30 Irresistible Gourmet Gifts To Impress Your Favorite Foodie This Holiday

Credit: Warner Bros.

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There’s no better time than now to gift to your favorite foodie. Not only did the pandemic compel many renowned local chefs and restaurateurs to make their goods available nationwide, but last year’s lockdown also triggered culinary creators to dream up new (and delicious!) direct-to-consumer eats. From thoughtfully curated gift sets to beautifully bottled wines and mouthwatering confections, there’s an endless array of gastronomic goods available right now—which is why we tried and tested dozens of them for this comprehensive gift guide. Keep scrolling for 30 irresistible gourmet gifts that are sure to impress all the epicureans, home chefs, and entertainers in your life (trust us, there’s something for everyone)!

For the chocoholic…

Oodaalolly x Kasama Rum Chocolate ($24)
Credit: Kasama

You can do better than a box of mall-bought chocolates. Get them this trio of beautifully packaged bars ($24) from a just-released collab with new-school Filipino rum company Kasama and small-batch Filipino chocolatier Oodaalolly. Available in three flavors—70% dark cacao, milk chocolate with creamy coconut milk, and white chocolate with pineapple chunks—these delectable treats go toward a good cause too. A portion of each sale will be donated to Hospicio de San Jose, a welfare institution in the Philippines that supports orphaned children and battered women. (And in case you’re wondering, yes, these chocolates are infused with rum.)

For the one who can’t stand another fruit and cheese basket...

Foxtrot The Perfect Bite by Fishwife ($65)
Credit: Foxtrot

It’s not that they don’t love a good sharp cheddar—it’s just that their tastes have, well, evolved a little. Thankfully, no one understands foodies like Foxtrot, which identifies the most high-quality and interesting products from across the U.S.—from ethically sourced chocolate peanut butter to fancy, farm-to-kitchen hot pepper sauce. The easiest way to surprise and delight your favorite gourmand? Get them The Perfect Bite ($65), one of Foxtrot’s expertly curated gift boxes featuring several The Quality Edit favorites: Fishwife’s sustainably sourced tinned fish, Brightland’s champagne vinegar, Lady & Larder’s crackers, and Spicy House’s black sesame seeds.

For the olive oil connoisseur...

Brightland The Artist Capsule ($150)
Credit: Brightland 

Brightland’s buzzy olive oil—which launched after its founder learned the industry is rife with mislabeling and adulteration, leading to inferior oils on the market—lives up to all the hype. The brand uses olives from a family-run farm in California, which are cold-pressed within 90 minutes of harvest. 

This holiday-ready set of four ($150) includes Brightland’s consciously made, sustainably sourced infused oils—in flavors like garlic, lemon, chili, and basil—featuring artist-designed labels for a special twist.

For the one who wants to branch out from olive oil...

Yóu Yóu Tea Seed Oil ($40)
Credit: Yóu Yóu

Wow them with a bottle of tea seed cooking oil ($40), which requires a whopping eight years to produce. This light, mild liquid is made from tea seeds harvested from camellia trees that are cold-pressed and processed to retain major nutrients—including antioxidants called catechins that lower blood pressure and balance cholesterol levels, special polyphenols that decrease inflammation, and omega-3 fatty acids. Even better, thanks to a high smoke point of 485°F, it’s a stellar cooking oil that’s sure to become your giftee’s new kitchen go-to.

For the sweet tooth…

Sugar Labs Candy Cane Sugar Cubes ($19)
Credit: Sugar Labs

For a treat designed to delight even the most jaded gourmand, get them these peppermint-flavored sugar cubes ($19) from a digital bakery run by chefs and tech geeks in LA. Over the past decade, the company has refined a new 3D-printing technique that uses powdered water and sugar to make gravity-defying edible designs. These innovative culinary creations are available in dozens of iterations—as festive marshmallows, craft-beer-inspired bonbons, or even customized treats

For the spicy tooth...

Fly by Jing Tis the Season(ing) Box ($120)
Credit: Fly by Jing

Fly by Jing’s Sichuan chili crisp—the savory, spicy, tingly, crunchy sauce that took over our pantries last year—makes for a great stocking stuffer. But if you’re in need of a more substantial present, look no further than the brand’s new holiday gift set ($120), which not only comes with the aforementioned condiment, but also includes a ton of other umami-rich Sichuan seasonings and ingredients for those who like it hot. 

For the one who already owns The Dutchess... 

Great Jones Dutch Baby ($120)
Credit: Great Jones

Great Jones’s millennial-friendly cookware has earned a cult following, thanks to a range of well-crafted pieces in Instagram-worthy colors. One of its best-sellers is an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven called The Dutchess that practically monopolized our feeds last year. Now the brand’s released its new, multifunctional Dutch Baby ($120), which nests inside The Dutchess and is perfectly suited for smaller batches and kitchens in vibrant hues like Blueberry, Broccoli, Mustard, and Taffy.

