Add To Cart: Editors’ Favorite October Picks

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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month!

We’ve spent months eyeing, curating, and test-driving the hottest launches from our favorite disruptive brands...and we’ve arrived at the final stretch of 2021. Our work (or play, depending who you ask) has taught us one thing for certain: small tweaks can yield big results. As we enter the end of the year scramble, we’re recommending simple swaps for overwhelming improvement this October. For your morning routine, afternoon pick-me-up, or evening unwind: enjoy a little extra bliss courtesy of Editor’s picks in October's Add To Cart.

Credit: @thebstinger

Proven: Custom Skincare ($129.99/2 months)

“I'm easily overwhelmed by the sheer amount of skincare products out there, and how they all connect. The masks, acids, moisturizers, and cleansers are all appealing, but I don't have the time or energy to sift through what I need vs. what's just good marketing. I've been a devout customer of Proven Skincare for its customization and its ease. Keeping in mind factors like time of year, climate, stress level, and individual habits, Proven formulates a specific combination for you based on a quick quiz. You only need to remember three products: cleanser, day moisturizer (with SPF!), and night cream. It minimizes the brainpower I have to devote to my skin, and is a great starting point that allows me to cover my bases and feel confident as I start to add on and explore additional creams and serums.” -Grace

Credit: @max_laurenz

Dagsmejan: Sleeveless Sleep Dress ($129.90)

“If you're weird about fabrics and a hot sleeper like I am, this sleep dress is the thing you need. The fabric is breathable, lightweight, and feels so nice against the skin. And there are leg slits so you don't feel like you're in a cocoon! Plus: No itchy tags, minimal friction fabric, and I kid you not--the dress is so nice you could get away with wearing it out and about during the day (no one will know it's sleepwear!).” -Kaleigh

Credit: @itsblume

Blume: Pumpkin Spice Blend ($25)

“PSL season is upon us, and I’m planning to ring it in with Blume’s Pumpkin Spice Blend. If you’re not familiar with Blume, the brand crafts plant-based superfood blends—perfect for mixing into everything and making delicious, nutritionally dense lattes, smoothies, oatmeal bowls, and more. Its seasonal pumpkin flavor contains only seven ingredients—all of them organic!—including real pumpkin, maple sugar, and a handful of spices that will make you feel like you’re drinking fall in a cup.” -Tiffany

Credit: @kiboubag

Kibou: Diaper Bag (from $79)

“Packing and carrying a giant diaper bag is a pain -- and hard on your body. I recently discovered these chic fanny pack "diaper bags" that allow you to bring baby essentials on the go in a much less stressful way. These tiny but mighty bags feature waterproof pockets, detachable changing pads, credit card slots, and rings for keys or pacifiers. I love the minimal aesthetic and the fact that I can carry a diaper bag hands free - perfect for park days and errand running.” -Jenny

Credit: @kosas

Kosas: Chemistry Deodorant ($15)

“No shade to myself, but I get really funky. I have been using natural, aluminum-free deodorants for a few years now, and I always have to reapply constantly to make sure I don’t offend. This stuff has been an absolute godsend. It seems more like armpit skin care than a traditional deodorant –– it’s a roll-on serum made with AHA’s, hyaluronic acid, aloe, and other ingredients that exfoliate and brighten your pits while lowering the pH to prevent BO-causing bacteria from growing in the first place. I previously thought that deodorant would just never fully work for me, but with this stuff I am scentless all day. 100% convert and lifelong customer.” -Jordan

Credit: @bluhousecafe

Mumgry: Peanut and Almond Butter (from $9.00)

“My friends know I’m the go-to source for two things: sparkling water and lavish nut butters. I recently added Mumgry to my nut butter rotation and will absolutely not stop talking about it to anyone who will listen. Made with ‘only the good stuff’ (no sugary fillers), ethically sourced, and optimized for a healthy diet, the brand’s Pistachio Chocolate Almond Butter, Smooth Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Peanut Butter leave you feeling both satisfied and energized (you can truly taste the difference of clean ingredients!). On oatmeal, toast, or straight from the jar, these nut butters are seriously addicting.” -Hallie

Credit: @merit

Merit Beauty: The Minimalist ($38)

“I am always on the hunt for the best concealer, and may just have found it with Merit Beauty's Minimalist. Don't let the name fool you, the coverage is real on this Perfecting Complexion Stick thanks to the fact that it's a blend (pun intended!) of foundation and concealer in one. With twenty shades to choose from -- I bought two to ensure a best match for both covering under eyes and any skin spots that need to be less revealing -- and clean, vegan ingredients, it has staying power yet is hydrating to ensure no fine line creases.” -Christine

Credit: @snow

Snow: Teeth Whitening Kit ($149.00)

“If you've ever had alignment retainers (like Invisalign), then you know that it's easy for coffee, wine, and pretty much anything else to stain your teeth and the aligner attachments. I'm over a year into my treatment and while my teeth are straightening, I have grown pretty self-conscious of the staining that's happened. I recently grabbed one of Snow's Teeth Whitening Kits after seeing it everywhere and already feel more confident after two uses. With just 20 minutes, 2 days in a row, I can already see visible results (almost a full shade whiter)!! This kit is easy to use (plugs right into your phone and doesn't need charging), it's great for sensitive teeth (no pain or sensitivity when using), and best of all, it's less than 1/3 of the cost of getting my teeth professionally whitened. It's a no-brainer.” -Kristen


Is there any sound as sweeter as unboxing new home goods 😇 these @wearebrightech lamps are designer good w/o designer prices. Upgrading that ikea life #apartmenttherapy #unboxing

♬ original sound - Joanne He

Brightech: Logan Floor Lamp ($170)

“There comes a time when you realize you’re 30 and need to upgrade your college IKEA furniture. First: lighting. My Brightech Logan Floor Lamp actually lit up my life (and living room). Brightech makes it accessible to get this designer look without the designer price tag. It’s a timeless and versatile space saving solution in my 600ft studio apartment. I had this huge tub couch I almost got rid of, but the Logan lamp saved my cuddle corner by tying the room together with its beautiful arch curve. Even better: this is the first piece of furniture I can confidently say was fun and easy to build. Just listen to this unboxing and building ASMR. 😍” -Umama

Credit: @myceremonia

Ceremonia: Scalp Masajeador ($16)

“I've always known how important it is to massage the scalp. I grew up in a South Asian home where my mom always sat me down to massage oil in my hair. I've used a cheap scalp massager off Amazon for years and was skeptical when this showed up, as I was convinced it was the same thing in prettier, more expensive packaging... boy was I wrong! This Scalp Masajeador from My Ceremonia has softer bristles that provide just the right amount of scrubbing with no pain or discomfort.” -Iman

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