found a bad night’s sleep unbearable. On the road for work, her insomnia mounted -- and sleep solutions were often chemical. While finding refuge in Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), she discovered that most weighted blankets used unsustainable plastic beads and lacked the breathability and aesthetics she wanted from her bedding. In answer, she created Bearaby: the weighted knit blanket that naturally alleviates stress.


“Healthy candy” feels oxymoronic – but this low-sugar candy makes it a reality. Founder Mayassa Chehata embraces her sweet tooth by partnering with chefs (not food scientists) to create this delicious, better-for-you line of sweet and sour treats.

Crowd favorite Blake Lively with her new crowd favorite tonic water.
Credit: Betty Buzz

Betty Buzz

Blake Lively launched her own line of sparkling non-alcholic mixers this past year, and the fresh flavors and retro packaging won us over instantly. It’s refreshing both alone (she doesn’t drink) or as a mixer for a clean, sparkling cocktail.

Beyond Yoga

Founder Jodi Guber Brufsky grew up in the entertainment industry where she experienced constant pressure to look a certain way. When she discovered her yoga practice (and ultimately became an instructor), Brufsky envisioned a body positive activewear line that honored the body instead of condemning it. Co-founder Michelle Wahler joined to create this line meant to fit and flatter any woman’s body.

Birdy Grey

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? The dresses add up. Birdy Grey aims to disrupt this aspect of weddings with cheaper, attractive, ready-to-ship bridesmaid dresses. Founder Grace Lee was a bridesmaid for the sixth time when she realized there had to be a better way.


Aishwarya Iyer discovered a slew of problems in the olive oil industry that were impacting her family’s health – so she created a line of delicious, luxe olive oils that’s now a golden standard in the kitchen. Authentic, fresh ingredients and absolutely no fillers or artificial ingredients mean that you (and your loved ones) can enjoy a meal with ultimate traceability.


Founder Sarah Puil wondered why the European house wine wasn’t more accepted in the U.S. and set out on a mission to create an accessible, simple, and delicious wine that served the same purpose. We can’t deny that boxed wine is convenient, and this version is a hit. Made from compostable wood, each BOXT looks classy in our fridges – and tastes delicious. Better yet, order it as a subscription and enjoy stellar deals. 

By Rosie Jane

The Rosie behind By Rosie Jane is a multihyphenate: mom, homemaker, teacher, and entrepreneur focused on clean fragrance. During March, the brand is donating 10% of online sales to Downtown Women's Center, an organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens with her Caliwater.
Credit: Caliwater


Inspired by the lush and varied landscapes of California, founders Oliver Trevena and Vanessa Hudgens harnessed the power of cactus water for health benefits. Caliwater locally sources prickly pear cactus fruit, known for its rare and potent healthful properties, to “sip Cali in a can.”


Adaptogenic brand Clevr started out at a coffee bar, which is why all of its blends have creamy, luxurious textures like what you’d buy at a nice café. CEO and formulater Hannah Mendoza traveled around the U.S. with her cofounder, lauding the properties of plants. Their benefits range from lifted mood to grounded energy, using prebiotic and functional qualities. (Oh, and did we mention Meghan Markle is an investor?)

Color Camp

Stick-on nails are a fun and convenient way to avoid the hassle (and expense) of a manicure. Founder Lauren Polino makes them even better with personalization that lasts longer and looks better. Send in your sizes after using Color Camp’s try-on kit, then have an array of custom patterns and styles to choose from.


From cutting-edge intimates to luxury-technical ready-to-wear, Commando thoughtfully sources fabrics and fit tests every style on real bodies. CEO Kerry O’Brien founded Commando for luxurious, long-lasting, well-fitting garments that make your wardrobe work harder for you.

Copper Cow Coffee

Debbie Wei Mullin – who you may recognize from Shark Tank – founded Copper Cow Coffee to bring sustainability and Vietnamese flavor to your morning cup of coffee. Choose from a variety of 100% naturally flavored coffees, add hot water, and stir creamer to taste for an effortless brew in the brand’s Vietnamese latte kits.


Curie was founded by Sarah Moret, an active woman frustrated that the aluminum-free deodorant options frankly didn’t work as well as the chemical-filled brands. Healthy deodorant isn’t helpful if it isn’t functional. Since 2018, Curie’s clean deodorant and personal care products have gained a supportive following because they actually…work.

Daily Harvest

Founder Rachel Drori started Daily Harvest when she couldn’t find any healthy frozen options at the grocery store. Between meetings, she had no options to sustain herself that didn’t make her feel terrible. Her plant-based, sustainable food subscription solution offers smoothies, bowls, lattes, and more.

Deux is worth celebrating.
Credit: Deux


Founder  Sabeena Ladha, who has a background in venture capital and working with CPG brands,  launched  a good-for-you (vegan and gluten-free!) version of edible cookie dough complete with unique flavors and editions. A DTC darling since 2020, the brand recently announced its availability in select Whole Foods.


