The Pumpkin Spice Edit: Snacks, Drinks, And Other Seasonal Goodies To *Spice Up* Your October

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As soon as the leaves begin to yellow and the calendar changes to October, our drink, snack, and decor choices inevitably begin to shift in accordance with the season — pumpkin spice season. Haters will call it basic, but we know the truth: autumn tastes better this way. With the days getting shorter and the sun setting ever-so-closer to 5 P.M., just let us have our fall temptations!

Spooky season festivities can still be elevated, true to your style, and delicious (if applicable). From food, drink, and a few select décor choices, we’ve gathered the best direct-to-consumer goodies to roll out this month.


Credit: @addisonsvox.

Clio Pumpkin Spice Greek Yogurt Bars

Admittedly, I’m not a huge Greek yogurt person, but these from Clio taste like pumpkin cheesecake. Seriously. The fluffy texture is dangerous (and wrapped in a yummy chocolate coating, even more so), and they’re only 150 calories, plus 9g protein. Shop a 10-pack for $18.

Pumpkin Spice Almonds from SkinnyDipped

Prefer a little crunch? Similarly (and also on the yogurt train), these gluten-free dipped almonds from SkinnyDipped have the perfect hint of spice that adds an autumnal zest to the flavor. The spices include maple sugar, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, and sea salt. Yum! Shop a 5-pack for $26.99.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Gourmet Chocolate Bar from Compartés

For a more traditional indulgence, a rich chocolate bar from an artisanal crafter is the way to go. This Compartés bar amps up the decadence with caramelized cheesecake and graham cracker bits throughout — more like pumpkin pie than PSL. Say no more. Use as a tasteful dessert option, garnish cocktails or treats, or sneak a square from the fridge every time you pass the kitchen; all options are delicious. Shop the Pumpkin Cheesecake Chocolate Bar for $9.95. 


Credit: @itsblume

PSL from Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee combines traditional Vietnamese coffee methods and American pumpkin flavor. Real cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg mix with a rich, nutty coffee in a more satisfying version of the PSL, thanks to its authentic ingredients. Copper Cow only works with Vietnamese farmers who use chemical- and pesticide-free growing practices, and the brand pays them more than twice the market rate, which makes us even more excited to support it. Try the Seasonal Sips Sampler for $18.

Good-For-You Lattes from Blume Lattes

Blume has brought back its limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Blend for Fall 2022, and it’s a TQE favorite. As noted in our Add To Cart last October, editor Tiffany writes, “If you’re not familiar with Blume, the brand crafts plant-based superfood blends—perfect for mixing into everything and making delicious, nutritionally dense lattes, smoothies, oatmeal bowls, and more. Its seasonal pumpkin flavor contains only seven ingredients—all of them organic!—including real pumpkin, maple sugar, and a handful of spices that will make you feel like you’re drinking fall in a cup.” Velvety, delicious, and healthy enough. Shop the Pumpkin Spice Blend for $25.

Witch’s Brew from Oliver Pluff

Charleston-based tea brand Oliver Pluff specializes in hotty toddies, wassails, coffees, and teas — making it an ideal choice as soon as the temps start to dip. The brand’s limited edition fall release Witch’s Brew pairs ah-mazingly with apple cider donuts and any of the snacks above (tried and tested by yours truly). Get one gallon for $9.

Simple Syrup from Daysie

Also Charleston-based, Daysie is a line of simple syrups — the first to be certified organic, BTW — that make ideal bases if you prefer to DIY your pumpkin spice. Mix some milk, heavy whipping cream, cinnamon, and pumpkin for an even better-for-you bev. The brand also donates a portion of the proceeds to grants that empower female founders. Shop the Madagascar Vanilla syrup for $42.

Mozart Pumpkin Spice Liqueur

Add a Halloween-esque twist to your beloved espresso martini with this Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Liqueur from Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. Let’s just say this blend is dangerous. It’s super creamy and light so you could just keep on pouring…Notes include milk chocolate, caramel, natural pumpkin juice, cinnamon, clove, and a hint of vanilla. My family’s decided we’re including this on every Thanksgiving (or tailgating) shopping list until the end of time. Prices start at $26.50, depending on your area.


Credit: @brooklyncandlestudio.

Evil Eye Coasters from Joanna Buchanan

Honesty moment: I’ve been using these Joanna Buchanan coasters for the past few months, holiday season or not. Their gold and blue embellishment is elegant and artistic without feeling kitschy and these hand-beaded beauties add a much-needed texture to any space. Shop a set of 4 for $84.

Pumpkin Spice Second Slice Eye Palette from Too-Faced

The only eye shadow I use is from a Too-Faced Cosmetics palette (the brand never steers me wrong), and I just might be tempted to switch because of the warm, richly pigmented shades from its seasonal Pumpkin Spice Second Slice Eyeshadow Palette. And the color names are too cute. Shop the collection for $54.

Toasted Pumpkin Candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio

This Brooklyn Candle Studio candle has been burning nonstop in my apartment. The warm, inviting scent immediately summons a sense of coziness that beckons nostalgic memories of autumn afternoons curled up watching Halloween movies. The minimalist design meshes with any aesthetic and the 100% soy wax is infused with cinnamon, clove, and essential oils. Other delightful fall varieties include Cardamom and Apple Cider. Shop the candle for $28.

The above brands are just the beginning. Have a favorite we missed? Share it with us on socials (@thequalityedit) or at

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