For the home cook whose spice cabinet is always full…

Moonflowers Co Saffron Threads ($22)
Credit: Moonflowers Co

Add to their growing collection with Moonflowers Co’s premium saffron ($22), known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and chemical compounds that could benefit your health in myriad ways. Founded by Afghan entrepreneur Tahmina Ghaffer, the brand’s saffron is planted and hand-harvested at a small, family-owned farm in Herat, Afghanistan. Purchasing this extraordinary spice (Moonflower offers the most coveted and strongly flavored super negin threads) means you’re also supporting the country’s saffron industry workforce—80% of which is women whose livelihoods depend on it.

For the baker…

Estelle Colored Glass Cake Stand ($225)
Credit: Estelle Colored Glass

A stunning cake stand is a must for every home baker—and this cobalt blue wonder ($225) by Estelle Colored Glass is the most beautiful way to display all of your giftee’s homemade treats. Hand-blown by glass artisans in Poland at a company that’s over 100 years old, it’s a vintage-inspired, heirloom-quality piece that stands the test of time.

For the one who loves trying something new...

Yun Hai Organic Grass Jelly Herb ($12)
Credit: Yun Hai

Yun Hai is a highly curated, direct-to-consumer platform that is every food lover’s dream. The brand sources directly from farms and small businesses in Taiwan to introduce U.S. customers to premium Taiwanese and Chinese pantry ingredients and snacks (think: a vegan shallot oil that tastes good on everything, stone-ground sesame paste ready to drizzle on ice cream or toast, and phenomenal dried fruit). Because it’s incredibly rare to come by in North America, a gift of Yun Hai’s pure dried grass jelly herb ($12), which can be used to make a healthful dessert, makes for an unexpectedly delightful gift.

For the one who’s into hydroponics...

Oishii The Omakase Berry (starting at $29 for 6)
Credit: Oishii

Warning: Oishii’s prized strawberries (a rare Japanese variety) will ruin your giftee for all other strawberries. The innovative produce company uses vertical farming technology and a one-of-a-kind pollination method, replicating the ideal conditions to grow the world’s most sublime fruit. Ripe all year round, Oishii’s perfected strawberries (starting at $29 for six medium-sized pieces) boast an intense aroma, a shockingly sweet flavor,  and a smooth, almost creamy texture. They’re available for direct delivery and at select retailers in the greater New York area and recently launched for pickup in Los Angeles—but stay tuned to find out where they are launching next.

For the one who’s all about supporting women...

Here Here Market Female Founders Food Collection ($99)
Credit: Here Here Market

Here Here Market curates the best artisanal products from its hometown of Chicago, serving as a boutique marketplace for culinary creators to sell their goods nationally. Featuring favorites from female-founded companies, this 10-piece gift set ($99) is a box of delightful discoveries packed with premium sweet and savory bites, coffee beans, dried pasta, sauces, and more.

For the cookie monster…

Last Crumb Cookie Box ($140)
Credit: Audrey Ma

Treating the dessert lover in your life to a Last Crumb box ($140) doesn’t just show that you’re in the know about this luxury cookie company. It proves you put in work, since you can only purchase its set of 12 crave-worthy confections by getting on a waitlist and looking out for weekly drops. Made in limited batches using recipes perfected over the course of a decade, these treats are like the Rolls Royce of cookies—in mouthwatering flavors like cinnamon-streusel-y Netflix and Crunch and confetti-sprinkle-covered, cake-batter-inspired 50 Cent.

For the gluten-free cookie monster…

Bougie Bakes Cookie Combo ($35)
Credit: Bougie Bakes

Gluten-free friends deserve cookies too! Bougie Bakes offers the tastiest baked treats magically free of gluten, sugar, and dairy, in addition to several keto-friendly and vegan options. The 16-piece cookie combo ($35) is a sampler of its popular flavors, including chocolate chunk, double chocolate, peanut butter, and sugar (which somehow isn’t made with any sugar at all). Soft, chewy, and just the right amount of sweet, these better-for-you treats are perfect for the dessert lover with dietary restrictions.

For the one who waxes poetic about dumplings... 

Xiao Chi Jie XLB ($40)
Credit: Xiao Chi Jie

Seattle-based eatery Xiao Chi Jie has a local cult following, but thanks to its new flagship product, its famous Chinese soup dumplings ($40) are available everywhere in the U.S. The restaurant is upping the ante in the frozen dumpling category by making its authentic, high-quality xiao long bao available on a mass scale. Crafted in small batches using natural ingredients, the dumplings are ready in minutes and taste as if you’re dining in a restaurant. Tack on a bamboo steamer or a trio of sauces if you’re feeling extra generous! 

