These Rugs Are Stylish, Customizable, And 100% Machine-Washable

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Despite my family's best efforts to indoctrinate me in the ways of wall-to-wall carpeting, I'm a hardwood floor lover through and through. Yet wood's minimal, mid-century charms can quickly turn stiff without textures that bring in some warmth. Enter: the area rug. From runners to small accents to the statement piece that fills your living room, rugs are an indispensable tool for providing color – and comfort – underfoot.

Yet whether you're a parent, a pet owner, or just clumsy with a wine glass, you've probably learned the hard way that cleaning a rug is no picnic. In fact, my partner and I recently had a rug-shampooer rental fiasco that nearly swore us off of textiles altogether. That is, until we heard about Ruggable. The effective, affordable answer to all your rug cleaning woes, Ruggable makes stain- and water-resistant rugs that clean up beautifully in a home washing machine.

But can a frequently laundered rug really stand up to the high-pile minefields we've been taught to safeguard? With an average of 4.7/5 stars over 140,000 reviews, plus ringing endorsements from interior designers, the answer appears to be "big time."

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Rinse and Repeat

Founder Jeneva Bell knew a demand for this product existed well before she brought it to market. After a doggy accident ruined a costly rug of hers (something I find sadly too relatable…), she wondered why she couldn't find any replacements that could be washed as easily as bedding or blankets. The solution came down to structure: by trading out the thick, structured core of a traditional rug for a detachable, washable Rug Cover and Rug Pad, you could introduce all kinds of flexibility.

Bell was quickly able to patent this two-part system, and spent several years perfecting its execution before launching in 2017. Five years later, Ruggale’s product still feels mind-blowingly simple. The Rug Cover washes up perfectly with mild detergent and dries on low heat, while the cushioned Rug Pad gives it heft and ensures nonslip contact with any surface. 

With the brand’s flagship rug now expanding into runners, doormats, bathmats, and even collaborations with brands as massive as Keith Haring, Marvel and Star Wars, it's clear Ruggable can find endless variations on one ingenious technology. And as a massive fan of the brand, I'd be remiss not to shout out a few highlights.

photo credit: Ruggable

The Good Old-Fashioned Area Rug

It took me about thirty seconds of scrolling the Ruggable website to find my dream rug: the Jonathan Adler Inkdrop in Lapis Blue. Starting at $109 for 2'x3' and going up to $739 for 9'x12', this showstopper packs a big design footprint at a relatively low cost. The geometric pattern is both striking enough to command a room but in a neutral enough color palette to allow for playful juxtapositions. And with the cozy hand feel that only chenille fabric can bring, texture-wise it's just about the opposite of what you might expect from a washable rug. 

photo credit: Ruggable

Bold as the Adler print is, it doesn't exactly scream party pad – but if that's your vibe, Ruggable's still more than got you covered. In fact it’s got an entire section of faux animal hide rugs, like this Brown & Black Faux Cowhide ($349) that'll help you get your '70s on. This "hide" is medium-pile, so it's got enough height to approximate the real thing, but without all the maintenance hassles. Thanks to Ruggable's innovative Cling EffectTM technology, the Rug Cover can be removed, thrown in the washer, and reattached as often as needed without ever losing its grip.

photo credit: Ruggable

Run, Run, Runners

What makes Ruggable's site so user-friendly is that the brand sells nearly all of its rugs in all possible sizes and configurations. So while the runners might have different dimensions – long rectangular lengths of 2.5'x7' or 2.5'x10' – you aren't limited by a different set of designs. Unlike the low- and medium-pile options mentioned above, you could strike out in a high-pile direction with the Polar White Plush runner ($170 or $224, depending on size). Those long, velvety fibers are as soft as it gets, and the creamy white color is one you can finally enjoy without dreading future spills.

photo credit: Ruggable

For a more organic feel, though, there's the Blume Natural Sage Re-Jute Rug ($219 or $269), which weaves together recycled materials to obtain the strength and durability of natural jute. It's just as ideal for outdoor or transitional spaces, but since it doesn't shed or fray like natural jute, it doesn't become scratchy or uncomfortable over time. Instead, it maintains its luster with every wash, making the Re-Jute an ideal choice for welcoming an entryway no matter how dirty your guests’ shoes might be.

photo credit: Ruggable

To The Mat

Speaking of welcomes, Ruggable also brings its machine-washable factor to the everyday doormat. As a lifelong Keith Haring fan, I'm a sucker for the Barking Dog Bright Blue Doormat ($179), made in collaboration with his estate. That iconic arctic blue color holds its own in the elements, with ink that's designed to be UV-resistant (and even mold in the wetter months).

photo credit: Ruggable

The latest splash (no pun intended) in the Ruggable world, however, is the release of its new line of bathmats. Debuting just this month for the first time, these mats pull out all the stops, not least of which is an ultra-absorbent QuickDry material that keeps them feeling fluffy underfoot. For someone like me, who's so far from a morning person that I greet my alarm with a shudder, the Sunrise Bath Mat ($129) brings the warmth and color I need to start my day. But if that's not your style, fear not: this new line of mats is introducing 38 fresh new styles for you to play around with.

Whatever your color preference, room size or budget, Ruggable has got something to tick all your boxes – and save you tons on cleaning supplies in the process. With the safety of knowing these rugs are all 100% washable, you can take bolder swings, unafraid to embrace a rug that might fall victim to spaghetti spillage. That makes the brand’s simple, two-part system something of a revolution in the world of home decor – and with styles this eye-catching, the future certainly looks bright.

Five More Reasons to Love Ruggable:

  1. Ruggable's rug systems are totally interchangeable, meaning that once you've bought your first two-piece set, you can buy future covers separate from the pad. Just slip off your old pad and fit the new cover right on.
  2. Think you can't wash furniture? Think again. Ruggable also offers removable, washable upholstery for lounge and dining chairs alike.
  3. For all you mixers and matchers out there, avail yourself of Ruggable's rug bundles, which sell coordinated styles together for a fraction of the combined price.
  4. You can say goodbye to right angles and lean into Ruggable's entire section of round rugs, bringing some new shapes and angles into your living space.
  5. Already a fan? Every time you refer a friend, you both receive 15% off your next Ruggable purchase.

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