What Dreams Are Made Of: 7 Sleep Tools to Help You Get the Zs You Crave

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Wellness has become a 5 trillion-dollar industry, which according to experts makes up more than half of the total global health spending. I, for one, think the number one wellness focus should be our quality of sleep. I’ve taken it upon myself, a self-proclaimed sleep connoisseur, to greatly enhance my sleep experience and find the products that truly deliver.  I’ve dedicated the last few weeks to testing and reviewing our most coveted DTC brands that prioritized sustainability, aesthetic appeal, and efficacy. Allow me to introduce you to my nightly affair: the 7 best sleep tools to catch some serious zzzzs.


This weighted blanket is a gentle bear hug for your body. It’s clinically proven to reduce anxiety by activating your parasympathetic nervous system while increasing your body’s happy hormone, serotonin. According to Baloo, this luxe, eco-friendly blanket is made with lead-free glass microbeads and soft premium cotton that's cool and breathable for year-round use.

It took me a few sleeps for my brain to calibrate that heavyweight doesn’t equate to heat-producing. Baloo recommends opting for a blanket that is 10% of your body weight, however, I went a little heavier. I immediately noticed a difference in my quality of sleep. I fell asleep faster, went deeper, and stayed asleep longer than nights without my Baloo hug. On some nights I even doubled my hours of sleep! Once you’re under, you’re under. I’ve raved about Baloo to anyone who’ll listen; this is a serious game-changer. Side note: 20 lbs of a fabric puddle is a lot heavier to move than say, a 20lbs dog.

Credit: Italic


If you’ve ever slipped between the sheets at a 5-star hotel, you immediately know you’re in for a delicious night’s sleep. But if dropping $800 - $3,500 on threads isn’t in your budget, don’t fret, ITALIC has you covered. They use the same manufacturer as Frette, Shangri-La, and the Four Seasons. However, by eliminating the cost of branding, distribution, and retail markup, they’re able to deliver high quality, luxury sheets without breaking your bank.

But if dropping $800 - $3,500 on threads isn’t in your budget, don’t fret, ITALIC has you covered. They use the same manufacturer as Frette, Shangri-La, and the Four Seasons.

I opted for the Slumber Eucalyptus Sheet Set, which runs from $85-$115. These silky sheets have a luxuriously soft feel and offer a good weight. The fabric is designed to easily release wrinkles and manage your body temperature throughout the night. It’s official, I’ve mastered the quarantine staycation with these delicious sheets.


OneKind recently landed in the clean skincare beauty round-up I wrote for TQE last year, About Face. This holy-beauty-grail of a product continues to top my skincare routine with the PM Power Couple. After washing, pat a few drops of their plant-based retinol, Midnight Magic PM Serum, and follow up with Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer. The retinol doesn’t parch your skin or turn it red like other brands. Within just a few uses I noticed my skin was brighter, more hydrated, and even in tone. If your skin is more sensitive, opt for using the Magic PM Serum every other night.


Piglet, a sustainable British linen brand, designs everything from housewares to sleepwear. I ordered these blush pink linen pajamas. I never thought sleeping in linen would be something I’d try, as I’m one to stick to the softer fabrics like cotton or silk. While they’re a little stiff in the beginning, they dramatically soften with each wash. The weight is perfect for cooler winter nights and they’re breathable in the summer. If you tend to run on the warmer side, they have a cami set option as well. Their designs hint at old-world chic that touts traditional sophistication. You may even feel comfortable having breakfast with your in-law’s while wearing them. I’ve tried ironing my long-sleeve and short set, which look beautiful, however, the wrinklier the better. Spruce up your nighttime sanctuary and support your sleep, while you snuggle up in their natural bed linens.


I recently reviewed Proper, and a few months later I can honestly say this still helps me achieve a great night’s sleep. Adjunct coaching is offered with this natural sleep supplement to ensure you’re optimizing and prioritizing your sleep hygiene. Proper + Calm, a non-habit forming formulation, is made from L-theanine, Ashwagandha, GABA, and Valerian Root to help lull you into a deeper sleep. Their sustainable packaging is a bonus as this eco-friendly supplement takes the planet as seriously as they take your sleep.


Research suggests there’s a correlation between physiological thermoregulatory effects and quality of sleep when feet are kept warm in cool climates. In layman's terms, sleeping in socks at night guarantees a better night’s rest. These fancy-yet-affordable Quince cashmere clouds, I mean socks, slide you into a sound slumber. They’re not too heavy, ensuring you won’t be kicking them off in the middle of the night. While you’re on their site, check out their sleep-time washable silk cami set.


I live in nature and the morning sun breaks into my room when the hawks caw. As such, a good eyeshade is necessary to keep the z’s rolling. Slept’s patent-pending weighted eye pillow gives you the necessary darkness to keep your lids comfortably closed. This cool to the touch, washable satin mask has 4 oz. of relaxation for your delicate eyes. It feels awkward at first, as it’s a little bulky, but you quickly adjust to the weight. This mask extended my sleep up to an hour the next morning. You might think the weight of this mask would increase facial creases from the fabric, but it doesn’t. In fact, the satin is designed to reduce your chance of fine lines and wrinkles sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can create.  

Battling bedtime doldrums feels like a distant memory with all these tools in play. Prioritizing my sleep with anxiety reducing fabrics and supplements, I’m noticing a positive shift in my next-day energy and mood. Between my Baloo hugs and my blush Piglet linen jammies, my sleep has never been more sound.

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