SuitShop Review: I Stopped Renting And Bought This $200 Suit Instead

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Last year the only suit you’d find me wearing was a tracksuit. Now that weddings are coming back, it’s time to leave the sweats at home and step into a suit that’s sure to impress.

We’ve already started to see the return of busy wedding seasons with the 2021 post-Covid wedding boom -- and 2022 is going to be even busier. The Wedding Report is projecting more than 2.5 million weddings -- the most we’ve seen since 1984. Renting a $180 suit or tux for each wedding I’ve been invited to just isn’t logical at this point. I wanted to find a suit I could order online and have tailored, without breaking the bank.

Candidly, I was a bit skeptical about ordering a suit online without being measured or trying on different cuts -- after all, a suit is meant to have an elevated, tailored fit. If I’m going to wear one, I have to look good. Thankfully I got lucky with SuitShop, and I think you could, too. Here’s what it was like buying my first suit in (what feels like) a decade, entirely online.

How Exactly Does SuitShop Work?

First, I used the brand’s Fit Finder, which asked a lot of great questions about the sizes I currently wear and the styles I like. In just a couple of minutes, I got my sizing recommendations, and I was pretty confident that they were close. Since SuitShop also offers a complimentary virtual fitting, I decided to take advantage of that, too.

Not only did I feel comfortable chatting with the SuitShop team during the appointment, I was able to find the perfect look for me, mixing modern and slim fits. And while I’ve never worn a three piece suit, I have always wanted to give one a try. Luckily, SuitShop offers matching vests to complement each of its suiting options, and the rep I worked with was able to help me pick the perfect look while we chatted.  Before our call was over, she had placed the order on my behalf, which removed yet another step from the typical suit shopping process. After experiencing a virtual fitting, I never want to go back to in-store and spend an afternoon being fitted by a stranger again. 

And just like that, I found my fit.

A Suit That Exceeds Expectations

I’ve always loved the look of a navy blue suit with brown shoes. Not surprisingly, the combo is also SuitShop’s best seller. There’s a reason officers of the Royal Navy have stuck with some shade of navy blue for over 250 years. Plus, It’s a versatile look that is universally flattering and appropriate for most occasions.

After placing my order during the virtual fitting, I received my suit in about seven business days. 

I was immediately impressed by the color, quality, and stretch of the material, the pick stitching on the lapel, and the overall fit. From just a few questions and a virtual fitting, SuitShop was able to get the fit just right. The box my order arrived in had helpful details about how to clip the back vents and find the right tailor to hem my pants (SuitShop delivers their men’s pants with an unfinished hem to guarantee a perfect length and bespoke look for everyone). They even included a garment bag which can easily be carried or folded (safely) into a suitcase. 

It’s the small details for me (Cool, smart packaging! Helpful tips! Foldable garment bag!) 

Why Not Just Rent?

SuitShop’s broad, size-inclusive range and the ability to order my pieces as separates is what really allowed me to get a custom-fitted look that a rental suit could never offer. I didn’t have to pay a custom-fitted price for the look either, as the whole suit cost me just about what I would have expected to pay for a rental (just $243 total for all three pieces). And, this one’s mine for good.

It’s not just about the fit. When chatting with SuitShop, the team mentioned that a rental could be worn up to fifty times before its retirement. I don’t love the thought of putting on something that dozens of other people have been wearing. I just can’t help but imagine the amount of abuse these suits take, and the amount of dry (chemical) cleaning needed to get that “abuse” out. 

Also, rental suits are pretty inconvenient and the costs add up quickly. When the last suit rental company I considered told me that I would need to have it back the next day, I just couldn’t bear the thought of having to deal with the return while I’m hungover. After doing some simple math, it became clear that if I rent a suit twice, I might as well just buy one to keep and avoid all of the unnecessary hassles that accompany a rental. 

Feeling sharp for date night in my new 3-piece Navy SuitShop ensemble.

What’s Not To Love?

What stood out to me most was the quality of the suit, especially at the price. Plus, the ability to complete the entire process from your own home? No one can really put a price tag on that convenience.

The overall quality of SutiShop is what really blew me away. The level of craftsmanship is so obvious in the stitching and the look and feel of the Eco Stretch material.

My suit arrived quickly and fit perfectly. Other than getting the pants hemmed for that perfect custom look, no other alterations were needed. If there had been an issue with the fit, I could have taken advantage of SuitShop’s free returns and unlimited exchanges, and based on the responsiveness of the team, I’m sure I’d have been taken care of.

If you’re looking to skip the hassles of renting a suit or tuxedo and would prefer to own a timeless look that can be worn time and time again, I highly recommend checking out SuitShop. 

Five More Reasons to Love SuitShop:

1. Size inclusivity. SuitShop’s fit range included four lengths (short to extra long), two fit types (slim and modern), and 15 different sizes (34-60) that you can mix-and-match. I also noticed the brand’s line of Women’s Suits and Tuxedos ranging up to size 20. 

2. SuitShop has enough styles to find a modern look that suits you, without being overwhelming. I keep seeing men’s fashion TikTok, but always feeling overwhelmed by the number of combinations.

3. SuitShop is backed by thousands of 5-star customer reviews from real individuals, couples, and stylists. 

4. If you’re wedding planning, SuitShop’s wedding management dashboard makes it super easy to suit your wedding party online. Formerly known as The Groomsman Suit, you can have confidence in getting your group suited for your big day. Just look at these wedding offerings.

5. I didn’t even touch the accessories! I’m a pretty casual guy, so I don’t wear ties every day. I am a sucker for cufflinks though, and SuitShop has both and more (like shoes, belts, bowties, and dress shirts).

Stop renting, own a suit or tuxedo from SuitShop for just $194.00 

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