Founder Rachel Garrett is passionate about shopping sustainably – at an accessible price point – and created Edify to satisfy both ethics and style. Edify will be donating 5% of sales to Angela House (a program that successfully transitions women back into society after incarceration) on International Women’s Day.


This design-centered fitness gear aims to be so attractive you’ll use it as décor. Founder Kodi Berg created the EQUIPT brand to inspire movement, redesigning traditional fitness through unique weights and content.


CBD brand Equilibria brings a scientific approach to its products, utilizing dosage specialists in its women-focused offerings so you get a perfect balance. Equilibria’s array includes melts, gummies, drops, and other methods so you have plenty of options to infuse CBD into your daily life.

Everyday Humans

This sun-led skincare brand, like founder Charlotte Chen Pienaar, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Bonus! It’s also conscious and cruelty-free. 15% of the proceeds from the brand’s hero product, Resting Beach Face ($12.50) will be donated to Girls Inc on March 8th.

The picture of elegance.
Credit: Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Glass is a longtime crush of ours. The colored glassware – inspired by Stephanie Summerson Hall’s vintage shopping with her grandmother – is handcrafted in Poland, beyond stunning, and goes with any table. Learn more in our glassware roundup.

Fly By Jing

Founder Jing Gao created Fly By Jing (inspired by hole-in-the-wall eateries that attracted diners “like flies”) to bring bold Chinese flavors into American homes. Her beloved Sichuan Chili Crisp is the first and only 100% all-natural Sichuan Chili sauce proudly crafted in Chengdu -- delicious, spicy, and ultra-savory. And have we mentioned FBJ’s dumplings?


Not to get TMI, but it’s nearly impossible to find a strapless bra or pair of sticky boobs that provides support and stays put; you nearly always sacrifice one or both for the sake of a backless dress. Founders of Gatherall have asked “why choose?” and stepped in to provide a solution: a patent-pending adhesive bra that actually sticks (and matches a wide variety of skin tones).


Mélanie Masarin spent her childhood summers near the Mediterranean, where aperitivo is a way of life. Ghia originated from her desire to make a drink that would evoke the summery ritual of her mother and grandmother’s limoncello recipe. Ghia is a spirits-free aperitif that invites the modern person to take a moment of pause without the use of alcohol. 

Golde founder and golden hour.
Credit: Golde


Two words, fifteen letters. Say it, and we’re yours: superfood lattes. Trinity Mouzon Wofford of Golde won our hearts with her feel-good wellness brand, focused on making it easy and approachable for all. Her angle’s worked; the brand’s wildly popular (we adore it). Learn more about Golde here.

Gorjana Jewelry

In celebration of IWD, gorjana founder Gorjana Reidel teamed up with her sister, Iva Pawling of Richer Poorer, on a 3 piece collection that will be sold online at gorjana.com and in gorjana stores, starting 3/8, through the end of the month. 100% of net sales will go to a charity, with the goal to raise $50,000.


This revolutionary SPF goes on over your makeup if you forget. It’s a mist, not a lotion, which means it’s easy to spritz on and carry with you for an effortless skin routine guaranteed to protect. Keep an eye out for our Quality Makers with founder Tai Adaya…


We recently interviewed the stellar all-women team behind the fun, fresh apparel brand making snow sports less of a boys’ club. Founded by Ariana Ferwerda, Karelle Golda, and Kiley McKinnon, the brand’s bright (and eco-friendly) colorways liven up the slopes while defying the “shrink it and pink it” mentality that often dominates the design of women’s ski gear. We tested the brand’s Lawrence Jacket and Alessandra Pants, which definitely lived up to the hype.

Healthy Roots

Step aside, American Girl Dolls. Founder Yelitsa Jean-Charles created Zoe, the first Healthy Roots doll, to inspire and empower curly-haired girls through hairplay. The doll teaches natural hair care (and self love) to young girls of color.

Hello Hazel

Aubrey Hubbell co-founded Hazel, the no-leak chic disposable underwear that is as stylish as effective, to empower women and change the narrative about aging. Hubbell's thoughtful nature and lengthy design process, which included tapping into a material scientist and fashion designers, has given women the freedom to live life to its fullest – without worrying about incontinence, a once taboo and shameful issue.


Celebrity Kate Hudson is no stranger to entrepreneurship. (Fabletics is one of the first brands I could remember seeing promoted by influencers when I first got on the ‘gram.) Her latest venture, INBLOOM, focuses on 100% plant-based supplements from nature, crafted to nourish your body and mind. Nutrient-dense formulas ensure you’re getting what you need from your day -- and make the pursuit of wellness a little easier.

