The Throwdown: Wearable Blanket Edition

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It’s been harder for me to relax lately. Like many, I’ve been all work from home (with the occasional venture to a coworking space) and therefore terrible about boundaries. Knowing that I’m bad at turning “off,” I have a vested interest in making sure my downtime feels like downtime instead of purgatory. For that purpose, I’ve leaned more into stereotypical *cozy* gear in an attempt to give my body and mind genuine cues.

Enter: the wearable blankets.

The Quality Edit has lauded the praises of the UnHide ‘Marshmallow’ collection, and I thought I’d see how its newest line of wearables compared to those we know and love -- including those I saw on infomercials growing up. In this latest issue of our Throwdown series, we compare  appearance, warmth, washability, materials, and cost in mind. Here’s what I learned!

On the day I received my wearable blankets in the mail for comparison, it was pouring outside. We’d gone too long without a good storm, I’d burnt myself out too early in the week, and I was desperate for an excuse to finally shut off. With the light dimming and the rain pounding, three little words sounded just right to me: Harry Potter marathon. Unboxing the following felt like an invitation.

Sweet, sweet Netflix.

The Players

First up is UnHide’s newest collaboration with Netflix, the Everywear Blankets™. The collection includes the Shleepy Robe (a “robe-like hug”) and the Binger (a poncho that easily converts into a blanket.) While each fits differently, they’re both made from UnHide’s incredibly soft, vegan fur. Next up is The Comfy, a gigantic sherpa hoodie that’s a weighty cult-favorite, popular among college students and White Elephant parties. Finally is the Huggie, a known and loved shape that started the whole movement: a simple blanket with sleeves. 

My mom dons the Binger for a cozy morning.

Test No. 1: Appearance

The UnHide Everywear Blankets™: I was surprised when I tried on the Binger and the Shleepy Robe and actually felt comfortable in their shape. I could actually run to the grocery for a pint of ice cream (tempted) or venture out for the day in either. The Shleepy Robe is somewhere in between a robe and cardigan, while maintaining that soft blanket-feel, while the Binger actually converts from a poncho to a blanket and back again, making it a versatile option. I tried the Short version, but the Binger also comes in a longer length. Consider me impressed. 

The Huggie: I’m relatively certain my family has owned a Snuggie since approximately 2006. I drag it out from our musty blanket chest more often than I’d like to admit. The Huggie is exactly the same: a simple microfleece blanket with sleeves. Although I was hunting specifically for a Huggie, it was actually a bit hard to find the exact brand I wanted because it’s so homogeneous to the others. That was a bit of a turnoff as there was no clear benefit to this one over the others -- just another infomercial item. Still, the shape was simple and the microfleece is comfy, so it’s easy to see why the blanket with sleeves gained traction.

The Comfy: When my mother saw me in this getup, she laughed so hard she cried. It feels like a joke -- making it a hoot at White Elephant parties and for assorted gag gifts. Instead of aligning more with its blanket side, The Comfy instead aims to be a truly enormous hoodie feeling roughly analogous to the Michelin Man. It’s “oversized” and that’s putting it lightly; it goes down to your knees, feels impossibly thick, and has huge sleeves and pockets. I have vivid recollections of watching hungover Instagram stories on Sunday and seeing this getup featured. The Comfy says “I have given up on reality.” 

Winner: UnHide Everywear Blankets™

A close up of textures of the Huggie, Comfy, and the Binger.

Test No. 2: Materials

The texture of the UnHide collection is nothing short of decadent. It’s so soft that it’s almost buttery, and I actually squeaked when I felt it. 

Now that I compared the look of each piece, next came evaluating how they literally felt curled up on the couch. 

The UnHide Everywear Blankets™: This category is where the UnHide Everywear Blankets™ really excels. The texture of the UnHide collection is nothing short of decadent. It’s so soft that it’s almost buttery, and I actually squeaked when I felt it. Something inside me just melted, and that relaxation was exactly what I’d craved. I didn’t want to take it off, so I actually slept in the Binger. Plus, have I mentioned it’s vegan fur made of recycled plastics? UnHide’s products are both human- and animal-friendly, meaning I could scoop my black lab into my lap for Prisoner of Azkaban and not overthink it.

The Huggie: Out of the fabrics I tested, microfleece was my least favorite. I know from experience that it gets thinner and nubbier over time, and I already had sweatshirts that accomplished the same feeling. It felt already weathered and worn down, and since I was equally weathered and worn down by the end of the week, I kind of wanted something more luxurious. The Huggie was great, material-wise, but it just wasn’t as satisfying as either of my other options.

The Comfy: A big frustration of mine upon unboxing this one was that it had instructions to wash first, and a weird chemical smell that was off-putting. It immediately felt unclean. I had to run it through the laundry, and that slightly detracted from the experience. As for its construction, it’s almost a statement piece, but I’d never be caught dead with it outside of the house. Because of its weight and density, it would be difficult to really move in it. Considering its purpose is for the couch, I ended up not minding its lack of versatility, and enjoyed the sensation of being small and cocooned. 

