Why You Need To Upgrade To French Linen Bedding From Sijo ASAP

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I first experienced the magic of linen bedding on a trip to Joshua Tree. I had the deepest sleep of my life, with the addicting quiet of the desert and these ultra-soft sheets practically hugging me to sleep. When I came home to Los Angeles, my regular old cotton sheets were waiting for me, and they just didn’t feel the same. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for comfortable sheets that give my bedroom the rustic chic vibe that only linen can provide.

Enter: Sijo, a home goods company committed to creating sustainable, durable and luxurious products at an affordable price. The Sijo team was kind enough to send its bestselling French Linen Bundle, which includes a bed sheet, two pillowcases and a duvet cover, in an uplifting Sky Blue color. I also opted for extra pillowcases in Snow so that my bed would look like the great blue sky with two fluffy clouds.

Softie 4 Softie

When it comes to bedding, my number one priority is all-natural materials. Sijo sources its flax linen in small batches from Normandy, France — a region known for its high-quality linen products. Sourcing in small batches allows Sijo to choose the softest of all the fibers to later become bedsheets, duvet covers, flat sheets and pillowcases. Plus, linen sheets are more sustainable than cotton because harvesting flax and milling it into linen requires significantly less water.

To make its bedding even softer, Sijo uses a process called stone-washing. Typically used to give jeans their signature faded look, stone-washing linen ensures a softer handfeel. Linen also tends to shrink and wrinkle up in the wash, but since Sijo has already given its products that loving treatment, I don’t need to worry about any shrinkage. Lastly, Sijo’s fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, which means that they’re free of toxic chemicals and safe for the skin.

The Honeymoon Phase

I outfitted my bed with my new Sijo bedding set on a Friday afternoon, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t get out of bed all weekend. The bed sheet fits perfectly on my 14”-deep mattress, and the Sky Blue color I chose keeps giving my mood the boost that it needs. Changing my duvet cover often feels like rocket science, tbh. I was glad to see that Sijo added small straps on the corner of its  Duvet Cover to make it easy to keep the duvet in place while navigating my weekly duvet cover switcheroo. 

As I snuggled up all weekend with my linen-clad pillows, pints of vegan ice cream and Filipino movies, my whole body melted into these sheets. I had that freshly-shaved-legs feeling for days, and I can’t imagine going back to regular old cotton sheets. I also found Sijo’s French Linen Bedding Bundle to be more breathable than cotton sheets — a huge relief for hot sleepers like me. Breathability is super important for sweaty sleepers like me, especially with summer coming up.

Tiny straps on the corners of the duvet cover, designed to loop around the duvet corner and make changing your duvet cover that much easier every week

Love At First Wash

The one thing I worried about the most having linen sheets is caring for them. I own a few linen shirts that just curl up in a ball completely when I wash and dry them. Even Sijo’s product page recommends steaming the sheets if they become too wrinkled in the wash. I chuckled at the thought of hanging the sheets then using my baby handheld steamer to get the wrinkles out — I’m too lazy for all of that!

I followed Sijo’s care instructions to a tee. I washed the duvet cover and sheets in separate loads, then set the dryer to tumble dry low. Thankfully, both the duvet cover and sheets came out perfectly! They weren’t too wrinkled and they’re even softer than when I first got them. I’m a firm believer in washing bedding frequently as a part of healthy sleep hygiene, so I’m relieved that Sijo’s products are insanely easy to care for.

The one thing I didn’t expect after three washes: the shedding. Linen gets softer over time by shedding fibers. RIP my black hoodies, honestly. Throughout the day, I’ll notice dust on my nightstand and dust bunnies under my work desk. I even noticed that my sinuses feel a bit dry since I switched sheets because of all of the shedding. I’m hoping that the dust factor eases up with time.

Credit: @thesavvyheart

But even with the extra lint and dust, the soft handfeel of Sijo’s luxe linen sheets are unlike any other fabric I’ve felt before. Now that I’ve made the switch to French Linen, I can’t go back to regular cotton sheets. 

5 more Reasons To Love Sijo:

  • Their products come in classic colors that complete any bedroom’s aesthetic. Sky Blue and Forest are my personal favorites, and they also offer Blush, Dove, Slate and many others.
  • They let you skip the annoying Flat Sheet. Sorry to be a hater, but who uses a flat sheet anymore anyway!? When ordering your French Linen Bundle, you can opt out of receiving the Flat Sheet and save a few extra bucks.
  • Their French Linen Collection is more durable than most. Sijo developed linen that is 175-180 grams per square meter (GSM), compared to the typical 150 GSM. GSM is textile-speak for the standard measure for fabric durability. Fabrics with higher GSM are generally more durable.
  • They also make sustainable bedding from eucalyptus. Their Eucalyptus Bedding has a natural cooling effect, made with the same eco-friendly ethos. It’s like sleeping on the cool side of the pillow all night.
  • They make modern eucalyptus loungewear. They transformed the same cooling fabric used in the bedding into ultra comfy pajamas to help you sleep in cool, silky threads all night.

Rest easy: upgrade your bedding with Sijo today.

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