Vejo Promises A 30-Second Smoothie Made From Freeze-Dried Fruit — And It Does Not Disappoint

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Ever since I moved to Los Angeles, I’ve been obsessed with making smoothies. I’m not a total health nut who counts every calorie, but I find comfort in the ritual of smoothie-making. Everything about the process — from picking organic fruit at the grocery store, prepping bananas and berries to freeze, deciding what greens to add, and figuring out if I need to add specific superfood powders to my blend — feels like a grounding ritual that reminds me that I know how to take care of myself.

Truth be told, when I learned about Vejos pod-based single-serve portable blender, I was skeptical. The Vejo blender is designed to be a drinking cup, a portable bottle and blender all in one, so you can ditch the single-use cups and extra dishes to wash later. Once you have a blender, the Vejo system works in four easy steps: Pour cold water to the fill line in your blender. Add a flavor pod of your choice to the blender. Twist the top to start blending for 30 seconds. Enjoy your smoothie. So mind-blowingly simple. 

As the self-proclaimed Smoothie King of Los Angeles, I just didn’t think anyone could distill the perfect healthy smoothie into a pod, similar to a Keurig instant coffee machine that you’d find in an office break room. Even though the single-serve blender itself appeared impossibly chic and well-designed, I worried that it held servings too small to satisfy my morning smoothie needs. Nevertheless, I set aside everything I knew about smoothies and let Vejo treat me to a break from my complicated smoothie prep rituals.

Powered by Freeze-Dried Fruit

When I received my Starter Kit, I was pleasantly surprised that everything I needed to make a smoothie could be found in a tiny box, instead of fruit packaging, peels to be placed in the compost and grocery bags that I usually deal with. Vejo’s pod-based system starts with freeze-dried organic fruits, picked at perfect ripeness with all the nutrients preserved, and curated into their smoothie blends. 

Unlike actual fruit, Vejo pods are shelf stable and can be stored for up to 12 months without refrigeration. The freeze-drying process eliminates household food waste and creates less carbon emissions because it’s easier to transport. Vejo uses biodegradable pods, which are better for Mother Earth in the long run.

Convenience That Made Me Feel Like An Astronaut

When I think of freeze-drying, I think of astronauts going into space to do what only a select few can accomplish. I was a skeptic at first, but honestly, Vejo allowed me to make space for a more expansive morning routine. When I’m stressed in the middle of the workday, knowing I have an abundance of smoothie pods to choose from in the pantry makes it easier to make healthy choices instead of reaching for that unhealthy, sugar-packed snack.

While I enjoyed the ritual of shopping for fruits and veggies that go into my smoothies, I can’t deny the convenience of making a 30-second smoothie. It made me feel like I can go anywhere — run errands, a weekend picnic with friends, a quick road trip to San Diego for the weekend, or even the moon — and my fruit and veggie intake will still be taken care of.

Credit: @hardkournutrition

Compared to store-bought powders that can contain up to 30g of added sugar per bottle, Vejo blends contain zero added sugar, which makes it perfect for slowly weaning yourself off of a sugar addiction. Vejo’s blends come in four categories: Daily Smoothie Blends, Coffee & Tea Blends, Protein Blends and Functional Blends.

Daily Smoothie Blends include Clean Greens, Strawberry Banana, Tart Berry, and Pina Greens — classics that pack a nutritious fiber-loaded punch in the mornings or afternoons. Your Vejo can also whip up coffee and matcha drinks: Vejo’s Coffee & Tea Blends include Matcha Latte and Cold Brew Coffee for a midday pick-me-up. Protein Blends are made with plant-based proteins mixed with flavors like Spiced Chocolate and Banana Almond. And finally, Functional Blends target specific nutrition needs like Immunity Support and Sleep Supplement with Lemon Tea.

A Smoothie King’s Honest Review

Image source: @styleelyst

When I first tried Vejo’s freeze-dried blends, I simply added cold water as recommended and found the flavors a little bland. Plus, the powder did not get fully incorporated into the water, so unappealing chunks of dried powder would sit uncomfortably on my lips and tongue. I wish that there was an option to add a second 30-second pulse of that blender so that the powder could dissolve more. I later realized that I needed to add a bit more water to meet the suggested fill line -- this fixed my undissolved powder woes.

And then one day, I had the inspired idea to try using oat milk instead. It was a total game-changer. First, if you’re trying to cut back on sugar or calories, you should be warned that oat milk has more fat and natural sugar than regular milk. But if you’re going for increased fiber content, easy plant-based protein and absolutely delicious smoothies with a thick texture — oat milk is the way to go. Plus, I found that the powder dissolves more easily in oat milk and I didn’t get any pesky powdery chunks.

Overall, I’m still going to make my smoothies with real fruit for most of the week, but I’ll happily pop a portable pod into my Vejo before shopping trips or when I’m looking for a healthy snack to tide me over between meals. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to implement more nutritious habits into their diet.

5 More Reasons To Love Vejo:

  • The pod-based system cuts down on food waste. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, it’s also better for the environment.
  • You can get an endless array of organic fruit flavors without the grocery bill. Vejo freeze-dried their organic fruit for the pods at peak ripeness to save you the trip to Whole Foods.
  • The customizable subscription program won’t leave you hanging. Build your own monthly box with the flavors you love, starting at $90/month for 30 pods.
  • The curated sets will keep your wellness goals on track. Vejo designed 3 curated boxes, Healthy Start, Be Well, and Family Favorites, for newbies and old-timers alike who might need a little direction on where to start.
  • Vejo helps you create healthier habits, little by little. Instead of starting an extreme diet just to fall off the wagon, Vejo helps you incorporate fruits and veggies into your daily routine, one pod at a time.

Transform your morning smoothie routine -- try Vejo for yourself.

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