Just B

Cofounders Bina Khan and Madiha Chan founded their cosmetics brand for high-performing, customizable and eco-conscious products that celebrate the beauty of brown skin. The brand's debut product, Lip Spectrum, is a multi-dimensional lipstick with two different textures and shades in a color family. 

Knitwear is a family affair.
Credit: Kilte.


Founder Hannah Hale Redfern created her knitwear brand for moms, and each woman on the all-female team enjoys unparalleled career flexibility that prioritizes their children. Kilte’s responsibly-produced luxury pieces (at a woman-run factory in Florence, Italy) are designed to stay with you all day. Each is named after the women who inspire the look.

Kin Euphorics

Jen Batchelor wanted happy hour without the booze. Kin Euphorics beverages, which spark a pleasant, alcohol-free buzz, are designed to promote clarity and bliss with a blend of adaptogens, botanics, and nootropics that get the job done without the booze. Recently, the brand gained extra recognition as Bella Hadid has come onboard as a retroactive co-founder.

Kroma Wellness

Lisa Odenweller founded Kroma Wellness as a reset, not a cleanse. Packed with superfoods, nutrients, and even OMG Cookie Butter, the 5-Day Reset sets you up for long-term habit formation and success rather than brain fog and fasting.


I’m a longtime follower of OG influencer Tezza Barton, and her creative vision results in some seriously attractive ventures. Take Lello, her vintage inspired sunglasses brand. It’s luxury eyewear without the markup.

You glow differently with the Huestick.
Credit: Live Tinted

Live Tinted

Have you seen the magical Huestick floating around? When her viral TikTok video inspired a revolution about the need for diverse beauty products, Deepica Mutyala founded the company to showcase solutions for people underrepresented in beauty.


While studying to be a makeup artist under legend Bobbi Brown, Sarah Uslan was not satisfied creating her iconic bare-face beauty solely with makeup. Leveraging her learnings, and tapping into her fierce love of science, Uslan created LULA – a botanical-based, sustainable skincare line with a less-is-more practicality.


Here at TQE, we’re addicted to the washable silk Lunya pajamas – and the brand’s latest line of washable silk bedding. Luxurious but functional is our favorite combination. Founder Ashley Merrill is a serial entrepreneur who also dabbles in Outdoor Voices, Lahgo (the male version of Lunya), and others.

Material Kitchen

Material Kitchen makes kitchenware meant to last a lifetime -- thoughtfully curated for today’s cook. Co-founder Eunice Byun combined modern sensibility with the lasting craftsmanship you demand from what you use everyday; the accessible pricing and compelling design makes Material Kitchen a staple for any home chef.


Since its inception, maude has captivated the Internet with its subtle, aesthetic bedroom essentials intended to make intimacy better for all people through quality, simplicity, and inclusivity. Founder Éva Goicochea comes from a background at Everlane, Josie Maran Cosmetics, and even co-founded another watch brand.


As a nurse, mother, wife, natural food chef, and nutritionist, founder Hillary Tijerina is uniquely qualified to empower women to pause with Merigold: a monthly face mask subscription crafted from natural, organic materials.


Katherine Power’s newest endeavor (she also co-founded Avaline, Who What Wear, and is the CEO of Versed), MERIT offers a sleek take on minimalist beauty. The Minimalist is a TQE favorite, and the brand’s recently-launched Signature Lip is headed in that direction, too.   


Motherfigure is a maternal wellness startup that combines curated products with easy-to-access info, tools, provider reviews, and community to help women navigate motherhood. When founder Chelsea Allison gave birth, she found support options to be lacking; bolstered by a background at an investment bank, features at Vogue, and fintech startup Plaid, she launched Motherfigure to help other overwhelmed new moms.

Lockers are back in style.
Credit: Mustard Made

Mustard Made

Sisters Becca and Jess Stern took the classic practicality of lockers and added their own improvements for vibrant, aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. The retro look, varied sizes, and convenient features make these lockers the perfect statement and addition to any space.


After working in the wine cellars of the hottest restaurants across the country – and studying sustainable agriculture – sommelier Kristin Olszewski launched Nomadica for ubiquitously pleasing tastes that shatter our preconceived notions of canned wine. Nomadica’s cans come adorned with independent artwork – and accompanying playlists curated by DJs – for a multisensory drinking experience that preserves gravitas.


After employing hair straighteners to quickly get rid of wrinkles without leaky steamers or clunky ironing boards, Courtney Toll and Annabel Love co-founded Nori. The Nori press is a powerfully compact steam iron that’s twice as quick as the old-fashioned version – and easy to pack!


Founders Shira Wheeler and Abigail Gerow have perfected 100% cotton underwear for women (and recently kids) utilizing hand harvested organic pima cotton, custom-produced in Peru by a women-owned factory. ODDOBODY is designed to help the more than 300 million women who experience vaginal and bladder infections annually. The brand also provides resourceful, educational manuals with each purchase. Read our review.


