How This 5-Minute, 8 Product Routine Transformed My Feelings About Makeup

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The word hate is a strong statement; one I don’t use lightly. But I hate wearing makeup. From the cakey consistency of the powders to the density of liquids, I despise how makeup clumps on my skin. And don’t get me started on the lengthy application process.

So, when I saw trèStiQue’s five-minute, stress-free, simple makeup routine on Instagram, I stopped my scroll. I didn’t believe it was possible. As a mom re-entering the world of camp drop-offs and back-to-school nights, it was time to find a quick routine to help me retake the world. It’s why I hit purchase and decided to give trèStiQue a shot.

Now, my disdain for makeup is no longer. I love my trèStiQue routine. And for the first time in forever, I crave putting on a little makeup.

It’s Not Tres Chic… It’s trèStiQue

trèStiQue was born out of Jenn Kapahi’s desire to find a makeup solution for real women. Despite spending her entire career working as a makeup artist and for brands including L’Oreal, MAC, Estee Lauder, and Revlon, Jenn didn’t like wearing makeup (sounds like me!).

“All the makeup was very complicated, very messy, very fussy, and very heavy. And the makeup bag was the bane of my existence. It was this massive thing with products that leaked and spilled all over my handbag,” Jenn tells me. And I couldn’t have said it better myself.

But unlike me, who gave up on makeup and decided to go au naturel, Jenn decided to fix the problem with a new, 360-vision on the makeup routine. She partnered with Jack Bensason (another beauty world veteran) and together the pair revolutionized the industry with two-in-one makeup crayons… AKA makeup (trè) sticks!

The brand's crayon magic on full display. Credit: @trestique

“Jack and I had a similar passion for the crayon, and we thought of building a whole makeup line and routine with two-in-one crayons,” Jenn tells me as she shows me some of the crayons via zoom. “That’s what makes trèStiQue different. You can do a full face, in five minutes using two-in-one makeup crayons; one side of the crayon is the makeup, and the other side is the application tool. They are ridiculously creamy textures, glide on, blend effortless and stay on all day.”

5 Minutes… 8 Products…1 Simple Routine

Buying makeup online sounds tough, but trèStiQue makes the entire process simple. I sent a selfie to the company through its online portal for shade matching. But I wasn’t convinced my selfie resulted in the right color suggestions, so I set up a complimentary video chat with one of trèStiQue’s beauty consultants. The consultant walked me through all the products and looked at my complexion to confirm the proper shade match—and I was happy to find out recommendations based on my selfie were correct.

Then I placed my order directly online. My essential eight,  trèStiQue’s best-selling kit that comes with all products needed to create a five-minute face, came with the following: tinted face stick, concealer, brow pencil, shadow crayon, eyeliner, mascara, blush stick, and lip glaze. I also got a compact makeup bag, which fits in the palm of your hand, made out of one recycled water bottle.    

Unboxing my new favorite routine

I wanted to have a place to go when I tried trèStiQue for the first time, so I planned a girl’s dinner. I gave myself 45 minutes to get ready; shower, dry my hair, put my makeup on and get dressed. (Pre- trèStiQue, it took me approximately two hours to get myself ready, mostly because I was always multitasking.)

“Multi-tasking is a necessity as a mom and when I became a mom at the same time, I was starting this company. I knew the solution was to create a multi-tasking makeup routine that delivered on the promise,” says Jenn, who has young boys. “The makeup bag fits in the size of my palm, has a mirror in the top and a clip to hold it up in place and I can do my makeup with one hand.”  

Compact and so easy to take on-the-go!

Jenn’s goal was to “remove the layers of complexity and deliver a simple beauty routine for all people.” She accomplished that goal. Not only was I able to do my entire makeup routine in minutes, but it was an easy application process and made me feel like a superstar.  

Makeup Made Right

trèStiQue is made with clean, quality ingredients. Formulated in Italy, every product is made with a combination of cream and gel, is fragrance-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free certified by PETA.

Credit: @trestique

The cream and gel formulation makes the brand ageless and great for all skin tones. “The consumer inspired me,” says Jenn of why trèStiQue chose to go with the cream and gel combo. “Powder and liquid foundations don’t work for all ages and ethnicities. The powder sits in lines and the liquid is not formulated for darker skin tones. The combination of gel and cream is sheer and buildable. You look like yourself, just touched up.”  

My favorite part of trèStiQue makeup is the fact it’s not cakey or chalky. It lies smoothly on my skin and is long-lasting—by the time I got home from my girls’ night out I still felt fresh—not oily.

From Makeup Hater To Makeup Fan Girl  

trèStiQue transformed me into a makeup fan girl. Now, I look forward to putting myself together with this easy, quick, comfortable makeup. I wear makeup so much more often than ever before, even my daughters notice the change. They are constantly asking, “why are you always wearing makeup now?”

So far, I’ve used trèStiQue mostly for my daytime or weeknight looks, but I just reached out to the beauty consultant for more recommendations. She got back to me in less than a day and next on my purchase list is the highlighter crayon, bronzer and a few more eye shadow sticks to create a nighttime look (I have green eyes, so I’m going with a purple shade).  

As for what’s next for trèStiQue? The company is gearing for a rebrand, with a mission to make trèStiQue even more sustainable. “Innovation wise, we are constantly pushing ourselves to be this sustainable makeup brand that brings people never before, unusual, high functioning performance.”

Check out trèStiQue to get makeup that will save you time and make you feel like a million bucks!

Credit: @trestique

5 More Reasons To Love trèStiQue

1. All products fit in the compact case, making this the perfect travel companion. It takes up very little space in any bag.

2. Products are affordable—the Essential 8 costs $175 (and includes a case) when you buy all products together, which breaks down to $19.40 per item.

3. The two-in-one designs eliminate the need for additional application tools. You know exactly what tool you should use for what product.

4. The combination of gel and cream makes it the perfect product for any skin tone.

5. trèStiQue’s makeup is forgiving and easy to blend so you never need to worry about making a mistake. It makes the makeup application process less daunting!

Simplify and upgrade your routine -- try trèStiQue today.

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