The Just-In-Time Gift Guide: 39 Of Our Favorite Gifts, Plus Their Shipping Deadlines

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You’ve been making your list, checking it twice – only to find that shipping times are skewing more naughty than nice. But no matter how deep we are into December, you’ve found this list just in time. We’ve rounded up our favorite gifts of the year, plus their holiday shipping deadlines, so your orders will arrive under the wire for the holidays. 

While a few days of buffer never hurts (supply chains, we know your tricks), these cut-off dates come directly from the brands. So peruse below, add to cart, and breathe easy knowing you beat the clock. There’s enough stress around the holidays to make tracking your shipment one of them. 

Photo credit: Vintner’s Daughter

December 3

While most of the below dates ensure arrival in time for Christmas, Vintner’s Daughter is here for all your Hanukkah gifting too. Order by December 3rd to get these skincare serums before you light the first candle – or by 12/20 for Christmas, or 12/21 for Kwanzaa.

Photo credit: Graf Lantz

December 5

12/5 is the cut-off for eco-friendly towel brand Geometry – and also for international orders from Kinn and Graf Lantz. Kinn’s 14k solid gold jewelry is a hot commodity in beauty, and Graf Lantz has become iconic for its merino felt wool coasters, among other decor items. You can still order from both brands by 12/12 for domestic orders; for expedited shipping, order by the 19th from Graf Lantz or the 21st from Kinn.

Photo credit: Merit Beauty

December 8

Merit Beauty makes some seriously gorgeous gift sets, full of clean, vegan makeup and more. 12/8 is the brand’s ground shipping date, but you can wait until 12/16 for expedited for 12/19 for overnight.

Photo credit: Silent Opus

December 9

Customizable jewelry brand Silent Opus allows you to choose every element from metal and stone to engraving and packaging. Just make sure to purchase by 12/9 to allow for its two-week turnaround (impressive for a custom maker). 

Photo credit: Dal the Label

December 10

12/10 is the last day to order international shipping from Dal the Label. Domestic shoppers have more time – until the 16th – to peruse scarves and other fashion from Arab-American designer Dana Mortada.

Photo credit: Quince

December 11

More fine jewelry on offer here: this time from J. Hannah, who also makes a killer nail polish. Any purchases from the brand’s in-stock section should be made by the 11th. Same goes for Quince, who makes some of our favorite linen sheets, among other essentials.

Photo credit: Guest in Residence

December 12

Guest in Residence, Gigi Hadid’s cashmere knitwear brand, has a 12/12 international date and 12/20 for domestic. Morrow Soft Goods’s stunning table linens should be ordered by the 12th either way – with the bonus perk of free shipping included. 

And it’s also the standard shipping cutoff for Italic, that Swiss Army Knife of a brand that excels in everything from bedding to cookware. The brand offers expedited shipping through the 15th.

Photo credit: Brightland

December 13

This 13th might not fall on a Friday, but it’s a wild day regardless when it comes to shipping cutoffs. Though our perennial favorite olive oils from Brightland can also be ordered by the 12/19 with 3 Business Day shipping – or 12/21 for 1 Business Day – 12/13 is the drop dead date for the other brands below.

GIR, purveyor of silicone kitchen tools.

Letterfolk, known for its crowd-favorite tile mats.

Catbird, for ethically-made, personalized jewelry.

Open Spaces: for those who need some (chic) additional storage.

Terrakaffe, the espresso maker of your dreams.

Plus Poketo and Yield, two of our favorite creative design brands.

Photo credit: Dusen Dusen

December 14

From playful slippers to patterned towels, Dusen Dusen has got you covered. When it’s time to hit the hay, we’re huge fans of Lunya's intimates. And if it's cruelty-free, vegan skincare you're looking for, take a gander at Summer Fridays' offerings. All three offer ground shipping by the 14th, as well as the following options for quicker delivery:

Lunya: Express Shipping (12/19 by 11am PST) and Expedited (12/21 by the same time)

Summer Fridays: 2-Day shipping (12/20 by 9am PST) and Overnight (12/21 by the same time)

Photo credit: Bien Mal

December 15

Sommelier-endorsed wine club Parcelle is all about transparency – here’s the uber-detailed shipping calendar: ​​

UPS Ground West Coast: Thursday, December 15th

UPS Ground Mid-West: Friday, December 16th

UPS Ground East Coast: Monday, December 19th

Last day for 2nd day air: Wednesday, December 21st

Last day for overnight shipping: Thursday, December 22nd

The others are more straightforward, with ground shipping offerings from fitness brand Bala, the coveted Beast Blender, Bien Mal’s cotton throw blankets (12/19 for expedited), Baboon to the Moon’s go-bags (12/20 expedited). And last but not least, the seemingly ubiquitous Oura Ring, also 12/20 for expedited.

Photo credit: Barehands

December 16

Give the gift of a dry-gloss manicure if you order by 12/16 from Barehands, the same day Latinx haircare brand Ceremonia closes its holiday window.

Photo credit: Desmond & Dempsey

December 18

Jambys makes sweats that are so stupidly comfortable I practically live in mine now – as well as a newer line of tees made from the same weighted fabric. The 18th is its cutoff date for Expedited Shipping. For a higher-end approach to comfort, check out the luxury pajamas made by Desmond & Dempsey, who’s accepting orders until 1pm GMT (UK time.)

Photo credit: Woof

December 19

We’re big fans of Dandy del Mar’s modern but funky leisurewear, and same goes with Character Home’s chic update to home improvement tools. Both would make fabulous gifts, but keep in mind that while DDM offers ground shipping until the 19th, Character Home will require expedited.

Another great expedited option is dog brand Woof, whose treat-dispensing Pupsicle made our Gift Guide for Pets. And make sure you get your Ghia orders in by noon PST – unless you’re ordering the brand’s non-alcoholic aperitifs for New Years / Dry January, in which case you have until the 26th.

Photo credit: Offhours

December 20

Offhours’ dreamy homecoat made our 2022 gift guide in a heartbeat, so we’re stoked to announce you have until the 20th to order with free ground shipping. Even better news is that the brand is running a promo: from 12/15 to 12/21, you’re eligible for free 2-day as well.

Photo credit: Drew Martins

December 24

Well well well, little procrastinator. We see you like to live dangerously. Lucky for you, Drew Martin’s cannabis pre-rolls deliver next day to California residents. So if you’re living in the Golden State, your Christmas tree won’t be the only greenery that’s cherished in your home.

For everyone else, we’re happy to announce almost all of the brands above offer gift certificates, a surefire bit for any giftees who’d rather make their own selections. With brands this stellar, some spending cash will be plenty well-received. Just a word advice: maybe get an earlier start next year. We’ll have a guide to help you through it.

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