My Sister Just Had Another Baby, And This Is The Breast Pump She Swears By

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with my older sister’s children. I thrive on being an aunt (all the fun with none of the responsibility!), and I literally could not imagine loving another kiddo more than my niece. When my sister announced she was expecting again, I was beyond thrilled. Upon the arrival of a healthy baby boy a few weeks ago, my family quickly made plans to visit and help out in whichever ways were most beneficial to my sister.

As a product reviewer, I was fascinated by the new items she’d requested for her baby shower and how she’d decided to upgrade her setup this time around. I’d also worked for months on social media accounts for baby products, so I was familiar with much of the landscape. What did she want to buy again? What hadn’t lived up to the hype?

Darby also had another challenge: her soon-to-be three year old daughter. She’s a handful (literally) and raising two kids at once exponentially increases the difficulty. One of her go-to items that she was most excited about was the Willow Go Pump, the on-the-go edition of a TQE favorite

I sat down with her to find out why she recommends the pump and how it’s helped her in her parenting.

Willow Pumps Are Each Hand-Free And Cord-Free

Willow offers several hands-free, base free, cord-free breast pumps, a unique offering in the post-pregnancy space. To be honest, most breastfeeding devices look like machines, but the Willow is crafted to be two units that fit neatly into your bra (and you order them by size). They’re smaller, dome-shaped, and significantly more discreet; each weighs less than a pound. To Darby, they still feel a bit heavy, but the lack of tubes is such a plus that she doesn’t care.

The brand currently offers the Willow 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump($549.99) and the Willow Go Wearable Breast Pump ($349.99).

The sleek Willow 3.0. Credit:

The 3.0 allows you to choose between four-ounce milk bags and eco-friendly reusable containers; with the Willow Go, you must use the containers. Both are app-connected, although the Willow Go only tracks the length of your pumping session, and the Willow 3.0 also tracks real-time volume, history, and allows you to control your pump via your phone. If you’re a data fiend, you might prefer having all your stats. If you could care less, the Willow Go is a prime choice without all the bells and whistles – and it’s over $100 less. You should also check with your insurance to see what they’ll cover. 

The Willow Go Gives My Sister More Of Her Time Back

Darby cared more that the Willow Go offered hospital-grade suction, so it’s more efficient to pump. The pump offers nine different levels of suction, so you can customize to your body’s preferences. The Willow Go came with two pumps, two 21mm flanges, two 24mm flanges, two container bowls, two container backs, two pump diaphragms, two duckbill valves, and two USB charging cables.

Like I expected, Darby doesn’t remember how it felt the first time she used it. She was firmly in the throes of a newborn-induced haze. Still, she says the pump wasn’t difficult to figure out and was very user-friendly from the get-go. Because the pump only has five parts, it’s easy to keep track of everything and keep it all clean. Plus, if you overproduce milk like she does, the Willow Go allows you to upgrade to seven-ounce containers, so you’re less likely to deal with leaks and overflows.

No cords and wires here. Credit: @cosmic.wellness

Because it takes less time, and Darby can move around while using it, she can get more done and not feel (as she does in the first few weeks) like she is constantly either feeding Liam or pumping. She can also devote more time and attention to my niece Hallie, who is still adjusting to no longer being the center of attention. Because it’s hands-free, she can work as normal, engage in her crochet hobby, play with Hallie, or do whatever else she needs.

Darby’s one complaint, however, is that she wishes it were easier to find bras that hold it. (Willow does offer several nursing bras crafted to fit the device.) Beyond just bras, Willow has a ton of accessories for both pump styles, such as Milk Containers (in two sizes), Duckbill Valves, charging cables/blocks, and cases for your pump. The brand truly is your one-stop-shop for all of your breastfeeding needs.

While My Sister Used The Willow Go Device, I Hadn’t Noticed She Was Pumping

When my mom and I walked into the house for the first time to help out, we hadn’t realized Darby was pumping. Frankly, I’d noticed how massive her chest was, but I just figured it was from her pregnancy. It wasn’t until she pulled the devices out of her bra that the lightbulb went off and I started to ask her about it. In that sense, your chest will look larger while you’re pumping, but it’s really not noticeable under a t-shirt or similar. On that note, the pump was pretty quiet, which is part of why it was so surprising to me when she revealed she’d been pumping throughout our conversation.

When you see it. Credit: @alexiskristiana

From my understanding, the main plus of the Willow Go is how freeing it is to be untethered and able to pump while traveling, running errands, or otherwise out and about. I guessed it might be more humanizing not to feel like you’re hooked up to a machine, and that this device might add more dignity back into your life when you need it. You’re already sleep-deprived and readjusting to a new body and schedule. Why make it harder than it has to be? 

Five Reasons To Love The Willow Go Breast Pump: 

  1. The Willow site includes a quiz that will recommend an ideal model for you.
  2. Willow’s pumps are rechargeable, and you should only need to charge it every three sessions. 
  3. Willow offers a one-year warranty on each of its devices.
  4. Willow claims that each of its pumps will help you yield 20% more milk.
  5. Its mobility allows you to genuinely use it anywhere – and many (like me) won’t even notice you’re using it.

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