This Is The Hotel Bed Frame Of Your Dreams: My Thuma Platform Bed Review

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My bed frame and I have long been objects of mutual loathing. I hated it, and it clearly hated me, often collapsing beneath me while I slept. (And God forbid I attempt to pull it back from the wall so I could reach the outlet behind it.) When I was looking for an easy-assembled frame neutral enough to fit any decor, one Instagram favorite appeared time and again. It seemed to check all of the boxes, so I gave it a go and added it to my cart. 

Meet The Thuma Bed

Amen. Credit: @beebssss

Thuma was founded in 2018 as a minimalist solution to elevate the bedroom, inspired by hotels: a ubiquitously appealing and sleek bed that you can embellish if you want, but looks striking by itself too. Real (recycled) wood, Japanese joinery techniques, and padded slats make it simple and subtle. 

The bed uses upcycled rubber wood that would otherwise go to waste, making it genuinely eco-friendly. A ​​Greenguard Gold Certification ensures that the brand is using the lowest possible emissions for each bed. Even the packaging is recyclable. 

I ultimately tried The Bed (starting at $895), The Tray ($145), and The Side Table ($295), to varying degrees of success.

Since The Bed was such a hit – with 10,000+ five-star reviews and a plethora of Instagram tags – Thuma has expanded into bedding, bedroom furniture, tech accessories, and even a mattress. 

The Bed Arrived Almost Immediately – And I Actually Loved Putting It Together

Thuma prides itself on shipping quickly, and the brand delivers (literally.) My bed arrived only a few days after I placed my order, which makes it an excellent choice especially for those navigating sudden moves or whims to redecorate – along with those who, like me, have moved across the country with absolutely no furniture.

My bed arrived in several long boxes. One of Thuma’s finest selling points is that it’s designed so that one person can assemble it. No Taskrabbit or burly friend required. As someone who routinely moves alone, this quality is so important. Only one box was relatively heavy, and even then, I could still carry it up the stairs by myself (and I could have carried it up piece by piece if I needed to disassemble first).

Easiest. Assembly. Ever. Credit: @lbrownster_weaves.

Better yet, the instructions are undoubtedly clear. Thuma uses boxes instead of styrofoam for padding during shipping – more eco-friendly, in line with its ethos – and ones containing no parts are helpfully labeled “THIS BOX IS EMPTY.” Thuma’s instructions tell you exactly what to unbox and in what order, then detailed instructions go through each step with clarity, diagrams, and encouragement. As promised, fitting the pieces of the bed together takes zero brain cells. Clicking them together in a Lincoln Logs fashion is satisfying rather than frustrating, and took me approximately twenty minutes overall.

My only critique is that I noticed some of the wood looked a bit raw i.e. not fully sanded, but I ultimately chalked it up to its repurposed wood construction. That didn’t seem to affect its functionality or how elegant the final product appeared.

My First Impressions of Thuma

The dreamiest setup. Credit: @seoulfulhome.

Aesthetically, the Bed is right up my alley. I opted for the Walnut stain with a Light Linen headboard in a queen size, which completely tied my room together. (It’s also available in Natural and Espresso wood, Dark Charcoal and Fog Grey pillowboard color options, and in Twin, Full, King, Cali King, and Daybed sizes). I hadn’t fully realized I disliked my setup until I noticed how much more cohesive my room looked with the Bed in it. Admittedly, my bedroom’s style is very traditional, building off antiques and inherited furniture; despite the Bed being much more modern, it works, making me confident it’ll fit in a variety of spaces. Even my mom likes it, and she tends towards the historical. (Anecdotally, I’ve also noticed its prevalence in AirBnBs…for good reason.)

Because it’s a platform bed frame, no box spring is required — just plop your mattress right on top. And although its platform style gives it a low profile, there’s enough space below for storage, and you can purchase Underbed Storage Bins ($145) that slide beneath. 

My chosen accessories, The Tray and The Side Table, are perfect for reducing clutter. I ended up using The Tray tucked between the Side Table and the Bed to hide my cords and tech; I get to charge my phone while my nightstand gets to look chic and curated. 

The product imagery shows the Side Table sliding perfectly over the Bed as an overbed table. Although my mattress isn’t particularly thick, the table was too short for that function, and this could have been easily solved by another few dockets in the center pole. There’s definitely room to make it taller and, according to reviews, this is a common problem. (I might see if I can get this adapted somewhere so that I can properly use it in this way.) I still appreciate its sturdy weight, powdered steel appearance, and other choice details.

My Overall Experience With The Thuma Bed

You can tell I love this bed so much because I refuse to shut up about it. For several weeks, every time I talked to my family, I praised how happy it made me, and how easy it would be to write my review (ahem) because I wanted to gush about it nonstop. I’ve already recommended it to friends upgrading to their first *adult* furniture among many, many others.

The Thuma Bed feels solid and comfortable, while the PillowBoard adds some much-needed polish.

The setup. Credit:

I define luxury for myself as a product that elevates my daily life, a touchpoint I engage with every day that makes my routine *that* much better. Like an incredible showerhead. A bed that makes my bedroom gorgeous and sleeps well. It makes my personal Hall of Fame for sure.

In all honesty, my standards for my new bed were relatively low initially. The Thuma Bed convinces me that they should be much higher. Its sustainability promises are genuine in the brand’s impact and reduction, while its stylish construction is just as effortless and aesthetic as promised.

No matter where I go, my Thuma Bed will be a comfort to me – especially because it’s so easy to transport.

Five More Reasons To Love Thuma:

  1. The Thuma Bed comes with a lifetime warranty.
  2. Thuma utilizes a 1:1 model, planting one tree for each bed sold.
  3. The Bed has the easiest assembly of any furniture item I’ve ever done – which is especially incredible considering its size – and is light (yet sturdy!) enough for one person to do alone if necessary.
  4. Accessories and add-ons are curated to look and feel like hotel furniture: refined yet fading into the background. 
  5. And if you get bored of the color, you can always switch out the PillowBoard cover for a fresh look.

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