For the breakfast person…

BALMUDA The Toaster ($299)

After two decades of research and development, Tokyo-based BALMUDA invented the world’s most advanced toaster ($299)—leveraging steam technology and precise temperature control to achieve the most superior flavor, aroma, and texture. While it’s best known for how it heats sandwich bread to attain a perfectly fluffy interior and crisp, golden-brown crust, the ingenious Japanese device has several other modes for artisan bread, pizza, and pastries. Handsomely designed in four timeless hues—black, white, gray, and taupe—the toaster boasts a devoted cult following that we fully expect your recipient to join. 

For the one who knows the difference between terroir and tannins...

In Good Taste Advent Calendar ($150)
Credit: In Good Taste

It’s not a proper gift guide without at least one advent calendar. Both experienced oenophiles and wine newbies will appreciate this premium set of 24 surprise mini bottles ($150) by In Good Taste. The company curates diverse, interesting, and rare wines from around the world and bottles them up in perfect single-glass serving sizes—which makes it easy to sample several at a time and keeps us from downing entire bottles in one sitting (well, sometimes!).

For the clean eater who knows the difference between terroir and tannins…

Avaline Le Perfect Evening ($84)
Credit: Avaline

Clean wine company Avaline just released its holiday collection of three bottles ($84), which includes its Grenache Blanc, Syrah, and Bordeaux Blend. Wine connoisseurs—whether they enjoy an organic diet or not—will love the taste of these vegan-friendly wines, made with organic French grapes that are never farmed with synthetic pesticides. Avaline doesn’t add anything unnecessary to its drinks, so you won’t find weird additives, colors, concentrates, and sugars—in fact, all of its wines contain under one gram of sugar. Bonus: Its refined packaging scores major brownie points too!

For the wine drinker who’s committing to Dry January...

Starla Red Blend ($28)
Credit: Starla 

Make it go a little easier with a bottle (or several) from Starla, a female-founded company that makes fully fermented, alcohol-removed wine. While most non-alcoholic wines lack flavor and body, Starla’s are complex with a rich mouthfeel—courtesy of superior California grapes, botanicals, and aromatics. A blend of Ruby Cabernet and Barbera grapes, the Red Blend ($28 per bottle) boasts hints of sweet dark cherry, blackberry, bergamot, and black pepper with a dry finish.

For the dessert fiend who’s committing to Dry January…

Ghia Le Works ($78)
Credit: Ghia

Inspired by the apéritifs that its founder’s relatives made during childhood summers, Ghia makes non-alcoholic, feel-good tonics grounded in natural botanicals. Packed with herbs, fruits, and roots with calming, balancing properties—like elderflower, yuzu, orange peel, and lemon balm—one sip is guaranteed to transport you to the Mediterranean. The brand’s Le Works ($78) is just the ticket for your friend with a New Year’s resolution to cut back on alcohol. It includes a bottle of Ghia’s OG apéritif, a mini panettone from a Sicilian bakery, and a jar of housemade hazelnut spread (made with olive oil, instead of the commonly used palm oil) in a giftable, custom-illustrated tin box.

For the cocktail lover who’s committing to Dry January…

Three Spirit The Collection ($99)
Credit: Three Spirit

Don’t worry—we’ve got just the thing for the cocktail drinker who’s ditching alcohol too. Enter: Three Spirit, the brainchild of a group of bartenders and scientists who’ve dreamt up a trio of elixirs powered by plants, adaptogens, and nootropics. While these drinks are alcohol-free, they’re still packed with active ingredients to give you a buzz—just in a no-hangover-the-next-day kind of way.  The Collection ($99) allows you to sample all three concoctions: the Livener, which energizes you with guayusa and green tea; the mood-lifting Social Elixir with passionflower and lion’s mane mushroom; and Nightcap, a naturally soothing potion of lemon balm, valerian, and ashwagandha.

For the one who knows the difference between reposado and añejo…

Solento Organic Blanco ($60)
Credit: Solento

Poured into elegant glass bottles and packaged in gift-worthy, marigold-colored boxes, Solento’s USDA-certified organic tequila is made from agave that’s grown in Mexico for seven years, then harvested in small batches in Amatitán, Jalisco. Although all three of Solento’s tequilas are excellent—with its reposado and añejo aged in American oak barrels—we recommend the purest expression: the blanco ($60), which boasts subtle notes of Meyer lemon and Tahitian vanilla.

For the one who prefers sake...

Takasan Dassai Signature Tasting Set ($120)
Credit: Takasan

If wine or tequila’s not their thing, this deluxe sake tasting set ($120) might do the trick. Curated by Takasan, a platform dedicated to sourcing and educating consumers about the best sake and Japanese wine, the kit includes four Dassai bottles from Asahi Shuzo. Over the years, the Japanese brewery has innovated its own labor-intensive technique to produce extraordinary sake all year round, instead of just during sake season—which is almost unheard of in the industry.

