Quick, Healthy Swaps To Get You Through Whole30, Keto, Or Other Nutritional Challenges

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The internet is rife with nutrition challenges. The Whole30. Keto. Paleo. 75Hard. Each one promises to strengthen your hold on your health and fitness (although can be restrictive and not empowering, if not balanced properly.) Some claim to identify your allergies. Others claim to harden your mental fortitude. And then of course there are those who simply call it out: a way to lose weight.

This spring, my family had approximately thirty days between weddings: just enough time to do a Whole30 “reset” between nonstop champagne and cake. A cleanse promised to adjust our healthy routines.

I aimed to swap in options I would actually stick with afterwards, that aligned with philosophies of mindful, intuitive eating. These food and drink DTC brands satisfied my cravings and boosted my energy.


Condiment swaps are a relatively easy, low-cost way to cut out sugar and other additives. Buy them once, use them forever.

That Southern heat.
Credit: @shadaewilliams

Hot Sauce from Red Clay Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is surprisingly versatile. You can add kick to salad dressing, your eggs, pulled pork, and more. This Charleston-based brand is expertly crafted, with time-honored techniques that embody Southern flavor. Its ingredients? Simple: Fresno chili peppers, white wine vinegar, filtered water, kosher salt, and xanthan gum. Shop the Original Hot Sauce for $10.

Almond Butter From Revival

My mom puts almond butter on everything, so Revival was a hit for her. With no palm oil or sugar, this brand offers craft flavors that add versatility to your smoothie, grain-free toast, and more! Better yet, Revival has a Whole30 compliant bundle ($53.97 for 4) so you don’t have to scour labels. 

Condiments From The New Primal

The New Primal has figured out the ultimate starter kit. With ketchup, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, and barbecue sauce, you can still make all your kitchen favorites. They’re also gluten-free and paleo-friendly. Shop the pack for $29.95. 

Latin Flavor Seasonings From Loisa

Partway through my Whole30, I got so sick of the same few dinner options. Enter Loisa: my Latin, flavor-packed savior. The Loisa Flavor Trio ($29) is gluten free, vegan, dairy free, keto, and paleo friendly. You taste the quality of these ingredients in every bite.


Açai dreams with Pitaya Foods.
Credit: @_thesweetvegan

Açai Smoothie Packs From Pitaya Foods

I’m big on açai bowls, especially as the temps climb. This convenient smoothie pack from Pitaya Foods uses organic açai berry – with zero added sugar, plenty of antioxidants, and a great fiber boost. The brand also has snackable aloe vera bites and other fruits. Shop the smoothie bundle at $74.99 for 32 servings.

Baked Breakfast Squares From Base Culture

Most mornings, I’m running out the door and just grab a fruit or snack bar. Ideal for those seeking a low carb, gluten-free, grain-free breakfast option, the Baked Breakfast Square from Base Culture is perfectly portable. Shop a 2-pack of 4 bars each for $13.98.

Plant-Based Bacon From Hooray Bacon

We’re a big bacon family. This clean, allergy-free label has a novel way of capturing fat that mimics the texture and sizzle of animal bacon – an easy way to convince skeptics to try a plant-based item. A bit of sugar keeps this from being Whole30, but it’s perfect for most health challenges. Shop a pack for $8.79.


For my daily caffeine intake, the rules were straightforward: no dairy, sugar, or other banned additives. Still, black coffee got old – these bev options spiced things up.

Matcha from Chamberlain Coffee.
Credit: @socialincubation

Nitro Cold Brew From Lavazza Canned Coffee

Lavazza is a comfort brand of mine, served by my go-to café in college. When I invested in an espresso machine, I bought Lavazza cans. The company recently launched a line of Italy-inspired cold brew coffees, easy for on-the-go. My personal fave? The Nitro Cold Brew, starting at 4 cans for $14.99.

Matcha From Chamberlain Coffee

 I recently switched to matcha, because the l-theanine prevents caffeine jitters. TikTok famous Chamberlain Coffee’s ceremonial-grade matcha has sold out over five times – and I see why!