Winner: The UnHide Everywear Blankets™

Trying on the Huggie for the first time.

Test No. 3: Warmth

Lest I mislead you, I don’t live in a chilly, stormy, blanket-conducive climate: I’m Floridian. But as we ready ourselves for the winter, the temps still drop and we still want movie marathons. We’ve become experts at judging how to layer blankets to be cuddly without overheating. As I’d generally like to be able to use my blankets throughout the seasons, a brand’s awareness of “cozy” versus “just plain hot” was important to me in my evaluation. After all, a blanket’s weight can often be more comfortable to me than its overt warmth.

The UnHide Everywear Blankets™: The product line claims it feels like a warm hug, and that pinpoints the sensation exactly. I loved that the Binger poncho was elbow-length, which was the perfect amount of fabric for seemingly any temperature. Additionally, it was convertible, meaning I could change it into a blanket if that was a preference, using easy snaps around the side. The Shleepy Robe had full sleeves and more of a cardigan feel. Both felt surprisingly flexible in their design.

The Huggie: While the Huggie is definitely comfortable, it loses points in insulation. Because it’s an open-back endeavor, it didn’t keep me as warm as the other two. Part of this was also due to the microfleece, which was definitely less substantial than its sherpa and vegan fur contenders.

The Comfy: Once I’d committed to wrapping myself in this cocoon, I was all set, but I was a bit anxious about burrowing myself into a den of blankets and then overheating. Once I was settled into my bingeing position, I genuinely did not want to move. I ended up putting on and then removing the Comfy often. It’s substantial, like being in a sleeping bag, so would be great for colder environments. 

Winner: TIE -- UnHide Everywear and The Comfy

Test No. 4: After Wash

We’re all familiar with that new sweatshirt feeling -- the fresh glow of a brand new jacket until the first wash. We dread that first laundry day, degrading the softness of the fabric. Since I’m unfortunately familiar with that second-date disappointment, wearable blankets' ability to maintain their integrity throughout washes was a huge factor in my comparison. If I can’t wash it, I won’t love it.

UnHide Everywear Blankets™: Out of the competitors, I was most nervous to place these in the wash. I was scared to lose its heavenly texture, and doubted its ability to hold up after a spin cycle. Shockingly, the UnHide did...fine. It didn’t appear to change, which made my appreciation for it shoot way up. For a luxury product, it’s pretty unheard of.

The Huggie: While we’ve been longtime fans of the simplicity of the design, we know that microfleece degrades with each wash. After one wash, there was a noticeable decrease in the pleasure of putting on the Huggie, as it just wasn’t as luxurious.

The Comfy: I already knew the Comfy would hold up in the wash, because I had to wash it before I could wear it. After washing and drying (on a low cycle), it still wasn’t fully dried so I air-dried, then ended up reshaping some lumps as it’s just so massive. It reminded me a little bit of dealing with a duvet cover (not the most flattering comparison) but was overall okay.

Winner: UnHide Everywear Blankets™

My mother tries the UnHide Shleepy in Snow White Standard.

Test No. 5: Cost

When I buy a blanket, it tends to stick around for years. Still, I’m a new-ish college grad, and biting the bullet on anything I don’t explicitly need feels painful. When I decided I needed to force myself into relaxation mode, cost was a big factor. I either needed something that was a low pricepoint, or made up the investment in low cost-per-use.

UnHide Everywear Blankets™: Because of the decadence of its fabric, the UnHide collection is a premium buy. It’s well-touted as “therapeutic” though (for both weight and softness). Its versatility means I could genuinely get away with wearing either item outside of the house. The Shleepy Robe is $95 while the Binger is $85. Would I spend $95 on a luxury cardigan? Absolutely. In terms of cost-per-use, I have the feeling UnHide is an investment that will quickly earn out.

The Huggie: The Huggie is the cheapest of the bunch, priced at $24.95, but it’s pretty standard. In terms of comparison to the others, it’s been a true neutral the whole time. While you might hold onto it over time, it eventually gets a bit threadbare. You get what you pay for.

The Comfy: The Comfy feels like a middle ground between the two, although its use is limited due to its sheer size and appearance. At $44.99, it’s a solid starter for building up a blanket trunk.

Winner: The Comfy

A close up of the collection.

Final Verdict: UnHide Everywear Blankets™

While it’s been more difficult than normal for me to relax lately, the UnHide Everywear Blankets™ goes a long way in making up for that gap. It’s a clear winner, bringing a decadent luxury feel to the lazy simplicity of a Netflix binge. The brand literally crafted the collection with Netflix, keeping the couch in mind, and the dedication to the experience is apparent in each feature.

Try the UnHide Everywear Blankets™ for yourself. And maybe reach for the remote.

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