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For some odd reason, when I turned 25, I felt this untameable desire to purchase and care for approximately one million houseplants. What was even weirder to me was that a lot of my friends started to have the same itch, too. Originally, I chalked it up to having recently graduated college and needing a hobby. Perhaps that was partially true. I’m starting to think, however, that this was really a case of biophilia (pronounced bio-feelya), which is our innate desire to connect with nature. What turned me on to this thought was actually not a podcast or a social media post, but rather, a DTC plant brand called The Sill.

Simple Beginnings Turned Big Blooms

If you’re thinking “DTC plant brand? How could that possibly work?” – I had the same thought. Transporting plants from nurseries in my car had been a disastrous and messy experience in the past – how could this be done on a truck in a box? Through trial and error, as well as some excellent packaging design, The Sill has been bringing plant parents new houseplants right to their door for almost 10 years.

A peek into the unboxing – these plant babies have all the support for their journey to your door.

I love The Sill’s founding story; it’s a true picture of what need-based entrepreneurship looks like. After finding herself in a drab apartment in NYC, founder Eliza Blank’s mom suggested she get some houseplants to spruce things up. She did just that – and it turned out that she absolutely loved caring for them and what they did for her space. She realized there was a gap in how we get plants, as well as the support needed to care for them. With that, she set out in some borrowed NYC office space to solve the problem of being able to better connect people with plants… and solve it, she did!

Get Real with These Plants

From large plants to easy-care plants to tiny succulents, The Sill has so many live plants to choose from. I got the ZZ Plant (starting at $68) and a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree ($228), which both arrived carefully boxed. Within each large box, there was a smaller box containing the pot, and then a good amount of bubble wrap and other protective materials around the plant itself. In addition, each plant comes with cute little instructions for care, as well as where to get support for how to care for it.

This is my second fiddle-leaf fig, but this one has by far taken root (plant puns!) in our hearts as our new favorite. No shade to the old one from the greenhouse, but this one is over 4 feet tall with robust leaves and a stunningly simple upcycled planter ($58). I’ve picked all of the pots in our home to date, but when this one came out of the box, my husband said, “Oh this is easily my favorite pot we have.” Care for this tree is relatively simple, which always appeals to me and our on-the-go schedule.

The evolution of the potting process.

The ZZ Plant lives on our dresser and I have been loving the way it adds color and detail to our room. We just moved in and are doing several renovation projects, so things are a bit all over the place, but somehow, this one plant has given me some peace of mind in the way it makes me look (sort of) put together. One of the things that I found most interesting about this plant was the way it “sprayed out” after a week or so after being in the box. It was clear it was compressed a little in the box, but time and some TLC allowed it to really open up into a cool, organic shape.

Faux-ever Plants

My husband and I travel a good amount of the time thanks to the flexibility our jobs allow us. When we go on trips, I often worry that our house plants won’t get the light or water they need. They usually make it through just fine, but recently, I’ve been exploring faux plants for this very reason. No matter how much you travel or if you tend to over or underwater plants, these ones cannot die – which is fantastic news for many of us that struggle with the care plants require! Those of us that have had plants die on us know just how sad it is when you accidentally kill one.

These stems stay “fresh” year-round.

The Sill has recently come out with some gorgeous fake plants that have upended the way I think about faux plants. Prior to ordering these, I thought of faux plants as ugly and cheap-looking – not these ones. We got the Phalaenopsis Orchid (starting at $68), the Faux Maranta ($55), and the Olive Tree ($68), all of which arrived in perfect shape. I have been especially surprised at how great the Orchid looks in my guest room. The room doesn’t get a whole lot of light and I rarely go in there, so it was the perfect plant to add a splash of life without any extra work. As for the Magnolia branches, they give a flowy, Mediterranean vibe that I’m digging in this season of frigid weather.

We seriously can’t get over the fact that this tree is fake!

Deck Your Halls

If you couldn’t tell by our gift guides and daily Instagram deals, we’re big fans of the holidays around here. The Sill is, too, and has the cutest holiday tree to add some cheer to any home. I’ve been loving the way my Norfolk Island Pine Tree ($77) adds a little bit more of the holiday spirit to my home with minimal effort. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve decided we aren’t even putting up our tree this year and are only using this little guy as our tree. This would make a perfect and lasting gift for anyone who you aren’t sure what to get this year.

This tree is sure to add some holiday cheer to your home. Credit: The Sill

Your Green Thumb is Showing

Whether you are swimming in houseplants or you’re a first-time plant parent, The Sill has something for you. What’s more is that they will support you in your journey toward connecting with nature in your home. From my perspective, The Sill has certainly fulfilled its mission to “make people happy.” From one happy plant parent to another, these plants are the real (or faux) deal.

5 More Reasons to Get Growing with The Sill:

  1. If for some odd reason your plants show up looking damaged or unhealthy, The Sill offers a 30-Day Guarantee to ensure you get the best new addition to your home.
  2. The brand offers a free online course called Plant Care 101 to help you get growing.
  3. There are a few local stores in the US that offer additional in-person shopping, repotting, and workshops.
  4. For those looking to really amp up their collection, The Sill offers two subscription types (Classic and Pet Friendly) to help you save while you build your collection.
  5. The Sill offers several upcycled planters that are made from unwanted agricultural byproducts such as bamboo fiber, so you can feel good about the impact your purchase is having on the Earth.

Sprout something new with The Sill.

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