Matcha Lemonade From Chamberlain Coffee x SWOON Lemonade

Chamberlain Coffee and SWOON paired up for a Whole30 compliant version of one of my favorite drinks: the matcha lemonade. Amen to clean caffeine! You’ll love the earthy, citrusy flavors. Shop the limited edition collaboration at $39.99 for 12 cans.


Grain-free indulgence.
Credit: @gluttennous

Pizza Bites From Snow Days

We’re longtime fans of Snow Days – especially those editors with kiddos. These organic grain-free pizza bites, hot from the oven? Mmm. Check out the newest limited edition flavor, Taco Pizza, at $59.99 for a 3-pack bundle. 

Cauliflower Chips From The Ground Up

These cauliflower crisps taste like baked Lay’s chips. From The Ground Up has a snack to fulfill any craving: with pretzels, tortilla chips, potato chips, veggie stalks, and crackers made from cauliflower, butternut squash, and purple carrot. I highly recommend the sea salt cauliflower chips at $3.99 per bag.

Fruit Bars From That’s It

I’m not exaggerating when I say I lived off of That’s It for just about thirty days straight. Breakfast? Fruit bar. Snack? Fruit bar. Made of 100% real fruit, That’s It was an effortless solution to every indecision. Shop the Variety Pack with twenty bars for $29.99 and you’re set

Unique Protein Bars From UNiTe

UNiTe protein bars are *fun* not boring – just try the churro variety. They’re full of dates, almond butter, hemp seeds, and cinnamon to create their unusual, mouthwatering flavors. Get 12 bars for $29.99.


Bonita indeed.
Credit: @drinkaguabonita

Agua Fresca From Agua Bonita

Latin-founded beverage brand Agua Bonita presented its first canned, non-alcoholic agua fresca in July 2020. This beverage is an instant, refreshing choice with 100% real fruit and no added sugar. Shop the latest hibiscus flavor at 12 for $20.

Cactus Water From Caliwater

I’m a bit morally conflicted about including Caliwater (founded by Vanessa Hudgens) because I can no longer go without it. At any given time, I have a box of prickly pear cactus water on its way to my doorstep, to the extent that I wish I didn’t know how delicious it was. Hydrating, light, and packed with electrolytes! Read more about my love for it here and shop the 4-pack for $11.99.


Temptation to feel good about.
Credit: @allenraevintage

Chocolate Truffles From Alter Eco

These organic, fair trade, gluten-free chocolate truffles from Alter Eco are absolutely unreal. I had to hide them from my family after half my haul disappeared. Better yet, the brand is extremely sustainable with regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration; its truffle packaging has compostable film. Try the Silk Velvet Truffle Thins for $4.49.

Coconut Spread From Kokada

I put Kokada on everything. This coconut spread is all-natural, made from whole foods, and is peanut free, vegan, and gluten free. The brand also commits 2% of proceeds to give back to local communities. My go-to Whole30 dessert? A banana with a dollop of Kokada Brownie

Salted Caramel Vegan Chocolate From Peter Who?

This vegan Swiss chocolate is the ultimate decadent treat. Peter Who? is fair trade, organic, gluten-free, and has no refined sugars. Studies show that dark chocolate is heart-healthy anyway. Breaking off a square of salted caramel vegan chocolate at the end of the day was exactly the sweet treat I needed to satisfy my dessert cravings. Shop the 4-pack for $22.49.

Mint Chip Ice Cream From Rebel Creamery

“Healthy ice cream” usually tastes like air, a pointlessly unsatisfying option. Out of everything on this list, the Mint Chip flavor from Rebel Creamery is my favorite swap. This low carb, keto ice cream (a bit crumbly due to its alternative ingredients) has monk fruit sweetened chocolate chips and tastes almost exactly like the real thing. You can buy a pint for $6.99; I’ll be buying the whole damn case (8 for $47.92.)

The above brands are just the beginning. Have a favorite we missed? Share it with us on socials (@thequalityedit) or at hello@thequalityedit.com.

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