Taurus Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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With the start of Taurus season comes (in my expert opinion) one of the best birthday gifting months of the year. Taureans, known for their love of luxury, comfort, and quality, are -- due to those exact predilections -- incredibly fun to gift. The Taurus in your life has a unique appreciation for material indulgence and sensory pleasure. (A gift card or cheap bottle of wine really won’t cut it this month.)

Successfully gifting this notoriously stubborn sign will earn you some of their trademark loyalty. A thoughtful, genuine gift to show a Taurus you care will always win. Still lost? Don’t worry -- we’ve curated a litany of options sure to please your favorite bull.

Brightland Bon Vivant Capsule, $135

Credit: @wearebrightland

Taureans are known for their penchant for the finer things in life -- be they food, drink, or experience. Make them feel like the culinary savant they aspire to be with Brightland’s Bon Vivant Capsule, featuring the cult-favorite brand’s high-quality olive oil and vinegar, along with their classic gold whisk, new DIGESTIF kitchen candle, and Rebekah Pepler’s À Table: Recipes for Cooking and Eating the French Way.

Haus Sampler Kit, $40

Credit: Haus

Play to your Taurus’s epicurean characteristics (while also satisfying their grounded, health-conscious disposition) with Haus’s low-ABV apéritifs, which will enable them to indulge while still feeling great the next day. Gift them the gorgeous Sampler Kit -- and at only $40, you might want to grab them two, so they can experience every flavor.

Splurge-Worthy Loungewear

@babba in her Public Habit set (credit: @publichabit)

As part of the whole “love to live in luxury” thing that Taureans have going on, they’ll go crazy for some chic but cozy loungewear that makes them feel like a million bucks, even when they’re working from their couch. Just a few of the most drool-worthy I have my eye on:

  • Anything from LESET (one of their paired sets makes for the perfect pre-assembled gift)
  • Public Habit’s Manhattan Cashmere Cardigan and matching Brooklyn Cashmere pants -- the set I’ve been obsessing over since it first dropped. This screams chic, understated luxury, and is really the only WFH outfit you’ll ever need (which can transition effortlessly into “real life” -- perfect for a Taurus who craves the comfort of loungewear 24/7)
  • A pair of shearling slippers for pure domestic bliss, like these from Senreve, or a more affordable option from Free People

A Plant (Or Two)

Credit: @thesill

As the grounded earth signs they are, Taureans are associated with plant life (and often might find themselves most recharged after getting their hands in some soil, or chilling in a field of grass). To infuse their space with some of this earthy energy, gift them a plant they can nurture and grow -- some of our favorites are from The Sill, Bloomscape, Léon & George, and Lively Root.

Dada Daily Self-Indulgence Bundle, $78

Credit: @dadadaily

As I’ve mentioned, Taureans are known for their love of sensory pleasures and indulgence. Yet, they often gravitate towards items that also have some practical purpose. Gift them something they’d never buy for themself -- like this beautiful but irreverent Self-Indulgence bundle from Dada Daily. The bundle will excite their dual love for pleasure and practicality: a surrealist but beautiful candle (for pure enjoyment) paired with adaptogenic vegan chocolate truffles (for mood-boosting nourishment). I’m also a big fan of the Light Me Up bundle, to play to a Taurus’s sensual and cheeky disposition.

Laundry Day, from $32

Credit: @laundryday.co

Of any zodiac sign, the Taurus you know is probably most likely to...be a stoner, for lack of more sophisticated terms. Merge their love for material luxury with their adoration for “plants” by gifting them some gorgeous glassware from Laundry Day. If you’re not bold enough to gift your Taurus a pipe, peruse some of their ashtrays, lighters, or candles -- all of their objects are total smoke shows ;)

Feals, from $20

For something a little less risqué (or for something your Taurus can use on a more regular, sustainable basis), gift a flight of Feals. At only $20, The Flight is the perfect intro gift for someone new to CBD looking to test out a few different strengths. If you know the exact dose for the Taurus in your life, browse from Feals’ entire product line -- and earn some Taurean loyalty by helping them achieve greater calm and focus in their daily life.

Birthdate Candle, $38

For a fail-proof but thoughtful choice, gift a Birthdate Candle. This is as customizable as it gets: give your Taurus a candle that looks as incredible as it smells, completely customized to their date of birth.

Get to shopping -- and check back here next month for our complete guide to gifting a Gemini.

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