For the one who likes a hot cuppa...

Sama Tea Sampler Tea Box ($40)
Credit: Sama Tea

Founded by podcast host Jay Shetty and his wife, Sama’s good-for-you teas are made with adaptogenic botanicals and Ayurvedic ingredients designed to balance your physical and mental health. The ready-to-gift sampler box ($40) includes a taste of the brand’s four blends: jasmine peach with raspberry leaf and shatavari to defend against the formation of free radicals; earl grey supercharged with guayusa and reishi mushroom to provide natural energy; mint blueberry enhanced with ashwagandha and gingko biloba to help you focus; and lavender rose chamomile laced with cardamom and tulsi to help you relax.

For the busy bee with zero time to cook...

CookUnity Subscription Meal Plan (as low as $10.49 per meal for 16 meals every week)
Credit: CookUnity

If your giftee enjoys eating well but hardly has time to roll up their sleeves in the kitchen, a subscription to CookUnity (as low as $10.49 per meal for 16 meals every week) is right up their alley. The rapidly expanding platform partners with award-winning chefs and restaurateurs across the nation to deliver fresh, ready-to-heat meals with a focus on sustainably sourced and seasonal ingredients. Unlike other meal subscriptions, CookUnity chefs and their teams actually prepare each dish—so your recipient knows they’re getting the real deal. The weekly menu can accommodate a diverse range of diets, including vegan, gluten-free, paleo, keto, and more. Surprise the busy bee in your life with CookUnity gift card—which makes it easy to gift delicious, home-cooked meals!

For the caffeine junkie...

Kahawa 1893 Cold Brew Blend ($17)
Credit: Kahawa 1893

Founded by a third-generation coffee farmer, Kahawa 1893 sells coffee that’s sourced directly from women farmers in Kenya and Rwanda. Its farmers earn sustainable wages—and you can also tip them directly via a QR code on each bag. Not only does Kahawa 1893 give 100% of tips directly to its coffee producers, the brand matches them all too. Available as whole beans or coarse grounds, the Cold Brew Blend ($17) is a favorite—the perfect balance between chocolatey sweetness and fruit-forward acidity.

For the caffeine junkie who appreciates great design...

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle ($79)
Credit: Fellow

Fellow’s stainless steel pour-over kettle ($79) is a blissful marriage between fashion and function. This sleek, stylish design belies the fact that it’s extremely tech-savvy—including a built-in thermometer that flags the optimal brew temperature between 195°F and 205°F, as well as a precision spout and weighted handle to help with a slow and steady pour. Budding baristas can use this kettle on both gas and electric stovetops.

For the one who always orders egg tarts at dim sum…

Mooncakes & Milk Bread: Sweet & Savory Recipes Inspired by Chinese Bakeries by Kristina Cho ($30)Credit: Harper Collins

There are hundreds of cookbooks centered on Chinese cuisine, but very few, if any, that highlight Chinese baking traditions. Popular food blogger Kristina Cho recently released Mooncakes & Milk Bread ($30) as an homage to the delicious sweet and savory baked goods found in Chinese cafes and bakeries: pineapple buns, steamed cupcakes, fried sesame balls, and so much more. Along with the 80-plus recipes featured in her beautifully photographed publication, Cho also includes profiles of beloved Chinese cafes across the country.

For the dinner party host...

The Worthington Collection Private Chef Luxury Candle ($60)
Credit: The Worthington Collection

While the scent of most candles clash with the smell of food and the flavors of a meal, The Worthington Collection crafts candles specifically designed to clear all lingering odors from the air. These luxury votives are made with a custom, non-toxic blend of apricot and coconut wax, then paired with cotton wicks for the smoothest burn. Free of toxic chemicals, this brand’s safe fragrances—like its vanilla-buttercream-inspired Private Chef Luxury Candle ($60)—are perfect for those who want to entertain in style.

For the home cook who’d love a few nights off...

Omsom The Omsom Flight ($89)
Credit: Omsom

Omsom is a celebration of unapologetically bold Asian flavors—and a far more delicious alternative to the watered-down seasonings you’d find in the international food aisle of a mainstream grocery store. Partnering with chefs, the brand crafts delicious, authentic Southeast Asian and East Asian sauces for specific dishes like Thai larb, Korean bulgogi, or Vietnamese lemongrass BBQ, packaging them in ready-to-rip pouches. Get your favorite home cook a set of all six of Omsom’s starter sauces ($89), which include recipe cards and a six-month subscription for your giftee’s two favorite flavors.

No matter who’s on your list, our gourmet food gifts are a guaranteed hit—so start your holiday shopping now before they sell out!

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