These Green Spring Cleaning Goodies Will Motivate You To Scrub Your Whole House

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Growing up, the words “spring cleaning” had me absolutely heading for the hills. You couldn’t catch me within 10 miles of my childhood home on our annual “deep clean” weekend.

These days, I’m finding myself almost looking forward to the annual post-hibernation tidying ritual. I said almost, didn’t I? The change in heart is probably an ironic combination of the lack of raging pubescent hormones, the fact I have my own place to keep… and that I’ve found some really sweet supplies to clean with. Keep reading to find yourself some goodies that are sure to motivate you to deep-clean as you’ve never cleaned before.

Green Cleaners Galore

Finding and choosing cleaning supplies can feel like a chore in itself. Luckily, my fellow editors and I have done the hard work for you and highlighted a few of our favorite cleaning brands that are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Treat your floors to a good, old-fashioned scrub-down.
Credit: @supernaturalbeing via @gofrenchyourself

Floor Cleaning Concentrate by Supernatural ($60) 

Cleaning concentrates are an easy step towards reducing single-use plastics. Eco-conscious brand Supernatural’s version is meant especially for wood, but it can also be used on other floor types (vinyl, tile… you name it). It uses primarily essential oils for scent, which means less worry about the chemicals used in other cleaners that you and your family’s feet could be absorbing. 

Earth Day is Everyday Set by Cleancult ($70) 

If being matchy-matchy is your thing, Cleancult’s sets have your name written on them. The brand’s Earth Day is Everyday set contains an all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap, and hand soap, and comes with four glass containers to store your cleaners. Cleancult utilizes cardboard packaging for its refills, which are intended to be stored in the containers in the set. The pump on the dish soap works amazingly well (not too much, not too little) and the plant-based ingredients set the mind at ease.

See ya, single-use plastic bottles! 
Credit: Branch Basics

Glass Starter Kit by Branch Basics ($89) 

When grocery trips (and cleaning supplies) were few and far in between in 2020, I got in the habit of using my multipurpose cleaner for everything. But, I quickly learned that there’s a reason multiple cleaners for different purposes exist. Branch Basics has all three of the major cleaners your home needs (bathroom, multipurpose, and glass) in one non-toxic set that also comes with refillable glass spray bottles. They’re designed with minimalist simplicity, but also have a color-coded band around the bottleneck so you can be sure you’ve grabbed the right one for the job at hand!

Essential Accessories

Just like a good outfit, no cleaning job would be complete without a few tried-and-true accessories. We’re geeking over these cleaning tools:

Credit: Staff

The Plunger by Staff ($32) 

Newer DTC brand Staff makes the funkiest plunger in the game. (Yes, I did just use the words “funky” and “plunger” in the same sentence.) Staff’s founder, Charlie Weisman, realized while stuck in his NYC apartment during the COVID-19 lockdown that many household products lack personality. He hypothesized that a bit of fun added to the stuff we use regularly (like… toilet plungers) can go a long way in bringing us joy. Why not add a little smiley friend with a bowtie to your bathroom to help with life’s inevitable crappy moments? 

Springtime and the scrubbing is easy.
Credit: Cultiverre

Sustainable Bamboo and Natural Fiber Brush by Cultiverre ($10) 

When it comes to plastic sponges, I have a weakness for the convenience and the reliability of every grocery store’s yellow-and-green classic. When I learned about the environmental impact those sponges have on marine life, I found Cultiverre. The brand makes a gorgeous and eco-friendly wooden brush that can last for up to 6 months. Calculating that out… carry the one… that costs just about as much, if not less than plastic sponges will run you.

Storage Caddy by Yamazaki Home ($37) 

Having all of the great cleaning supplies in the world is all well and dandy, but what about lugging them all over your home when you’re using them? The “Storage Caddy” from Yamazaki Home makes carrying your cleaning supplies both simple and stylish. It’s sturdily built and will look tidy in any cleaning closet or on any shelf. 

Organizers to Obsess Over

Spring cleaning is obviously all about de-griming the home, but it’s equally about sorting through and organizing your stuff. The below storage items will have your home Marie Kondo-ed in no time.

Can you say #ClosetGoals?
Credit: Parachute

Cotton Canvas Storage Bin by Parachute (Starting at $19) 

Ever since I was a young kid, I have eyed the beautiful canvas baskets at home decor stores, longing for the day I was able to fully organize my home with them. Parachute’s high-quality, multi-size bin set is my dream come true. Parachute is female-founded and prides itself on giving back to communities in need, working with the UN on a campaign called “Nothing But Net” to protect children with bed nets from malaria. Not only will you feel good organizing your home, but you can feel great knowing Parachute is making the world a better place.

Entryway Rack by Open Spaces ($184)

For those of us not fortunate enough to have a shoe closet, Open Spaces has designed what has to be the prettiest shoe (or any other item) rack I have ever seen. The rack is three layers and comes in seven different colors, so you can be sure to pick a color that will suit your space well. At $184, it’s a bit of a splurge, but the simple elegance of the design is timeless and can be re-styled each spring during your cleaning sessions.

HAY’s crate sets can add a fun pop of color to any space.
Credit: @emmalloyd

Colour Crate Sets by HAY ($34)

For the smaller-scale organization of items like art supplies, knick-knacks, or makeup, HAY makes beautiful crates. They’re stackable and come in fun colors that can spruce up any space, even a drab make-shift home office. At $34 for 3 crates, these crates marry affordability and durability to ensure you can enjoy keeping your stuff organized in them for years to come.

One More for the Road

There’s a TikTok floating around that jokes “when she lights a candle after cleaning the whole house, don’t touch anything.” There’s some truth to that if you ask me; a good cleaning job is always marked by the finishing touch of a great candle. 

This candle is relaxing to even just look at.
Credit: @theworthingtoncollection

“Timeless Elegance" Luxury Candle by The Worthington Collection ($60) 

If you’re looking to change up your home’s scent post-clean, try The Worthington Collection’s huge selection of candles. They’re on the pricey side at $60 a piece, but they boast an odor-elimination that most other candles cannot. You can select a scent, like Timeless Elegance, or you can create your own collection with three or more candles. TQE editor Tiffany agrees, having placed it on her 30 gourmet gifts list! 

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to feel like a chore anymore, thanks to the brands focusing on sustainability and natural ingredients. I’m pumped to feel wonderfully organized entering the warmer months with a clean house and even cleaner world.

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