OffLimits is more than a cereal brand. Cool-girl founder Emily Miller went to school for fashion design, then pivoted to trend forecasting where she ultimately got into the food space and landed a breakfast-focused cookbook deal. Her question of “what happened to cereal?” led to the funky, delicious, and innovative OffLimits brand. Read more about her influences and plans (um, Cereal Glitter?!) here.

Keyword: comfy.
Credit: Parachute

OUI the People

Razor bumps, begone. Founder Karen Young was taken aback in looking through 1950s shaving ads claiming that silky-smooth skin was what made you loveable. So she bucked outdated beauty messaging to create an inclusive, solution-oriented skincare brand with a “superior shave guarantee,” embracing flaws while making the shaving experience overall…better.


A self-professed “design enthusiast” and “lover of home goods,” Ariel Kaye launched her bedding brand in 2014. Now, Parachute’s an authority on gorgeous (and cozy) linens that redefine the bedroom, expanding into furniture, loungewear, and more.

Partake Foods

CEO Denise Woodard struggled to balance flavor, convenience, and safety when her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. As an answer, she created Partake Foods to offer delicious, allergy-free foods that they could enjoy with confidence. As if we needed more convincing, Rihanna’s among her investors.

Pizza Girl

Caroline D'Amore, executive chef and owner of Los Angeles-based family restaurants D’Amore’s Pizza, introduced Pizza Girl in spring 2019. The brand is bringing USDA certified organic, locally sourced and ethically-bottled sauces to households nationwide.

Pluto Pillow

Personalized pillow? Say no more! When CEO Susana Saeliu experienced debilitative neck pain in 2017, she realized her pillow was the main cause. Keeping your sleep position, preferences, and issues in mind, Pluto Pillow crafts the ultimate support for a dreamy addition to your bed. 

Proven Skincare

Founders Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan were tired of the guesswork required to solve “difficult skin.” Proven Skincare calculates your ideal skincare routine based on 45+ factors including season, location, age, and habits. Despite its infinitely personalizable formula, Proven distills your routine down to three items: a cleanser, daily moisturizer/SPF, and night cream. 

Real Chemistry

Nashville-based founder Karen Griffin wanted methods of exfoliation that didn’t use harsh abrasives or acids, and had a 100% traceable and fair production process. Now, her company Real Chemistry aims to bring transparency and ethical processes to cosmeceuticals. This chemical peel is even lauded by Meghan Markle.

Smaller Things

Smaller Things was a dream of mom and founder Alecia Zasiebida; it’s the kids' pajama brand creating sustainably-sourced, ethically-made, 100% GOTS organic PJs at an industry-competitive price point. The first City PJ collection features Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Texas, with Boston and San Francisco arriving this month. 


When planning her wedding, Jeanne Foley was disappointed by the ill-fitting and expensive options for outfitting groomsmen. She and her longtime childhood friend Diana Ganz created SuitShop for an easy and affordable solution to black tie attire for both men and women.


Tabeeze is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand focused on sustainable and intuitive baby garments. Founded by architect and designer Carrie Shaltz Haslup, Tabeeze's patented bodysuit is designed to go on from the bottom and snaps close over the shoulders making dressing baby much more comfortable.

Founders of Three Ships.
Credit: Three Ships

Three Ships

In 2017, recent college grads Connie Lo and Laura Burget pooled together $3,000 in savings and started making all-natural coconut oil makeup wipes in their apartment kitchen. Five years later, Three Ships is a line with 20+ products, 100% plant-based, clean, vegan skincare including an award-winning mushroom hyaluronic acid serum.


With Underclub, it’s all about U. This underwear subscription service sends stylist-curated under-things your way each month – and everything is tailored to you! Choose from matching bralette-and-underwear sets or underwear only, in addition to your style, fit, and color preferences. Sit back, relax, and let Underclub upgrade your top drawer for you!

We Dream in Colour

We Dream in Colour is a black-owned, self-funded, and independent jewelry line founded by Jade Gedeon, a Caribbean girl in New England. Each piece is striking and unique, with bold colors, rich patinas, and antique inspirations that combine the best elements of her global background and artistic education. While she aims to “re-imagine classics and tweak traditions” with her all-women team, Gedeon’s show-stopping earrings, necklaces, and other pieces are undoubtedly singular.


Wildling was co-founded in 2018 by intuitive acupuncturist/Chinese medicine scholar Gianna de la Torre, herbalist/beauty maven Jill Munson, and holistic esthetician Britta Plug. The trio brought together their common appreciation for gua sha to form a brand rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

Shop your standouts, then check out Foxtrot’s Women-Owned gift boxes for a sampling of some of the best female-founded eats. 

The above brands are just the beginning. Have a favorite we missed? Share it with us on socials (@thequalityedit) or at hello@thequalityedit.com.

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