Meet Relevant: The Science-Backed Beauty Brand Saving My Skin From Winter Dryness

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Although the state of my skin can be unpredictable, I can always count on experiencing dryness and dullness as the winter chill takes effect every year. To combat my complexion’s winter blues, I was excited to try Relevant: Your Skin Seen, an inclusive brand focused on clean, high-performing ingredients. 

The brand was founded by Nyakio Grieco (founder of beauty platform Thirteen Lune), who has an extensive background in the beauty industry as an entrepreneur and advocate for clean ingredients. The brand’s award-winning debut product, One & Done Everyday Cream with SPF 40 ($38) quickly became a fan favorite among the beauty community thanks to its potent formula rich in antioxidants and active ingredients. (Who doesn’t love a high-performing SPF product that protects your skin from UV rays and performs well under makeup?) As one of the few sunscreens on the market that doesn’t leave a white cast on any skin tone, the One & Done Everyday Cream has become one of the pinnacles of inclusive beauty. 

The brand has built on the success of its One & Done Everyday Cream and now offers 6 additional products, including a resurfacing solution, C+ superfruit serum, eye serum, balm cleanser, cleansing serum, and resting mask. I recently put the Relevant: Your Skin Seen regimen to the test to see how it stands up against the dryness, irritation and the dullness I was experiencing from windy days and temperature changes. I have a feeling I just found my new winter hero…

Made With Key Ingredients

If you take a no-frills approach to your skincare routine, Relevant’s unique R-Rev complex formula will be of interest to you. The brand’s proprietary formula prioritizes high-performing and multi-tasking ingredients that are gentle on the skin while treating concerns like dryness, oiliness, sensitivity, discoloration and more. 

The Melt it Off Balm Cleanser and Beam & Glow Eye Serum are full of antioxidant-rich ingredients that pack a punch

Throughout the line of products (which are designed to be used together as a comprehensive skincare regimen), you’ll find antioxidant-rich ingredients like kigelia extract, buriti oil, plum oil, green tea, niacinamide, and sea buckthorn. Some products, like the Melt it Off Balm Cleanser ($28), are also enhanced with ingredients like calming chamomile and squalane. Each product is formulated with key ingredients that have been proven to treat specific concerns. Take a look at the Beam & Glow Eye Serum ($54) and you’ll find ingredients like peptides and green coffee extract: exactly what you need to combat dark circles, puffiness, and discoloration. 

The Complete Cleansing Serum is made with a blend of green coffee seed oil to reduce the signs of aging, banana fruit extract to gently refine, and squalane to moisturize.

Unboxing The Collection

I’ll admit that I don’t usually want to compromise skincare with fun packaging for products that get things done. That’s why I was so excited to see that Relevant’s unique ingredients are housed in bright orange containers that I’ll love displaying on my vanity and bathroom sink. The packaging also feels sturdy enough to withstand commuting between my gym bag and bathroom cabinet, so leakage will be the least of my worry. 

I don’t like dipping into my products with my fingers, so I was also glad to see that all the products have a pump, push-down dispenser or jar spatula so that I can quickly get through my skincare routine without contaminating the formula. 

One & Done Everyday Cream with SPF 40 is a 4-in-1 daily moisturizer that can replace your daily sunscreen, moisturizer, serum, and primer

My Skin, Seen

When it comes to treating my skincare concerns (specifically the dryness and irritation I deal with every winter), I’ve come to learn that more isn’t always better. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of combating my dry skin by piling on the moisturizer. Now, I make sure all the products in my skincare routine contain gentle ingredients, from the balm that I use for my first cleansing wash, to the finishing serum I gently tap on my dark circles. 

For about two weeks, I washed and treated my skin exclusively with the seven products in Relevant’s collection and started to notice the dry patchiness around my chin and mouth improve. The Sol Tone Resurface & Glow Solution also felt great on my skin and helped me feel cleansed and refreshed and seems to be wonderful for battling that dreaded maskne, which seems to be making a comeback due to holiday travel. 

Although the seven Relevant products I test work well with my current makeup routine, I’m excited to see how well these products carry my skin into spring and summer. I have no doubt that my Relevant Skin routine will remain in my rotation. As I’ve come to realize, clean plant-based ingredients never go out of season. 

5 More Reasons to Love Relevant: Your Skin Seen: 

  • As a science-led beauty brand that takes a holistic approach, Relevant’s line of products are formulated with plant-based ingredients. 
  • The brand’s products are also vegan and gluten-free. 
  • Relevant: Your Skin Seen is an inclusive beauty brand  — so these products can be enjoyed by everyone — regardless of gender, age, or skin tone. 
  • The collection of products is free of sulfates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances, making them ideal for those with skin sensitivities.
  • The brand’s Discovery Kit is a great way to try out mini versions of some of the brand’s signature products, such as the Complete Cleansing Serum, Sol Tone Resurface & Glow Solution, and others. 

Try Relevant: Your Skin Seen for yourself here.

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