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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

This month we’re serving up the type of April shower you can actually get behind – a deluge of products designed  to spruce up your spring. Pets, palates, and peace of mind: serve them all and add our editors’ top April picks to your cart. 

Credit: @eatsomos

Somos: Cinco de Mayo Taco Kit ($60)

“Somos Foods is the brainchild of Daniel Lubetzky, the Mexican-American founder of Kind Bars, and two of his friends all seeking to bring the cultural vitality of their homelands to your dinner table. Somos makes real Mexican food from authentic recipes and ingredients, and the entire line is plant based and gluten free. I recently sampled the Cinco de Mayo Taco Kit – a bountiful spread of several types of rice, beans, and taco fillings (think picadillo and tinga but with plant-based twists) along with tortillas, chips, and some of the best jarred salsa I've ever had. The Spicy Refried Beans, Cilantro Rice,  and the Cuatro Chiles Taqueria Salsa are the standouts for me, and with everything microwavable in 90 seconds or less, Somos offers an uber convenient way to taste these authentic flavors without any of the prep or clean-up!” –Scott

Credit: @trysourse

Sourse: Chocolate Vitamins ($34)

“Did you know that chocolate is actually a prebiotic that can support the microbiome, and act as a perfect vehicle for vitamin delivery? I didn’t until I found Sourse. Gone are the days of swallowing a handful of chalky pills, now we can enjoy a vegan chocolate treat while satisfying our nutritional needs.

I have been stuck on the Glow and Beauty Bites as a source of vegan collagen and biotin to support my hair, skin, and nails. However, Sourse also has bites to help level your mood (Mood Bites), increase energy (Energy Bites) and aid in improved focus and clarity (Hype Bites). Every ingredient is thoughtfully added for the most effective results, and each serving is only 20 calories. You'll quickly find yourself calculating, “how many bites is too many.” –Kristen

Credit: @dl1961denim

DL 1961: Patti Straight High Rise Vintage Ankle Jeans ($189)

“I've been on the hunt for a great pair of cropped jeans for warmer weather, and these are IT. Great wash, super high quality, and a great vintage vibe that's perfect for laid back spring/summer outfits.” –Kaleigh

Credit: @verygoodparts

Goodparts: Everywhere Balm ($16)

“This little tube from lube brand Goodparts is the future. The multi-purpose balm can be used anywhere. It feels incredible on my lips, soothes my anxiously-bitten nails and cuticles, and brings a sheen to my oft ashy elbows. Each all-star ingredient serves a purpose: jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax for moisture and shine, clove bud and ginger to soothe aching muscles, anti-inflammatory papaya seed extract, and CBD to calm and focus your mind. The real cherry on top is that its versatility extends to the bedroom: it’s made to work as a companion to anal sex, either to help relax muscles beforehand or to soothe skin afterwards. All in this chic little tube. If you need to declutter your bag (or your online shopping carts), this is the Swiss Army Knife of travel-sized personal care.” –Jordan

Credit: @caliwater

Caliwater: Wild Prickly Pear ($32.99)

“This is me admitting I was wrong. The beverage market can feel so oversaturated and hyped at times, and I was skeptical of yet another buzzy brand. Instead, my first can genuinely shocked me to the extent that I immediately texted my family and friends that they had to try this drink. Caliwater is hydrating and light, like you'd want from a coconut or sparkling water, but has significantly more flavor in a way similar to juice. At only 25 calories a can, it's been the perfect afternoon refresher. It would hold up really well for the boat rides, beach days, and scorching temps coming up soon. The brand also partners with No Kid Hungry to donate 5 cents for every can purchased, with the goal of donating up to $1 million by April 2022.” –Grace

Coop: Sanctuary Pet Bed ($170)

“When it comes to dog momhood, I'm a bit of a pushover. Naturally, this has led to my 50 lb dog having full reign of my bed for the past three years. Every few months, after a particularly restless sleep (she likes to sprawl), I'll get fed up and purchase a dog bed. And like clockwork, every few months, about a week later, I'll return the bed due to complete and utter lack of usage. I recently decided enough was enough—I was determined to find her the dog bed of her dreams. What I needed was a dog bed designed for humans. Enter: Coop's Sanctuary Dog Bed. Made with the same memory foam and microfiber fill as the brand’s human pillows, it's the only dog bed she's ever agreed to spend the night on. Plus, the amount of fill is adjustable, it's waterproof, it comes with an extra (machine-washable) cover, and most importantly, it's cute as hell. Thank you Coop—my sleep hygiene (and hers) is better than ever.” –Tatiana 

Credit: @higherdose

HigherDOSE: Infrared Sauna Blanket ($599)

“HigherDOSE is the baby of ancient wisdom and innovation, making the practice of heat therapy available in a portable infrared sauna blanket. I’ve gotten used to the work from home and workout from home lifestyle over the past two years, so I depend on creative brands that keep up with modern standards. I look forward to this 45-minute euphoric sensation, which helps with glowing skin, detoxing, and even cardio (IKR?!). Also, with its rain jacket-like fabric, it's easy to clean. This blanket has been an amazing investment in my health and wellbeing.” –Hannah

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