Hai Showerhead Review: This Smart Showerhead Transformed My Bathroom Into A Spa

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My parents used to tell a story about a guy they knew who’d take his own showerhead with him while traveling It felt bizarre to them, an odd quirk that turned into a tale to tell at the dinner table. 

After testing this showerhead: I get it.

While I understand the hesitancy to invest in a “bluetooth showerhead” (does our daily bathing ritual really need another connected device?), crisp branding and a spa mist setting swayed me to try hai. It’s now become a staple in my self care routine – after all, isn’t luxury about small, simple upgrades that elevate portions of daily life? Add a little luxury to yours with hai. 

You’ve Never Seen A Showerhead Like This.

Move over, stainless steel.
Credit: hai

The hai showerhead is attention-grabbing for its bright, sunny collection of colors. After years of silver metal showerheads, this appearance intrigued me as it crossed my Instagram feed. But honestly, I wouldn’t upgrade a showerhead for looks. At $250 a unit, the hai showerhead is undoubtedly expensive.

Next, I heard about all the sustainable features:

  • It tracks your water and energy consumption (to encourage water saving).
  • LED alerts notify you when your shower is hot (so you don’t waste water waiting) and when you should get out.
  • You can set eco-goals that allow you to adjust your shower time and water usage, like using two gallons of water per shower.
  • The brand has carbon offset all negative shipping impacts, supports like-minded water organizations, and uses 100% recyclable packaging. 

While I absolutely care about the environment, these features didn’t exactly feel necessary. But, the functionality of the hai hooked me. My shower is one of the only times in the day I fully unwind, so the spa mist feature sounded like an appealing way to make it even more therapeutic. Plus, this showerhead is rental-friendly, meaning it’s easy to swap, replace, and move with me.

Admittedly, Easy Install Wasn’t Super Easy

The arrival of the hai.
Credit: hai

One of the selling points of the hai showerhead is that it’s supposed to be easy to install. I received the Regular (2.5gpm) size, with 35 individual spray nozzles. It also comes in a Water Sense size, which meets the strictest water flow standards in the U.S. and is designed to improve low water pressure.

Armed with my toolbox and ready to install, I was grimy post-workout and wanted to test it immediately. 

Unfortunately, the hai showerhead didn’t quite fit my pipe, and I agonized over how to fit it over the threading that wrapped around the pipe’s opening. 

After consulting quite a few YouTube videos, I eventually got it to work with the assistance of some pliers. Still, I worried about scratching the metal of the pipe by forcing it on (or, worse, breaking it). A $250 showerhead was too much of an investment to f*ck up.

Once I figured it out, I tried the showerhead on a few different setups around the house.  I’m still waiting on a small adapter screw to come in for the clawfoot tub and shower I currently have; keep that necessity in mind if you have an old-fashioned home.

My Honest Opinion After 50+ Showers

Looks almost as good as it feels.
Credit: @wlsgrace.

Since first receiving it, I’ve showered with both the hai showerhead and with the Speakman units my family swears by. I’ve also traveled to multiple cities, showering in both AirBnBs and friends’ apartments, getting an apt comparison of what different pressures and designs feel like (a spectrum to which I wasn’t previously attuned). With most units, I notice good water pressure and – as a tall girl – some adjustability, but that’s about it.

This showerhead is now one of my most prized possessions. The first time I got in a hai shower, I laughed out loud. Tears sprang to my eyes – no exaggeration.

This showerhead is now one of my most prized possessions. The first time I got in a hai shower, I laughed out loud. Tears sprang to my eyes – no exaggeration. In the past few months, I’ve been fundamentally exhausted like many others. My adrenaline doesn’t cool easily and common self-care recommendations often make me restless instead of rejuvenated. I need to be physically forced to slow down.

The spa-like nature of the shower viscerally unwinds me, a rarity. While the delicate spray of the water is soft and refreshing against my skin, the hai is designed to provide high pressure. Mine is now forceful and satisfying, soothing my muscles while the mist adds serenity.

Misty-eyed over this spa mist setting.
Credit: @wlsgrace

I thought maybe that magic would wear off, but the hai has remained a constant contributor to my well-being – a refuge from my weariness. Each time I step underneath the spray, I’m reminded of bathing as a historically spiritual practice, a ritualistic reset for the body and brain. This product seems to channel that intention, wrapped in an eco-friendly bow.

I can change the spray with an intuitive slider, which is an upgrade from my previous showerhead. I also love that you can use it as a handheld (which allows you to use less water by being efficient with your clean). While the app is interesting to me, I don’t really check it, although I appreciate the subtle reminder of conservation whenever I see the LED light flash. It could also help with the utility bill. 

I’ve recommended it to my grandmother, who benefits from a handheld showerhead’s ease of use, my sister for bathing her toddler, and high-powered friends who operate similarly to me. If you’re upgrading your showerhead anyway, it’s a divine luxury option. I plan to take it with me wherever I go next, and hope it lasts forever. 

What’s Next For hai?

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the hai team’s plans to add aromatherapy infusions to its offerings, adding to its already-rejuvenative shower experience.

The hai showerhead turned out to be a transformative addition to my bathroom, one that makes me relish my shower. In stressful days and everyday, I’m enormously grateful for this small pleasure.

5 Reasons To Love The hai Showerhead:

1. The spa-mist setting adds intense, relaxing luxury to your day-to-day life. A real spa experience!

2. The vibrant colors (like persimmon, citron, and rose) and sleek design fit into and elevate any space.

3. The hand shower feature makes it ideal for the elderly, kiddos, and dogs who need a little extra help and control while bathing.

4. The showerhead is eco-friendly, tracking your water and energy usage over time, offering helpful alert systems, and measuring up to the strictest WaterSense standards in the U.S. to conserve water.

5. The brand is constantly innovative, developing new features for its signature, high-quality product while supporting like-minded sustainability initiatives and organizations.

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